This piece of Inuyasha x Ayame next-generation fanart, which is my seventh submission for this year’s 30 Days of InuAya Month, is dedicated to all of the wonderful Inuyasha x Ayame shippers of the world as well as those who fancy the idea of what their ideas of InuAya fan-made children would look like. Sit back, relax, and revel once again in Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s third-born twin sons Kazuhiko and Kaito who are loved by everybody not only for their chiseled muscles of steel as well as unparalleled combat prowess but also their big-heartedness and passion for living their best lives possible.

26-year-olds Kazuhiko and Kaito have made a comeback being as bigger and more muscular than ever as well as being the astounding pair of bodybuilders, wrestlers, Pankratiasts, and mixed martial artists that they are. While they may also be the spitting images of their father, complete with his trademark purple stripes as well as his snow-white long hair and Akita dog ears, they have also taken on their mother’s green eyes and the way she wears her hair down, only with Kazuhiko’s and Kaito’s hair being much longer. Their magnificent muscles from their bulging biceps to their alabaster abs to their crushing calf muscles to their demolishing deltoids may make both Kazuhiko and Kaito handsome bodybuilders, but they are just as adept as weightlifters as well practitioners of Pankration, Combat Sambo, Ancient Greek Boxing, Kapu Kuialua, Luta Livre, Shoot Boxing, and Shoot Wrestling. In fact, Kazuhiko’s sleeper holds, armbars, and wrist locks as well as Kaito’s camel clutches, joint locks, and Full Nelsons coupled with their hammer fists and liver punches can knock their opponents out with ruthless ease.

Relationship-wise, these two handsomely muscular twin brothers have been married to Hakkaku’s, Ginta’s, and Shunran’s third-born and youngest daughters Kokoro and Katsuho respectively for seven years since Kazuhiko and Kaito were 19, and Kokoro and Katsuho were 14. Their offspring is just as steadfast, athletic, formidable, and confident as both of their parents, with their sons taking on their fathers’ muscular athleticism and their daughters taking on their mothers’ unrivaled valiance. Kazuhiko and Kaito have the muscles and the hearts to show that they are always there for each other and for their families every single day.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next 30 Days of InuAya submission. Take care, stay safe, and please spread that awesome InuAya love as well as InuAya next-gen love, everybody.

Kazuhiko and Kaito belong to me.

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