Greetings, Splendid Seven devotees, martial arts aficionados, fighting video game fans, and admirers of all things Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Antoni here with another written entry focusing on Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran specializing in the martial arts they do. Now, we have come to the moment in which Saban-era Power Ranger fits each Splendid Seven member in terms of sparring. Some of these choices may surprise you, while others are selections that you know fit specific Splendid Seven members, given the many times I have posted about the Mighty Morphin Inurangers.
Outside my Inurangers headcanon, I also composed seven-person dream teams that consist of the Saban-era Power Rangers from 1993 to 2002. One of the most prominent dream teams I have been composing thus far is the Military Squadron Power Rangers consisting of Tommy Oliver the White Tigerzord Ranger, Jason Lee Scott the Black Gold Ranger, Eric Myers the Red Quantum Ranger, Rocky DeSantos the Blue Zeo Ranger, Adam Park the Green Zeo Ranger, Taylor Earhardt the Yellow Eagle Wild Force Ranger, and Jen Scotts the Pink Time Force Ranger. This is a Power Rangers dream team that I have been enjoying so much.
Where am I going with this? If it were not already clear, I have appointed the Military Squadron Power Rangers as the number one sparring partners for the Splendid Seven. Aside from sparring alone, they also make the closest sets of friends, comrades, and siblings from other parents who can have certain traits and activities in common. Therefore, I have hit the jackpot in terms of finding which Power Ranger is the best fit for each Yokai martial artist. With that said, let us get ready to rumble with these Power Ranger-Yokai martial artist platonic pairings and sparring match-ups. Osu! Hajime!
Tommy Oliver and Sesshoumaru: The Icy Emperors of the Octagon (Mixed Martial Arts)
Suiting up in their silver-white MMA shorts and silver MMA gloves to deliver fatal blows to each other in the octagonal cage are Tommy and Sesshoumaru, who are legendary mixed martial artists. Once they enter the cage, a deadly chill would surround the two powerful fighters who are ready to obliterate each other. Tommy’s speed and strength perfectly complement Sesshoumaru’s stealth and deadliness because they know how to deliver ruthless attacks with accurate timing and demanding power. Every time that Tommy delivers a double leg takedown, a kneebar, and a Kimura to Sesshoumaru, Sesshoumaru counters them with a sprawl and brawl, a series of ground and pounds, an armbar, and an ankle lock to finish the match. Given how Tommy has always witnessed how Sesshoumaru is as a mixed martial artist, he would always encourage him to never go easy on his opponents in every martial arts tournament he is in. What defines both Tommy and Sesshoumaru is respect, discipline, honor, and integrity as martial artists and as men of honor. Mixed Martial Arts may be important to Tommy and Sesshoumaru, but they also love drinking matcha and herbal tea, circuit training, meditative forest walks, and fine Asian fusion pescatarian cuisine.
Jason Lee Scott and Shuran: The Fiery Executioners of the Ring (Professional Wrestling)
Pairing Jason with Shuran may seem suicidal in terms of their massive size difference, but this works surprisingly well. Jason has always faced bigger and stronger opponents with courage and determination. In turn, Shuran has consistently respected Jason because of his fearless drive and strong will. When Jason in black wrestling trunks and Shuran in green wrestling trunks enter the ring, they would surprise each other in electrifying ways. Jason may give Shuran a host of body slams, Boston crabs, and camel clutches. However, Shuran can strike back at Jason with a vengeance, thanks to his piledrivers, bearhugs, German suplexes, and submission holds. Nevertheless, Jason has enough strength to always encourage Shuran to always give it his all when he faces off against bigger opponents, monsters, and demons and use his brute strength as well as pulverizing pro-wrestling moves responsibly. Jason would never allow anybody to bully Shuran because of his size, while Shuran makes it his main goal to protect Jason from harm and fight by his side. Outside the pro wrestling ring, Jason and Shuran enjoy drinking yak’s, buffalo’s, and bison’s milk; intense powerlifting, mountain-climbing, and a high-protein, carb-free, sugar-free cuisine.
Eric Myers and Inuyasha: The Bludgeoning Sons of Heracles and Theseus (Pankration)
Forget the restrictions. Forget holding back. Because Eric and Inuyasha are ready to engage in a bloody, brutal, visceral, and vicious match with their toned bodies all drenched in olive oil. They would find themselves situated in the Athenian arena hosted by Heracles and Theseus themselves. Eric may don a red loincloth to accentuate his lean musculature, but Inuyasha would not mind covering his private part in only a protective cup made out of a demon lion’s crimson mane to capitalize on his bulging muscles. With Heracles’s strength and Theseus’s combat prowess, Eric and Inuyasha would ferociously charge at each other like the Nemean Lion and the Minotaur. Eric would deliver Superman punches, hammer fists, and heel hooks. Inuyasha would counterattack Eric with double axe handles, tracheal grip chokes, rear naked chokes, and guillotine chokes. Eric always encourages Inuyasha to show no mercy in beating his opponents to a pulp while doing these battles for the Olympian gods. When Eric and Inuyasha are not bludgeoning each other to death, they love each other like brothers. They enjoy drinking Kykeon, goat’s milk, and diluted wine with honey; partaking in extreme strongman competitions, weightlifting, and dining on Mediterranean Greek cuisine.
Rocky DeSantos and Hakkaku: The Crashing Crocodiles of Nine Limbs (Muay Boran)
Leaving stronger opponents all black and blue, bruised, and battered is the name of the game once Rocky in blue and Hakkaku in black don their shorts, wrap their hands in hemp rope, and step into the Thai palace arena in Bangkok. Royalty would indubitably hail Rocky and Hakkaku as the finest Muay Boran practitioners to ever grace Thailand, thanks to their quick strikes and well-timed clinches. Sure, Rocky and Hakkaku respect and appreciate each other as if though they were brothers. However, that does not stop them from delivering such relentlessly lethal blows. Rocky can have a go at Hakkaku with his knee strikes, elbow strikes, and flying knees, but Hakkaku can retaliate by giving Rocky a series of elbow slashes, knee bombs, spinning elbows, and a headbutt. Rocky always encourages Hakkaku to think quickly on his limbs and not constantly rely on brute strength to defeat bigger and stronger opponents, especially on palace grounds. All strikes and headbutts aside, Rocky and Hakkaku truly cherish each other like brothers and will always empower each other in positive ways. Both of them also enjoy drinking coconut milk and coconut water, exploring ancient palace ruins, trekking through jungles and caves, and an all-Thai meat, fish, and vegetable cuisine.
Adam Park and Ginta: The Dashing Alligators of Nine Chambers (Lethwei)
Thinking quickly on all nine limbs in the Burmese forest surrounded by green trees, green grass, and blue violets where a sandpit is created for Lethwei fighters to challenge each other is easier said than done. Nevertheless, for Adam in green shorts and Ginta in blue shorts, they have the charisma, strong will, determination, and white gauze for their hands to show perseverance and fierceness when facing off against each other or against much stronger opponents. Adam and Ginta would be more than happy to enter the sandpit ready to give each other the beatdown of a lifetime with all the limb power that they have. Adam can throw all the flying knees, shin kicks, and elbow thrusts at Ginta to his heart’s content. However, Ginta always has elbow thrusts, jumping knees, horizontal elbows, and a clinching headbutt at the ready for every attack that Adam launches. Adam always encourages Ginta to keep his mind and body focused when unleashing his strikes because they can have a better impact on his opponents. Adam’s and Ginta’s passion for their sandpit matches may be powerful, but their warm brotherhood is just as strong. They even enjoy drinking Toddy juice with Spirulina, fishing, swimming, and an all-Burmese meat, fish, and vegetable cuisine.
Taylor Earhardt and Ayame: The Grand Dames of Furious Fists (Kyuk Too Ki)
Sound that ringing bell. Sound that reverberating gong. Because Taylor and Ayame are prepared to knuckle up, get their punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and kicks on; and cause collateral damage to each other’s bodies using their fists, elbows, knees, shins, feet, heels, and insteps. All of the Kukkiwon Federation’s fighters would gather around to see the brutally high-octane revelry of having Taylor’s and Ayame’s limbs fly at each other. Taylor dons her all-yellow tank top, short shorts, ankle wraps, and boxing gloves, while Ayame wears her all-red tank top, short shorts, ankle wraps, and boxing gloves. The bell peals. Both Taylor and Ayame lunge at each other with jabs straight to their faces. Taylor tries to incapacitate Ayame with uppercuts, jabs, and hooks. However, Ayame receives the upper hand against Taylor, by providing her with overhand punches, spinning backfists, cross punches, and an axe kick straight to her head. Taylor always encourages Ayame to never hold back her fists and feet of fury as well as to be constantly quick against her opponents’ moves. Taylor and Ayame have a formidable sisterhood that can never be broken. They enjoy drinking banana milk, running marathons, going on obstacle courses, and indulging in spicy Korean cuisine.
Jen Scotts and Shunran: The Gorgeous Ladies of Stylish Strikes (Shaolin Kung Fu)
The animals representing Shaolin Kung Fu from the ferocious tiger to the agile crane can never be tamed even by the Shaolin monks. That is because Jen and Shunran are locked in an epic battle based on blitz speed, accurate timing, deadly precision, and relentless reflexes. Jen in a cerise, vermillion, and amaranth hanfu is a spicy complement to Shunran in a light pink, raspberry, and fuchsia hanfu, thus representing the balance of yang and yin as well as the harmony that thoroughly defines Jen’s and Shunran’s never-ending quest for enlightenment. This is made clear in the strikes they have for each other. Jen can do what she can to throw Shunran off with her knife hand strikes, spear hand strikes, and finger strikes. However, Shunran bounces back at Jen with her palm strikes, nerve strikes, leopard blows, and a butterfly kick to her midsection. Jen always encourages Shunran to look out for her opponents’ pressure points and use them to her advantage. Jen and Shunran possess an unconditionally loving sisterhood that sees them take great care of each other and stay strong for each other amidst all odds. They enjoy drinking honey peach nectar, makeover sessions, high-end fashion, and indulging in sweet and fruity Chinese and French cuisine.
Tommy’s and Sesshoumaru’s lethal stealth in Mixed Martial Arts, Jason’s and Shuran’s brute force in Professional Wrestling, Eric’s and Inuyasha’s muscular ruthlessness in Pankration, Rocky’s and Hakkaku’s relentless toughness in Muay Boran, Adam’s and Ginta’s persistent perseverance in Lethwei, Taylor’s and Ayame’s visceral formidability in Kyuk Too Ki, and Jen’s and Shunran’s fierce accuracy in Shaolin Kung Fu are the hallmarks that make these Power Ranger-Yokai martial artist platonic pairings strong all the way through. Nothing can break their respective bonds, and they are stronger together for these said bonds. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, and may the power protect you, everybody.

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