This Quartet Meme originally belongs to PanDraconian-King90 and is dedicated to all of the aficionados of George of the Jungle, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli especially when they are united as a quartet of muscular, mighty, and magnificent jungle warrior king brothers. Sit back, relax, and revel in my fascination with Chief Keewazi’s four handsome, muscular, and awesome sons as well as my joy of keeping them brothers in my AU headcanon.

Fresh off my recent piece of fanfiction placing George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli on the forefront, this filled-up meme encapsulates everything I enjoy about making these four jungle warrior kings the best quartet of brothers that they are in my AU headcanon. George’s lovable brawniness as the eldest son, Basuli’s steely virility as the second son, Tarzan’s feral wildness as the third son, and Maugli’s manly rambunctiousness as the youngest son are the hallmarks that have been uniting these four strong brothers together from infancy to childhood to adolescence to adulthood plus having all four brothers being in polyamorous relationships with Namontack, Kocoum, and Hercules to their current lives as great-grandfathers. Furthermore, despite how different their skin color is, with George’s being ivory-white, Basuli’s being ebony-toned, Tarzan’s being tanned light copper, and Maugli’s being bronze-toned but approaching brown, these four brothers love each other unconditionally and care for each other with all of their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. Nothing and nobody can ever separate the great brotherly bond that these four jungle warrior kings possess.

The one physical attribute George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli have is their handsomely built muscles from their bulging biceps to their alabaster abs to their tremendous triceps to their excellent Etruscan figure which they continue to have back when George and Basuli were 28, Tarzan was 27, and Maugli was 26 to this day as great-grandfathers in their fifties. Overlooking their manly muscles, George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli are also powerful mixed martial artists who combine Pankration, Boxing, Malla-yuddha, Professional Wrestling, Senegalese Wrestling, Moraingy, Muay Thai, Lethwei, Kapu Kuialua, Pehlwani, Vale Tudo, and Brazilian Jujitsu with ferally animal-like attacks including using their claws, fangs, raw strength, and bulging muscles to subdue their enemies. George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli respectively identify themselves as the tiger, the lion, the leopard, and the jaguar when unleashing vicious attacks and loud roars at their opponents. When these four jungle brothers are not involved in fighting tournaments, bodybuilding pose-downs either in the nude covered in olive oil and shea butter or in G-strings, and strongman contests in Africa’s arenas, especially in their home arena of Opar, they love to skinny dip in the lake, hunt for game meat in the nude while being bathed in the blood of their prey, train and work out for every martial arts tournament, bodybuilding pose-down, and strongman contest; and just cuddle each other like the close brothers that they are after an arduous day of battle and protecting their home from invaders. Chief Keewazi is certainly happy to see his beloved sons grow in strength, manliness, close brotherly love, and interpersonal fortitude and is proud to see how much they have grown as combatants, as kings, and as men.

George of the Jungle is the first son of Chief Keewazi who is known for his big heart to match his equally bulging biceps, granite pectoral muscles, and overall magnificent muscles that can give heavyweights a run for their money. As the eldest brother, he does his best to set a great example for his younger siblings whether physically, thanks to his huge and magnificent muscles as a bodybuilder as well as a mixed martial artist, or morally, considering how he stands firmly for strong family ties, unconditional love, and unbreakable moral support. Therefore, his motto is that peak physical strength cannot exist alone without interpersonal strength. George always sees the best in his younger brothers from Basuli’s steadfastness to Tarzan’s loyalty to Maugli’s kindness and Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli will always state that George is the best big brother they ever had. Despite George’s magnificent muscles and unparalleled strength as a bodybuilder/mixed martial artist, he has been known to be clumsy when it comes to him slamming into trees with a thud. Nevertheless, what always remains constant with George is the unconditional love that he has for his brothers, his best friends Mufasa, Kaj, Simba, and his father. George’s favorite things to do with his brothers are bodybuilding pose-downs, wrestling matches, weightlifting matches, and strongman contests. As a mixed martial artist, George mainly uses Professional Wrestling, Pehlawni, and Pankration and identifies himself with the tiger because his super strength and magnificent muscles mean that he can use piledrivers, bearhugs, liver punches, suplexes, torture racks, ground and pounds, and sprawl and brawls to thoroughly incapacitate his opponents. Just because George is clumsy and goofy does not mean he cannot be a dangerous fighter because his towering size and immense strength can make any combatant fall to their knees.

Basuli is the second son of Chief Keewazi who is known for his bulging biceps, alabaster abs, powerful pecs, and victorious virility. Muscles and manliness aside, Basuli is just as loved and trusted as the second brother doing everything that he can to uphold integrity, honor, loyalty, respect, love, responsibility, and confidence not only as a bodybuilder, a wrestler, a mixed martial artist, and as an overall warrior but also as Chief Keewazi’s son, thus also setting a great example for himself, for his brothers, for his friends, and even for his opponents. Basuli knows fully well that respect needs to be earned through hard work, cooperation, and a confident attitude that radiates like the most brilliant of stars. Moreover, brotherhood is one trait that Basuli honors the most, for he gives unconditional support to George in all of his endeavors, loves Tarzan unconditionally as his favorite brother for life, and provides Maugli with all the compassion and encouragement that he needs in his life. There are occasions when Basuli tends to be too big for his boots, bossy just because he is the second eldest, and prideful, but he always has his brothers to help him come back to earth and have some humility. Basuli enjoys having bodybuilding pose-downs, wrestling matches, strongman contests, weightlifting matches, and boxing matches with George, Tarzan, and Maugli because he considers it an honor to compete with them, especially when he also goes feral with Tarzan through the many occasions when they compete completely naked with oil being smeared all over their muscular bodies. As a mixed martial artist, Basuli mainly uses Senegalese Wrestling, Moraingy, and Vale Tudo and identifies himself with the lion because his huge muscles and prodigious strength mean he can use piledrivers, torture racks, ground and pounds, uppercuts, jabs, camel clutches, and sleeper holds to subdue his opponents and make them tremble.

Tarzan is the third son of Chief Keewazi who is known for combining mightily magnificent muscles with ferociously feral fierceness to make him one of the most terrifying forces of nature on and off the ring, with his favorite victims being poachers and predators who dare to harm innocent lives. Intersecting with Tarzan’s muscles and fierceness, he is a caring, kind, loving, and dutiful son to Chief Keewazi; considers George, Basuli, and Maugli to be his favorite brothers of all time; and enjoys the company of Mufasa, Kaj, and Simba to the point of emulating their mighty roars. Out of his brothers, he is the closest to Basuli, for they can be fiercely feral together by emulating their lion friends Mufasa and Simba and the leopard man friend Kaj and act like a couple of wild brothers who love to roar, wrestle, hunt, and test each other’s strength. Basuli and Tarzan would tap into their feral sides by stripping down completely naked, sharpening their claws and fangs, and walk on all fours just like their lion and leopard friends. Whenever Basuli and Tarzan hunt for game meat, they would use their claws to slash, fangs to bite, and muscles to subdue their prey while their naked bodies are covered in their blood, as they grin with scary glee. Outside their beastly ferocity, Basuli and Tarzan truly and unconditionally love each other and honor each other as brothers. Aside from going feral with Basuli, Tarzan also loves lifting weights and having bodybuilding pose-downs with George and having wrestling matches with Maugli. As a mixed martial artist, Tarzan mainly uses Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, and Kapu Kuialua and identifies himself with the leopard because he can use armbars, Full Nelsons, hammer fists, double axe handles, chokeholds, overhand punches, and haymakers to thoroughly destroy his opponents, thus making them bleed profusely complete with broken bones, smashed teeth, and viciously dented facial structures.

Maugli is the fourth son of Chief Keewazi who is known for being the complete package of magnificent muscles, astounding athleticism, super strength, and rampaging rapidness, thus giving every opponent and predator a run for their lives while they are still alive. Aside from his muscular strength and athletic rapidness, Maugli is a mischievous, rambunctious, amusing, and fun-loving jungle warrior who loves making his father Chief Keewazi happy and safe, being under the loving company of his dearest brothers George, Basuli, and Tarzan, and holds friendship to a high degree with the animals and people he meets, including Mufasa, Kaj, Simba, and all of the Waziri warriors and leopard men of Opar. There is no doubt that he loves Basuli and Tarzan with all of his heart because he can be inspired by their super strength and feral ferociousness. Nonetheless, Maugli is so much closer to George because he feels safe under his huge and muscular body while being extremely appreciative of him by virtue of his kindness, unconditional love, and sagacious advice as his favorite big brother of all time. Maugli also enjoys playing pranks on his older brothers from harmless traps to sneak attacks, which often result in him being the receiving end of George’s, Basuli’s, and Tarzan’s noogies, tackles, tickles, and bearhugs. Maugli enjoys having bodybuilding pose-downs, weightlifting matches, sparring sessions in various martial arts including Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Pankration, and swimming naked in the lake with George, Basuli, and Tarzan. He also loves being cuddled, hugged, and kissed by his brothers. As a mixed martial artist, Maugli mainly uses Malla-yuddha, Muay Thai, and Lethwei and identifies himself with the jaguar because his knee strikes, elbow strikes, headbutts, tracheal grip chokes, rear naked chokes, double uppercuts, and Superman punches can easily damage his opponents’ bone structure.

George of the Jungle, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli are four handsome, virile, muscular, and strong jungle warrior brothers who unconditionally love each other and are an unbreakable quartet. They have bulging muscles that are reminiscent of statues of Greek gods such as Zeus and Ares as well as demigods such as Heracles and Theseus as well as the unparalleled combat prowess that have made them truly formidable fighters. As fighters, George’s enormous muscles, Basuli’s radical combat prowess, Tarzan’s feral viciousness, and Maugli’s rapid power are enough to knock any and every opponent out. As Chief Keewazi’s proud sons, George’s unconditional love, Basuli’s unparalleled allegiance, Tarzan’s unquestioned loyalty, and Maugli’s unbreakable trust are what have been keeping them together for several years. Inside and outside the arena, all over the African jungle, and even within the realms of Opar, these four jungle warrior brothers are always going to stay strong for their home and for each other.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and unleash the power of George’s, Basuli’s, Tarzan’s, and Maugli’s brotherhood, everybody.

George of the Jungle belongs to Jay Ward.

Basuli and Tarzan from Tarzan belong to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Maugli from The Adventures of Mowgli belongs to Rudyard Kipling, Roman Davydov, Leonid Belokurov, and Soyuzmultfilm.

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