From a renowned internet critic comes an early work that chronicles the adventures of Lightbringer, a mild-mannered furniture store owner fighting against evil as a light-bending superhero who’s keen to long monologues. The comic has gathered a rather questionable reputation due to its poor quality but let’s review if it has truly earned such mantel of dishonor.

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7 thoughts on “Lightbringer – Path to Crossoverlord

    1. It’s something he’s regarded as an Old Shame for over ten years now. He only mentioned it once or twice back then, and that was in the context of saying he won’t review webcomics because he’s not proud of his own work in that medium. A sort of ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ sort of thing, or at least that’s what it came across as to me.

      1. I recall him saying that. But in recent years some trolls have brought it up to him as an insult to critique his writing and philosophy on life (not knowing that he’s changed), or even call him “Lightbringer” to get under his skin. Plus I learned that Liz (his ex) is trying to reboot the comic, which I’m sure also rankles him.

        1. The trolls thing are OneyPlays fans and they seem like jerks as they Lewis that in their videos and do mocking impressions of him. Their wiki is also a cesspool considering its anti-Semitic as they list Lewis’s species (ugh) as Jewish and mental age as Chris Chan.

    2. A bit late to the conversation but I was aware of OnePlays fandom’s beef with Linkara – though not of the nastier details – and I briefly acknowledge it by stating that I focus on critisisnig the comic and don’t go to personal attacks against the artist which I consider to be unethical reviewing. I did watch several reviews of Lightbringer before writing mine and most of them treat it with surprising and off-putting hostility so I hope my review offers a tamer alternative. Lightbringer is far from the best webcomic in existence but it has its merits.

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