Deep in the African jungle, where man, beast, and anthropomorphic beasts thrived together, greenery was abundant, and strength, power, courage, and virility reigned supreme, there was a huge jungle temple known as Opar. With its marbled statues of leopard men and intricate architecture of gold and precious metals, this place was inhabited by mighty warrior men and protective warrior women known as the Waziri Tribe, who also joined forces with anthropomorphic leopards known as leopard men. Surrounding Opar were mountain ranges and rivers. The Waziris were one with nature and used their resources wisely. The Waziri warrior men were strong like gorillas and lions, had muscular bodies that made giants seem like ordinary men, and were the most powerful wrestlers, grapplers, and boxers in all of Africa and the world. The women were fierce like cheetahs and were athletic like the best athletes in the world, but they were also clever and creative in terms of balancing doing pottery with fashioning tools and weapons for the tribe. The leopard men of Opar were ferocious and lethal and were also Africa’s most powerful wrestlers, grapplers, and boxers. Together, the Waziri warriors and the Oparian leopard men were a truly unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Ruling Opar and the Waziri Tribe was a wizened but powerful man named Chief Keewazi who was known for his sagacity, kindness, compassion, and courage. As a warrior, he was skilled with both his golden staff as well as his furious fists and fleet feet which were perfect for the punches, strikes, and kicks that he was able to unleash. Despite his old age and white hair, his dark ebony skin radiated with vivacity and strength, and the white toga he wore made him look like Zeus. He had four handsome, strong, Herculean, and mighty sons named George of the Jungle, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli who looked different on the outside, given their different skin colors, but he embraced and unconditionally loved all of them as his own as every great father would. Furthermore, Keewazi was always there to see his four sons grow from rambunctious youths to powerful warriors with bulging biceps, granite chests, alabaster abs, and beautifully shaped muscles of steel which were very useful for subduing their enemies with their bare hands and radical combat prowess that could give any boxer, wrestler, and martial artist a run for their money. George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli also had powerfully earth-shattering roars that made lions, leopards, jaguars, and panthers simultaneously jealous, cower in fear, and bow in reverence. Therefore, Chief Keewazi’s four sons were the gold standard when it came to being strong warriors to the point where fellow warriors and their best friends including Kaj the leopard man as well as the lions, Mufasa and Simba, aspired to be as mighty and fierce as they were and appreciated them for their strength and courage.

George of the Jungle was the first and eldest son of Chief Keewazi. He had short jet-black hair of ebony, fair skin of ivory-white, a powerfully muscular body, and was adorned in a leopard-skin G-string. He was a handsome bodybuilder and wrestler known for flaunting his mightily chiseled body for every warrior to see. Although George was a physically strong warrior, there were occasions when he was clumsy such as the multiple times that he slammed into trees while swinging on vines. Nevertheless, he constantly got back up on his feet to soldier on. Despite his clumsiness, George always appreciated his younger brothers with all his heart and protected them from harm, and stayed utterly loyal to them. He also loved to have fun with his younger brothers in the form of wrestling matches, weightlifting contests, and strongman competitions.

Basuli was the second son of Chief Keewazi. He had short jet-black hair, dark ebony skin, a powerfully muscular body, and donned a red G-string as well as a jade diadem around his head. His bulging biceps, mightily muscular frame, and the sheer power in his muscles made him one of the finest wrestlers and bodybuilders ever. Personality-wise, Basuli was a staunch and headstrong warrior who loved to challenge himself in every battle he found himself in, although he can be stubborn and proud. Nonetheless, Basuli was a dutiful son to Chief Keewazi and an equally loving brother to his older brother George and his younger brothers Tarzan and Maugli. Out of all his brothers, he was especially close to Tarzan because they loved competing with each other and being feral together in terms of stripping down naked to either wrestle with their brothers or go hunting like the feral lions they aspired to be.

Tarzan was the third son of Chief Keewazi. He had dark brown hair, tanned skin of light copper, a handsomely muscled body, and donned a light brown G-string. His huge biceps, granite pecs, handsomely sculpted muscles, and feral wildness made him not only one of the most handsome bodybuilders ever but also the fiercest fighters specializing in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, weightlifting, and various strongman contests. Tarzan reveled in acting like a ferally wild animal, thus making him rambunctious, vivacious, and mischievous on occasions, especially when he loved to play rough with his brothers George, Basuli, and Maugli and his best friend Kaj when they were younger. Despite Tarzan’s wild hyperactivity, he was still a staunchly loyal soul who knew what was best for his dearest brothers and deeply cared for their father. He was especially close to Basuli, for they loved to act like feral lions by stripping down naked, roaring, and hunting for their prey using their sharp fangs, iron claws, and vicious grappling moves. Although Basuli and Tarzan might act like feral beasts and revel in it, they unconditionally appreciated each other and would never leave each other’s side.

Maugli was the fourth and youngest son of Chief Keewazi. He had jet-black hair, tanned bronze skin, a handsomely lean and muscular body, and donned a white G-string. Maugli’s handsomely built muscles, feral wildness, and fierce combat prowess in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, weightlifting, and various strongman contests made him an ideally powerful warrior capable of defeating his enemies with his sheer strength and unbreakable mettle. As Chief Keewazi’s youngest son, he was known for being rambunctious, excitable, fun-loving, and mischievous such as the multiple occasions he played pranks on his older brothers, which resulted in him being tackled and tickled by them. He also loved to be just as wild and strong as George, Basuli, and Tarzan whenever they hunted for their meals. Underneath Maugli’s rambunctiousness and mischief, he was a fiercely loyal soul who unconditionally loved his older brothers and their father. He may have been close to Basuli and Tarzan as his brothers, but he was especially close to George because how he was inspired by his words of wisdom and undying support to grow as a jungle warrior and as a person.

Chief Keewazi and his four sons have been considering Opar as their home for several years and did everything they could to protect their precious city and their people. Their palace was also an arena where physical tournaments took place, especially since the tournaments gave George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli the chance to demonstrate their unparalleled skills in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and grappling against various powerful warriors. The four brothers also used the arena for bodybuilding competitions, especially to attract fellow warriors to revel in their strength and power as well as be great friends with them including Conan of Cimmeria, Zula of the Wasai Tribe, Ka-Zar of the Savage Lands, and Arkon of Polemachus. In fact, Conan, Zula, Ka-Zar, and Arkon became their best friends for life as well as brothers from other mothers to the point where they loved to compete with each other in strongman challenges, wrestling matches, and bodybuilding posedowns as well as found kindred spirits in Mufasa, Kaj, and Simba. When Chief Keewazi, his four sons, their four best friends, and their big cat allies were amicable and appreciative of each other, they were full of unconditional joy and brotherly love for each other. Whenever enemies came to invade Opar, Chief Keewazi would be well-armed with his staff, while George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli would go in their feral mode with their sharp fangs, piercing claws, and bulging muscles unleashed along with Mufasa, Kaj, Simba, Conan, Zula, Ka-Zar, and Arkon. Opar may be a beautiful locale complete with strong and loyal people, but once destruction arrives, George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli would be ready to do battle feral style and emerge triumphant.

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