Hey Guys! Gerawallstar here and I am here to review the Illumination film Super Mario Bros Movie. As a Nintendo and animation fan, this was an amazing film. It did not disappoint.
The story is about Mario exploring the Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Peach saving his brother Luigi from Bowser. The story is simple, but great. What makes this story great is how faithful it is to the original games. This film takes so many liberties from the Super Mario games and they utilized a lot of elements from the games to make it look good in a movie like this. There are a lot of funny slapstick/humour. The part that I laughed a lot is the scene where Bowser sings Princess Peach in the Piano. The climax was brilliant. The complicated relationship between Mario and his father make some great drama in a movie like this. The Easter eggs from various Nintendo franchises were greatly used and the fight between Mario and Donkey Kong was good. The only things I didn’t like about the story is that the first half of the movie is slow at times. However when Mario gets into the Mushroom Kingdom, the movie picks up. The Zoom sequences also at times, can get annoying. The story is simple but great. I give the story eight stars.
The animation is stellar. The animators did a fantastic job animating the Nintendo Characters in a CGI film. The environment of Mushroom Kingdom looks beautiful and Colorful. I love the effects of the fire scenes from Bowser in this movie. Illuminations animation styles are always a treat to look at and this movie does show. The animation may not be anything to ride home about, but for what it is, it’s is still brilliant to look at. I give the animation nine stars.
The characters are amazing. Mario is a likeable and determined character just like in the games. Luigi is great as this timid/voice of reason type of character. His bond with Mario is the heart of the film. Donkey Kong is funny and represents as this aggressive Monkey from the games. I can the same thing about the Villian Bowser as being a great and funny antagonist. The best character in this film is Princess Peach. Fun fact: the writers in this movie chose to have Luigi kidnapped instead of her before the movie was released. The choice they made was great and clever because Princess Peach had amazing characterization. She’s not a damsel in distress. She takes on an active and amazing supporting role where it gives off amazing potential for what Princess Peach in general can do. Plus her relationship with Mario was very strong in the movie. Another things that makes the characters great are the voice acting. Chris Platt does a fantastic job in his performance as Mario, Jack Black is great and hilarious as the villain Bowser, and Charlie Day did a good performance as Luigi. The only character I did not like was the Blue Star that was in the dungeon. I found the characters to be annoying. The characters are simple but amazing. I give the characters nine stars.
Super Mario Bros movie is a fantastic movie that is faithful to the Super Mario games. It has a great story, beautiful animation and astounding characters. I recommend this film not only for Nintendo fans but for anybody that wants to have a quiet and funny film to watch. I give this film nine stars out of ten. Thank you Nintendo, Universal and Illumination for this film.


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2 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros Movie Review

  1. From what I’ve heard the movie isn’t perfect, but still tells an engaging story with likable characters. And really, as long as it nails that, it doesn’t need to be the next Casablanca. No idea why the Blue Luma has become so hated – guess I’ll learn the answer when I see it.

  2. I’ve yet to see this movie, but just from the previews, I can tell it’s a lot more closely based on the game series than a certain previous movie. Anyway, it’s nice to see them doing different things, and it’s always nice when Princess Peach has a bigger part to play.

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