I perform a prediction routine inspired by Doug Slater’s “Spiritual Attraction.”

This was another trick inspired by real world circumstances. My great aunts came to visit my grandmother for the 4th of July and they bought some old jewelry that belonged to their parents to give to her. One of the rings really caught my eye and I thought about finding a way to work it into a routine. Admittedly it was a little challenging as most ring tricks usually revolve around linking them together or vanishing/reappearing, but I found one effect in my “Syzygy” collection that I was able to tweak for the show.

I admit I could’ve interacted with Dom a little better, because looking back it feels like I might’ve left him in the lurch with my explanations or made him feel like the butt of a joke at points, and that is never my intention, so apologies if I came off like a jerk.

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