“Little Mermaid Live” and loving it!

(Scene begins as a finger as it taps an app on a smartwatch as it opens a portal and the 1994 American Gladiators plays as the scene cuts to a hand , and it cuts to different images of James as the characters he’s played until it cut to his face and the credit of “James Faraci” is shown as it cuts to “The Last Of The Americans’” current iteration then slides away to different images of Paulo Fonseca, Brenda Fonseca, Rebecca Yaun and Nick Yaun as the characters they’ve played until it cut to their faces and the credits of “Paulo and Brenda Fonseca & Rebecca and Nick Yaun” is shown as it then slides away to different images of John Ross and Mike Santos, Andrew Beach, and Ed Champion as the characters they’ve played until it cut to their faces and the credits of “John Ross Santos, Mike Santos, Andrew Beach, Ed Champion” is shown as it then slides away to different images of Eric Kurtzke, Renee Miller and Olivia Horvath and the credits of “Eric Kurtzke, Renee Miller, Olivia Horvath” is shown as the 0:00-0:21 mark of the theme song plays. Everything becomes a swirl of Reds, Whites and Blues as the credits “Produced by First Choice Productions. Edited by Eric Kurtzke and Paulo Fonseca. Written and Directed by James Faraci” as the 0:21-0:26 mark of the theme song plays. We then see an outlined image of James as he morphs into “The Last Of The Americans” and lands with half of his team on his right and the other half on his left on a white background and the title “THE LAST OF THE AMERICANS” is shown Lazer etched into Titanium as the last six seconds of the American Gladiators 1994 theme song plays. Cut to James in an American Flag Hawaiian Shirt and Carpenter Shorts and Team TLOTA in Orlando, FL as they enjoy a long overdue vacation and time at Walt Disney World as James stands at the statue of Mickey and Walt Disney)

TLOTA (Shouting):
I’m James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans, and we’re here at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! (The Crowd cheers as everyone celebrates as it cuts to some of the best places and times to take Photos, and James even gets everyone Mouse Ears! Julia Alexa Miller says, “I look ridiculous,” as she wears her mouse ears and everyone takes pictures on the rides they ride on. James and everyone go to the Little Mermaid ride, and as James sits there, James is in deep thought. The Scene cuts to James at a pool soaking his feet in the water as someone pops up and says, “Hi” James, in shock, falls into the pool! James pulls himself out of the pool.)

Sorry, I was just thinking about my next review, which is kind of ridiculous, especially when right now I’m on Vacation away from my review work. (James sits next to the Person who popped into the pool.)

The Person who popped up into the pool:
That’s okay; I surprise humans every day. I’m a mermaid; my Name’s Crosslyn.

I’m an internet reviewer, James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans. Just call me James; it will be much easier for you and me.

Mermaid Crosslyn:
Okay, James, sorry again for surprising you. (Angle cuts to James looking over his right shoulder)

That’s Okay. I was preoccupied with, again my next review. A part of me wants to talk about the 2023 Live Action Disney Little Mermaid movie, and basically, I thought to myself, what is there to talk about? Halle Berry as Ariel? She was good as Ariel. The music? So, they added songs from both the Broadway Musical version and those not in the 1989 Animated Classic, Big Whoop. The Special effects on how they made Ariel and that undersea world look realistic, okay, admittedly, it would’ve been a whinge and a cringe if they were to digitally add the faces talking. At the same time, they did the physical moments with the cast underwater. I mean, they did a similar job of showing the characters underwater in a digital setting in “Avatar: The Way Of Water,” The rest of the cast? Javier Bardem as Triton was perfect casting, Melissa McCarthy as Ursula? Oy gevalt! Awkwafina as Scuttle and the rest of the cast do a fine job of playing their characters. The plot? Look at the 1989 movie and you can get it in fifteen minutes. Did I like it? Yeah. Boom Shortest review I ever did. Even shorter than when I talked about “Beneath the Planet Of The Apes”! (Sighs. Angle cuts to James and Mermaid Crosslyn as if the camera was face forward on the two) I just wanted to take it easy and if I were to talk about a live-action Disney Little Mermaid project that was fun to watch and everyone loved. The Broadway version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid lasted about 600 plus performances before the final curtain fell. So, what’s left?

What Disney live action Little Mermaid project is as good if not better than the 2023 movie? Find out here

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