I’ll consider myself lucky for not having had childhood memories of the Winnie the Pooh that everyone grew up with. As such, this movie cannot ruin my childhood! It was already ruined before it had the chance, haha!

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1 thought on “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey Movie Review

  1. I’ve debated with myself whether or not to do a blog post about this movie. I already reviewed another horror movie based on a previously family-friendly series (The Banana Splits Movie), so it would make sense for me to talk about this one. But on the other hand, I didn’t want to give it more attention.
    8:00 I’m reminded of Film Brain’s speech in his review of ‘While She Was Out’, stating that the widespread adoption of cell phones has negatively impacted the horror/thriller films, because (at least if they’re set in the present day) now they have to come up with some ridiculous explanation as to why they can’t use their phones. Either they forgot to charge their phones, they left them at home, cell phone towers are out of service, they’re confiscated at the door (as was the case with the Banana Splits Movie), or some other contrived excuse. Film Brain said back in 2011 it’d become a laughable cliche.
    That being said, the Scream films manage to cleverly avert this trope, and have cell phone usage play an important part at times.
    This whole movie owes its existence to Winnie the Pooh entering the public domain. But how to make a take on Winnie the Pooh distinctly different from Disney’s? Well, I suppose making a horror movie take on it is ONE way to be different. And yes, the character designs are also different enough.
    But for most of it, this is just a low budget horror film with people who make dumb mistakes. It’s easy to forget it’s about Winnie the Pooh until it gets back to Christopher Robin. For most of it, it might as well be woods-dwelling slashers in bear and pig masks attacking people. It works on the slasher/horror level, I suppose, but not on the level of being any sort of commentary on Winnie the Pooh. It doesn’t really parody or comment on the original material to any real degree.

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