I perform Timon Krause’s “Mental Pickpocket” routine.

There are a lot of techniques that I learned about when I first started practicing that I didn’t pursue seriously for the rather embarrassing reason that I wasn’t very good at them (I still can’t pull off a great center tear, to my chagrin). So I ended up falling back on a lot of tricks that didn’t require a lot of skill on my part or where a prop could do the difficult part for me. But when I was trying to think of a good effect for this week’s performance I checked out Timon Krause’s Penguin lecture (which I purchased a while ago but hadn’t watched until now), saw the premise for an intriguing routine, and as he was going through the set-up I recognized the technique being used as one I had already learned. So I went back to practicing it until I felt I had it down, and luckily it paid off. It’s true what they say – put in the effort and you will be rewarded.

BTW, the opening story about the book of pickpocketing techniques – didn’t make that up. It really is for sale. I’m sure no one will use it for any purposes other than entertainment (sarcasm).

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