August 12, 2004. It was noon at the Tokugawa Martial Arts Training Center’s changing room. Seven mighty martial artists were about to engage in an intense sparring match. They were the two long- and white-haired dog Yokai brothers, 23-year-old Sesshoumaru and 22-year-old Inuyasha, the hulking male panther Yokai with spiky black hair, 22-year-old Shuran, and his two younger wolf Yokai brothers 21-year-old Hakkaku, who had a white mohawk, and 21-year-old Ginta, who had gray hair with a tuft of black hair in the middle; and the two long- and auburn-haired sisters consisting of 19-year-old Ayame the she-wolf Yokai and 18-year-old Shunran her younger panther Yokai sister.

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha were the sons of 41-year-old Toga and 39-year-old InuKimi, who were both prominent Karatekas, with their father Toga mainly specializing in Shotokan Karate and their mother InuKimi mainly specializing in Goju-Ryu Karate. Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta were the sons of 38-year-old Izayoi, an Aikidoka who was renowned for her forceful throws and precise strikes. Ayame and Shunran were the granddaughters of the 60-year-old Wolf Elder, a veteran mixed martial artist who combined Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai to create his own style and was still as powerful in his old age. Despite having different grown-ups raising their progeny to be the powerful martial artists they are, the seven powerful Yokai martial artists always remained a strong team and an even stronger family.

Sesshoumaru and Shuran are single fathers both with fourteen adopted children, with Sesshoumaru’s ranging from 14 to 8 years old and Shuran’s ranging from 15 to 12 years old. Inuyasha has been married to Ayame for nine years, with Sesshoumaru being extremely supportive of both his younger brother’s and his younger sister-in-law’s romantic endeavors and passions, and have fourteen biological children from 9 to 2 years old. Both Hakkaku and Ginta have been married to Shunran for eight years, with Shuran also showing great support to his younger brothers for being the best men to be with Shunran for all eternity, and also have fourteen biological children from 8 to 1 year and 2 months old. Sticking together as a strong family may be one thing for these seven Yokai martial artists, but establishing families of their own also meant that their exciting legacies can last for a long period of time, especially when their children see their parents emerge triumphant in any and every martial arts tournament, and when their parents see their children grow and flourish as fighters and as people.

The seven Yokai combatants were changing into their martial arts attires. Sesshoumaru the fierce Mixed Martial Arts warrior remained topless and barefoot, just as he was about to put on his white MMA shorts with an icy silver flame design on his right leg and his silver MMA gloves, while Inuyasha the Herculean Pankration champion, also topless and barefoot, was about to put on his black G-string and black Himantes or Ancient Greek boxing gloves made out of ox hide, as he was rubbing olive oil all over himself. Inuyasha, in his oiled and naked glory, flexed his tremendous biceps at Sesshoumaru, chuckling at him, “You better like what you see, big bro, because my big muscles are ready to crush you.”

Sesshoumaru, also naked, responded also by flexing his biceps at Inuyasha and letting out a chuckle, “I do not fear you or your muscles, little brother. I will gladly conquer you.”

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha approached each other, and standing extremely close to each other, they flexed their biceps and grunted.

“May the best man triumph, dear brother.”

“Just so you know, I will own your butt, oh, favorite brother of mine.”

Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s muscular bodies from their pecs to their abs were in full contact with each other, as they were growling and snarling at each other. They were then interrupted by Shuran the brutal Professional Wrestling prizefighter, who was putting on his green wrestling speedo, green gauntlets, and green ankle bands, “Hey, as soon as you guys are done trying to outmuscle each other, get your behinds ready for a good pummeling!”

“You got it, Shuran!” Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha responded enthusiastically while they were still flexing their muscles at each other.

Ayame the determined Kyuk Too Ki or Korean Kickboxing victor was putting on her red tank top and shorts from her husband Inuyasha’s robe of the fire rat. She also took notice of her brother-in-law’s and her husband’s nude pose down, as she approached the latter by running her fingers over his biceps and pecs.

“Don’t forget to show me how strong you always are, you handsome stud.”

Inuyasha flexed his bulging biceps, put them down, and made his granite pecs bounce at his wife, “Honey, you know me well. I always deliver the goods, especially for someone as gorgeous and strong as you are.”

Inuyasha and Ayame kissed passionately, but Sesshoumaru, who was now putting on his MMA shorts and MMA gloves, interrupted their romantic endeavor, “All right, lovebirds, save your intimate moment for the bedroom. We are about to engage in battle.”

“No worries, Sesshoumaru. I’ll make sure that I give my handsome Inuyasha a great fight.” Ayame replied as she wrapped her hands with her red kickboxing gloves, her feet with red footguards, and her shins with red shin guards.

“Yeah, no worries, bro. We know exactly what we’re doing, and my babe Ayame is all mine.” Inuyasha said with a wide grin, as he quickly got into his G-string and Himantes.

Meanwhile, Hakkaku the punishing Muay Boran combatant was putting on his forest green Muay Boran shorts, forest green armbands, white hand wraps made of hemp, and white ankle wraps, and Ginta the intrepid Lethwei competitor was putting on his brown Lethwei shorts, white hand wraps, and white ankle wraps. Shuran, now in his full wrestling attire, came over to excitedly greet his younger brothers, “I hope you guys are ready because I can’t wait to see what you are made of.”

“We’ll definitely give you a great fight, big brother!” Hakkaku and Ginta replied.

Shunran the crafty Shaolin Kung Fu contender, who was donning a pink silk Hanfu or Chinese ceremonial robe with cherry blossom designs given to her by her two husbands giggled, “My dearest Hakkaku and Ginta, don’t hold back on me, okay, because my body, mind, and soul are ready.”

Hakkaku grinned, “You got it, sweetie pie.”

Ginta beamed, “We will never let you down, cutie pie.”

Shunran then proceeded to caress and tickle both Hakkaku’s and Ginta’s chins and necks, and the two men retaliated by giving their wife a tender kiss and warm embrace. “You three go easy on the mushy stuff. It’s going to be beatdown time!” Shuran excitedly bellowed.

“Speaking of beatdown, I trust that you will not slack off in combat,” Sesshoumaru said, now in his full MMA attire and approaching Shuran.

“I definitely will not, buddy, because I am going to give you my A-game,” Shuran replied.

Both Sesshoumaru and Shuran clasped each other’s hands.

“Well, you guys, you know the drill. I’m gonna knock you as hard as I can, and I’m sure you’re gonna give it your all too.” Inuyasha said as he put his hands on Hakkaku’s and Ginta’s shoulders.

“You got it, man.” Hakkaku beamed.

“We won’t hold anything back.” Ginta beamed as well.

Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta gave each other a three-way fist bump.

“All right, little sister, may the best woman win,” Ayame said.

“You got it, big sister, I’ll not hold anything back for you.” Shunran chirped with excitement.

Ayame and Shunran embraced each other, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha embraced each other wishing each other success, and Shuran wrapped both Hakkaku and Ginta with a powerful bearhug, as all seven martial artists were suited up and ready to spar.

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