This Character Ships Couple/Pair/Duo Meme originally belongs to TitoMosquito and is dedicated to all the wonderful Inuyasha x Ayame or InuAya shippers, partisans, and loyalists of the world. This is also dedicated to those who believe that Sesshoumaru can make a great wingman for his dear younger brother Inuyasha and his equally dear younger sister-in-law Ayame. Sit back, relax, and revel in Sesshoumaru being the lord-high captain, patron saint, and all-around advocate for Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s unconditional love, boundless support, abundant encouragement, super steamy sexiness, and magnificently mighty strength.

The Wolf Elder, may have raised both his granddaughter, Ayame, to be a valiant wolf Yokai warrior with limbs of titanium and his grandson-in-law, Inuyasha, to be a powerful warrior with muscles of steel, thus gaining every wolf Yokai warrior’s approval. Toga the Dog General and InuKimi the Dog Lady may have been supportive of their younger son’s decision to be raised by his grandfather-in-law, The Wolf Elder, as well as be with the person that he has always loved body and soul, Ayame, ever since their relationship flourished from sweet puppy love as little children to a more serious relationship as tweens to true intimacy as teenagers to purely conjugal love as adults to this day. While the Wolf Elder, Toga, and InuKimi have always been supportive of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s conjugal relationship, one individual stands above the rest. He is none other than Sesshoumaru. He may be a noble dog Yokai warrior never to be messed with, but he is incredibly supportive of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s unconditionally loving relationship and will always do his best to ensure respect, allegiance, love, and duty remain in their household.

Ever since Sesshoumaru was 4 years old, he saw how 3-year-old Inuyasha and baby Ayame were playing together. Every time little Inuyasha tickled baby Ayame, she would coo and laugh with glee. By the time Inuyasha was 7 and Ayame was 4, 8-year-old Sesshoumaru also did his part in congratulating his younger brother for rescuing Ayame from the Birds of Paradise’s clutches. It was also through the sparring sessions he and Inuyasha had in Combat Sambo, Luta Livre, Judo, Jujitsu, Vale Tudo, Pankration, and Mixed Martial Arts from childhood to adolescence that Sesshoumaru saw a lot of potential in Inuyasha to grow up to be a powerful warrior worthy of Ayame’s unconditional love. As for Sesshoumaru’s treatment of Ayame going from young childhood to early pre-adolescence, Toga and InuKimi might have initially believed that, if Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s engagement did not work, Sesshoumaru would end up being the ideal candidate for Ayame’s hand in marriage. However, he had always treated Ayame with respect and decorum but knew full well that she was happier with Inuyasha because she could be herself with him.

Inuyasha’s time with the Wolf Elder and his fellow tribesmen did see him grow from a rowdily rambunctious 8-year-old boy to a handsomely toned, athletic, and strong-bodied 12-year-old pre-teen champion in Pankration, Ancient Greek Wrestling, and Ancient Greek Boxing who was the apple of every young she-wolf Yokai’s eyes. Nevertheless, his heart always belonged to Ayame and was fiercely loyal to her, considering how he would go out of his way to use his full dog Yokai powers to place Ayame’s enemies into painful submission. From age 9 to age 13, Sesshoumaru realized how stronger and more muscular Inuyasha was becoming, compared to Sesshoumaru’s lean yet well-built frame. Inuyasha may have grown buffer and stronger, but he always sought advice from Sesshoumaru on how to win over Ayame more often. The one best advice Sesshoumaru always gave was for Inuyasha to be himself and always treat Ayame with respect, loyalty, kindness, and perseverance. He would even conclude his advice by saying that Inuyasha should never give up on Ayame in good times and in bad and take great care of her.

Ayame also went from being a sweetly inquisitive 5-year-old girl to a quick-footed, speedy, and tough 9-year-old aspiring prizefighter in Kyuk Too Ki, Dutch Kickboxing, and Muay Thai who was always rooting for Inuyasha to win every fight against bigger, stronger, and more skilled opponents and scarier demons who constantly ravaged the wolf Yokai tribes. Moreover, Ayame has also found herself in Kickboxing, Boxing, and Muay Thai matches at a young age, thus triumphing in them as well as constantly having Inuyasha cheer for her. Every time Ayame saw Inuyasha grow from being a rambunctious boy to a handsome pre-teen warrior, her heart constantly melted and almost did not know the right words to say to him. Fortunately for her, she also sought Sesshoumaru’s advice on how to do her part in not only winning over Inuyasha but also staying by his side as his girlfriend, fiancée, and, eventually, his wife. He always reminded her that he was proud of Inuyasha for being with someone as genuine and true as Ayame. Furthermore, he always told her to be herself, champion Inuyasha, and take great care of him.

Sesshoumaru’s advice appeared to have worked on Inuyasha and Ayame because springtime was the best season for them to get married. By the time Inuyasha was 12 and Ayame was 9, they decided to get married, and both were overjoyed with this decision. 13-year-old Sesshoumaru could not have been prouder of his younger brother and his younger sister-in-law because he was also Inuyasha’s best man. He also made arrangements for 12-year-old Shuran to be the ringbearer, 11-year-olds Hakkaku and Ginta to be the men of honor, and 8-year-old Shunran to be the flower maiden. Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s wedding took place in the Northern Yoro Tribe’s cave, with the Wolf Elder blessing the matrimony of his surrogate grandson and his granddaughter. Sesshoumaru additionally concocted a speech saying how proud he was of his brother and sister-in-law for finding unconditional love through each other. He also made it his duty to defend Inuyasha and Ayame from harm, champion their unconditionally loving relationship, and wish the best for their children. No doubt was Sesshoumaru happy to see them married.

By the time 13-year-old Inuyasha and 10-year-old Ayame had their first children in the form of their first triplet sons, 14-year-old Sesshoumaru did his part as a supportive uncle in wishing them strength and formidability in all of their endeavors. It was also around this time that Sesshoumaru became the adoptive father of 6-year-old Asagi, 5-year-olds Dai, Roku, and Kai; 4-year-old Shion, 3-year-olds Moegi, Rin, and Shiori; 2-year-olds Kanna and Satsuki; 1-year-olds Bunza, Shinta, and Souten; and 2-month-old Ai. As Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s family grew to a total of fourteen children in six years, so did Sesshoumaru’s joy in seeing their family grow to the point where his adoptive children and Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s children were the firmest of playmates, the most loyal of cousins, and the best of friends for life. Having families also made Sesshoumaru as well as both Inuyasha and Ayame more determined to see their children grow, keep them safe from harm, and being the loving and protective parents that they can be. For that, their children grew in strength, solidarity, formidability, and fierceness as fighters and as people.

Balancing Sesshoumaru’s duties as a father plus Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s parental duties is their involvement in martial arts tournaments. Sesshoumaru’s increased muscle-building and lethal stealth became his attributes in Mixed Martial Arts with a foundation in Luta Combate, Luta Livre Esportiva, Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Shootfighting, Shooto, and Pancrase. Inuyasha’s muscular strength in Pankration and Ayame’s furious limbs in Kyuk Too Ki made them the Bonnie and Clyde of the martial arts tournaments they partook in. Being the Splendid Seven’s assistant head honcho Sesshoumaru, he not only capitalized on his and his brother’s all-powerful teamwork in making their opponents bleed rivers as well as his and Shuran’s brutality in giving their opponents a scary bashing but also on Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s status as their team’s ultimate power couple. With Sesshoumaru’s intensely muscular brutality in Mixed Martial Arts, Inuyasha’s increased muscle power in Pankration, and Ayame’s heightened rapidness in Kyuk Too Ki, their children also emulated each move their parents have been practicing.

One martial arts tournament that lived on in history occurred on December 12, 2004, at the Wernerstein Mansion situated in the Austrian Alps where 23-year-old Sesshoumaru, 22-year-olds Shuran and Inuyasha, 21-year-olds Hakkaku and Ginta, 19-year-old Ayame, and 18-year-old Shunran went up against 45-year-old former bodybuilder Ulrich Wernerstein and his four hulking bodybuilder goons. Inuyasha gave the green mohawk-wearing goon a front heel kick, hammer fist, rear naked chokehold combo, which gave Sesshoumaru the chance to land liver punches, hammer fists, and a cross punch to the head. Shuran gave the red mohawk-wearing goon a body slam, piledriver, Boston crab, and body lock combo, with Sesshoumaru proceeding with ground and pounds as well as sprawls and brawls. Sesshoumaru even cheered on Inuyasha and Ayame when the power couple gave the blond-haired goon a brutal attack consisting of Inuyasha’s Superman punch, rear naked chokehold, Full Nelson combo and Ayame’s multiple uppercuts, jabs, and axe kick to the head combo. This day lived on in triumph and glory.

Throughout Sesshoumaru’s twenties to thirties, every martial arts tournament, fitness magazine photoshoot, and every fitness-related event would have Sesshoumaru advertising and campaigning Inuyasha and Ayame as an ultimately mighty power couple. It was always thanks to Sesshoumaru’s cool and charismatic persuasion that martial arts tournament promoters and fitness magazine publishers that Inuyasha and Ayame would always make the front headline of every fitness magazine, every martial arts tournament, and every martial arts promotion. Each of these events saw excited aspiring martial artists wanting to learn Pankration, Combat Sambo, Judo, Luta Livre, Vale Tudo, Ancient Greek Wrestling, and Ancient Greek Boxing from Inuyasha as well as Kyuk Too Ki, Dutch Kickboxing, Japanese Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Western Boxing from Ayame. It was clear that Sesshoumaru never wanted to do this out of monetary gain, but to also share the passion he had for his brother and sister-in-law to keep thriving in the martial arts world as well as support them and their family all the way through.

To this day, 42-year-old Sesshoumaru still champions 41-year-old Inuyasha’s and 38-year-old Ayame’s unconditionally loving relationship as husband and wife. He still continues to be a proud uncle to all of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s fourteen children and still continues to permit his children to work together, spar, and be great friends with their cousins. He will never permit anybody to destroy the happily blessed union that Inuyasha and Ayame cultivated and will never allow infidelity to encroach on their unconditionally loving relationship. Therefore, Sesshoumaru is still very proud of Inuyasha for maintaining a blessed and prosperous matrimony with Ayame as well as being the strong warrior husband he ought to be to her, and is just as proud of Ayame for taking great care of his younger brother by providing him with as much unconditional love, undying respect, untainted allegiance, and genuine encouragement in all his endeavors. Even as Sesshoumaru is currently a grandfather to his progeny’s children, he will always champion Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s undying loyalty to each other as husband and wife until his dying day.

I hope you all enjoy Sesshoumaru’s constant loyalty to the InuAya cause, considering his unwavering staunchness to Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s unconditionally loving relationship as Inuyasha’s older brother as well as Ayame’s older brother-in-law. Tune in next time for another InuAya submission. Take care, stay safe, and be a staunch Inuyasha x Ayame advocate like Sesshoumaru, everybody.

Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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