4 thoughts on “TV Trash: Son Of The Beach

  1. What you said at the end reminded me about why people didn’t like the Baywatch movie, fans already knew how absurd it was. This makes me think of things like The Brady Bunch Movie and the 2007 Nancy Drew movie, they poke fun at the things they’re about but there’s a sincerity where you can tell the people working on them cared about those franchises.

      1. Truly agree as like with Nancy Drew, it keeps Nancy as the smart girl detective she is and doesn’t make fun of her but rather asks how would she act if placed in modern times with the sensibilities of the period her books were written in.

  2. I won’t deny finding this show funny when I was younger – but that was when my sense of humor hadn’t fully matured and I thought “edgy” automatically equated to comedy. So weird to know this series has a connection to “The Brave Little Toaster”

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