I perform a voodoo routine inspired by the work of Richard Webster.

Last month I was tapped to be one of the opening acts for a local performance by the Cutthroat Freak Show, a troupe that performs burlesque numbers and extreme sideshow stunts (not for the squeamish, just to warn you in advance.) I was honored by the invitation, and wanted to come up with a nice bizarre effect that would fit the mood of the show. Every day leading up to it was a struggle to keep my nerves in check, and I almost panicked the night of the show when I got to the theater and realized I’d forgotten a prop (but thankfully they had a replacement on hand). Even though it was small scale for a large crowd, to my relief it went over very well. I definitely think having someone I personally knew assist me helped put me more at ease (you’re a lifesaver, Logan.) So despite my fears that I’d flub before the biggest audience I’ve seen so far AND a group that was on America’s Got Talent, I managed to keep myself together well and deliver a strong performance. All in all, I’m feeling pretty good.

I know that it’s hard to see the drawings clearly – the phone mount was positioned near the back of the theater and this was as far as it could zoom in, so you’ll have to rely on my descriptions and Logan’s confirmations as to what’s happening. I also apologize that my voice gets faint at times; I had asked if the theater had hands-free microphones, but I should have been clearer and specified headset mics. I’ll look into purchasing one of them for future performances.

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