Greetings, Splendid Seven devotees, martial arts aficionados, and fighting video game fans. Antoni here with another written entry focusing on Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran specializing in the martial arts they do. My favorite septet of Yokai martial artists have struck again with the martial arts I have provided for them. Moreover, this shall be the legitimately final time in which I designate their respective martial arts according to their personalities and specialties. This time, not only am I going to focus on the main martial arts they do as well as define them, with some slight retouches, but also their signature moves that can guarantee a great deal of damage to their opponents. Think of this as a mega-edited version of the one I did two months ago. Let us not waste any more time and get ready to rumble.
Sesshoumaru: Mixed Martial Arts
With a background in Karate, Kenpo, Judo, and Jujitsu since childhood, Sesshoumaru has grown into a formidable Mixed Martial Arts practitioner fighting in prominent venues such as UFC, thus triumphing over his opponents. His focused discipline, unparalleled physical strength, and iron-clad code of honor signify how much he retains respect as a martial artist even when he is giving his opponents bloody beatings galore. Sesshoumaru’s double-leg takedowns, ground-and-pounds, sprawl-and-brawls, armbars, Kimuras, triangle chokes, and overhand punches can make his opponents’ organs bleed and skeletons break in cruel pain.
Shuran: Professional Wrestling
Whether American, British, Japanese, Indian, Turkish, Mexican, or Mongolian, Shuran is a Pro Wrestler who goes global and meshes the styles found in the likes of Sumo, Lucha Libre, Catch Wrestling, and Malla-yuddha to create his own brand of incomparable wrestling prowess. Grand showmanship and legitimate combat prowess are the attributes that define him superbly when entering the ring in glory and conquest. Shuran’s bearhugs, piledrivers, sharpshooters, torture racks, full Nelsons, suplex power slams, and German suplexes can leave his opponents’ ligaments, bones, tissues, and muscles tattered to tiny smithereens.
Inuyasha: Pankration
Combat Sambo, Boxing, Wrestling, and Judo form the basis of Inuyasha’s fighting repertoire to blossom into his main specialty of Pankration from Greece. Arena spectators believe that Inuyasha’s mighty muscles and stupendous strength are derived from Zeus, Ares, Heracles, and Theseus. Inuyasha’s rear naked chokeholds, tracheal grip chokes, camel clutches, ankle locks, hammer fists, liver punches, and body slams can do visceral damage to his opponents’ bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tissues, and nerves, thus making them beg the Greek gods for mercy in vain due to the viciously powerful attacks he dishes out on them in cold blood.
Hakkaku: Muay Boran
Reaping the fruits of Thailand’s viscerally lethal predecessor of Muay Thai is Hakkaku who is always ready to wrap his hands and arms in hemp rope to do some serious damage to his opponents. Aside from ensuring nearly irreparable damage to his opponents, he does his best to bring honor to Thailand’s royalty, Muay Boran masters, and the audience who want to see a great fight. Hakkaku’s flying knee strikes, elbow slashes, elbow strikes, upward headbutts, reverse elbows, spinning heel kicks, and double uppercuts can easily destroy and distort his opponents’ skeletal structure, thus making their chances of recovery extremely slight.
Ginta: Lethwei
Harvesting the brutality of Ancient Burmese armies to be brought to the sandpits is Ginta a Lethwei practitioner constantly prepared to wrap his hands in gauze to knock his opponents out cold. It would be false to assume that Ginta has to be stone-cold to execute his opponents because Myanmar’s spectators revel in his charmingly lovable charisma when giving his opponents a hard beatdown. Ginta’s thrusting headbutts, side headbutts, upward elbows, downward headbutts, downward elbows, jumping knee strikes, and spinning elbows can damage his opponents’ organs, skulls, and limbs, thus rendering them pale and lifeless.
Ayame: Kyuk Too Ki
Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai are united by Ayame to establish her formidability in Korean Kickboxing also known as Kyuk Too Ki. It is through Ayame’s rapid speed, relentless power, thorough balance, and accurate timing that she can inflict boundless amounts of pain on those who attempt to challenge her. Ayame’s uppercuts, jabs, Superman punches, jabs, spinning back kicks, axe kicks, and roundhouse kicks can incapacitate her opponents while leaving their organs, faces, skeletal structures, and limbs thoroughly shattered, thus paralyzing them from top to bottom to everywhere in their bodies.
Shunran: Shaolin Kung Fu
Combining spirituality, harmony, brute force, and lethal accuracy is Shunran who capitalizes on Shaolin Kung Fu’s animal styles be they monkey, dragon, leopard, tiger, snake, praying mantis, and/or crane. Chinese royalty and Shaolin monks alike are both fascinated and terrified by her mastery of pressure points, varying ranges of attacks, and combining grace with power exceedingly well. Shunran’s leopard blows, spinning back fists, finger strikes, palm strikes, nerve strikes, push kicks, and double flying kicks can paralyze her opponents inside and out, for targeting pressure points is her main specialty of annihilation and execution.
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the über final revamp of the martial arts I have in store for The Splendid Seven. Anything they can dish out in their respective martial arts, they can do so with aplomb and power, especially when they combine their skills to do a number on their opponents. Speaking of which, do tune in later for the beloved main pairings I have in store for The Splendid Seven in martial arts forms. Until then, have a good time and train well, everybody.

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