(Scene begins as a hand as it tapas the 1994 American Gladiators plays as the scene cuts to a hand as it taps an app on his phone as it opens a portal, and it cuts to different images of James as the characters he’s played until it cut to his face and the credit of “James Faraci” is shown as it cuts to “The Last Of The Americans’” current iteration then slides away to different images of Paulo Fonseca, Brenda Fonseca, Rebecca Yaun and Nick Yaun as the characters they’ve played until it cut to their faces and the credits of “Paulo and Brenda Fonseca & Rebecca and Nick Yaun” is shown as it then slides away to different images of John Ross and Mike Santos, Andrew Beach, and Ed Champion as the characters they’ve played until it cut to their faces and the credits of “John Ross Santos, Mike Santos, Andrew Beach, Ed Champion” is shown as it then slides away to different images of Eric Kurtzke, Renee Miller and Olivia Horvath and the credits of “Eric Kurtzke, Renee Miller, Olivia Horvath” is shown as the 0:00-0:21 mark of the theme song plays. Everything becomes a swirl of Reds, Whites, and Blues as the credits “Produced by First Choice Productions. Edited by Eric Kurtzke and Paulo Fonseca. Written and Directed by James Faraci” as the 0:21-0:26 mark of the theme song plays. We then see an outlined image of James as he morphs into “The Last Of The Americans” and lands with half of his team on his right. The other half on his left is on a white background, and the title “THE LAST OF THE AMERICANS” is shown Lazer etched into Titanium as the last six seconds of the American Gladiators 1994 theme song plays. Cut to James in his office.)

I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans, and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours. When it comes to those who deserve to be with the Upper Eschelon of Superheroes, It’s Power Rangers. (Cut to every SINGLE Power Rangers series as James does a voiceover)

And they’re still here after 30 years of reinventions, having been canceled three times by Fox, Disney, and Nickelodeon, only to be given yet another life on Netflix! Power Rangers has definitely proven they will not be stopped. While yes, not EVERYTHING has been the Botanical Gardens behind the scenes, the franchise remained solid, especially after Saban sold the rights to Disney for a pretty penny, then Disney sold the franchise back to Saban for pennies on the dollar, then Saban sold it to Hasbro for as much as the franchise can get. The bottom line is that eventually, Power Rangers has survived so much and will survive the change of time. (Cut to James physically)

And with their thirtieth anniversary having dropped on Netflix, now is the time to give it a look through

Join me as I look into a Thirty Year Anniversary and if The Power Rangers are “Once & Always” Morphinominal

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