This Two versus One Death Battle meme originally belongs to DarkKomet and is dedicated to anybody who fancies Ayame’s and Shunran’s sisterhood as a duo of striking ladies willing to give Ulrich Wernerstein a whole world of pain and pandemonium. Sit back, relax, and revel in the carnage.

I take you back to December 12, 2004, in the Wernerstein Mansion atop the Austrian Alps. For the first match-up of this epic martial arts tournament, it is the two auburn-haired sisters known for their pulsating strikes, 19-year-old Ayame the Kyuk Too Ki prizefighter and 18-year-old Shunran the Shaolin Kung Fu maven, versus 45-year-old former bodybuilder Ulrich Wernerstein. Ulrich would find himself initially guffawing at the thought of two auburn-haired Yokai sisters striking him down because he is a lot bigger than them, thus making their punches, kicks, and strikes ineffective against him. He would even call them nothing more than “little women who need to go back to the kitchen and do the cooking, cleaning, and all the housewife duties.” Both Ayame and Shunran would be totally disgusted at what Ulrich is insinuating and attack him. Ulrich may have his choke slams and throws on standby, but Ayame and Shunran are not the type of fighters who surrender that easily. Therefore, Ulrich is in a world of pain once Ayame and Shunran strike back at him after he delivered those chokes and throws at them.

Ayame propels herself by delivering a blinding Superman punch to Ulrich’s face, targeting his nose and mouth. While Shunran launches a gut-busting palm strike at Ulrich’s abdomen area. Ayame proceeds with an uppercut to Ulrich’s chin and several cross punches landing on his cheeks, with Shunran unleashing a barrage of spear hand strikes and knife hand strikes on his midsection, flanks, and abdomen area. Ulrich attempts to crush them by landing a double axe handle, but Ayame and Shunran are too fast for him. Ayame then delivers a leg kick, calf kick, shin kick, and knee strike combo to Ulrich’s shins, calves, knees, and pelvic area. Shunran targets his head, shoulders, and chest by delivering a flurry of roundhouse kicks, spinning back kicks, front kicks, and shuffle kicks. Even with all those blows being delivered, Ulrich tries not to give up, but it is too late. Ayame delivers an uppercut and a jab. Shunran delivers a leopard blow and a nerve strike. Finally, both Ayame and Shunran deliver an axe kick and a butterfly kick respectively to Ulrich’s head, as he falls unconscious to the ground like a felled oak tree.

With Ayame’s brutal blows and Shunran’s spot-on strikes combined, these two auburn-haired sisters stand tall and triumphant in the first round against Ulrich Wernerstein. Even their best gal pals including Ashley Hammond, Taylor Earhardt, Maya, Kendrix Morgan, Karone, Cassie Chan, and Jen Scotts as well as their martial arts mentors such as Chun-Li, Cammy White, Sakura Kasugano, Rose, Elena, Nina Williams, and Anna Williams are cheering loudly for their triumph. Moreover, Alex and Britney are just as overjoyed to see Ayame and Shunran triumph over Ulrich. To wrap things up, Ayame and Shunran approach a still-unconscious yet quivering Ulrich and state that their husbands, Inuyasha in Ayame’s case as well as Hakkaku and Ginta in Shunran’s case, may love them with all their hearts, but they have single-handedly proven that they will never be home-drawn housewives. This is because Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta always cheer for them to win. Ayame and Shunran embrace each other like truly loving sisters and strike a victorious pose for the crowd.

Ulrich Wernerstein learned the hard way of trying to overcome two powerful striker sisters, Ayame and Shunran, as evident in how they paralyzed him with their punches, kicks, and strikes. Therefore, Ayame and Shunran emerged triumphantly and honorably, but this is just the first match-up. Tune in later for the second match-up. Until then, take care, stay safe, and never mess with Ayame and Shunran as a pair of steely striker sisters, everybody.

Ayame and Shunran from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Ulrich Wernerstein from Totally Spies belongs to Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, David Michel, and Marathon Media.

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