Hello, everybody! Antoni here with another milestone I accomplished in the twelve years and one month I have been on YouTube. As of today, I have just hit 1,801 subscribers, and I could not have been any more grateful than I am now to all of you who have been supportive of my YouTube journey. In good times, in bad times, in moments of joy, and in moments of uncertainty, I am really grateful that you have stuck around my channel for this long, and I hope to continue creating content for you all.

I know that I have been sporadic in releasing new YouTube content for you all, but I have been extremely busy with real life. With my life as a university student who has recently acquired my undergraduate degree in English as my major subject and Musicology as my minor subject, is currently a Master’s in American Studies student about to approach my second semester this coming April, and is about to deal with some final exams ranging from next week to early April, I have had my plate full in terms of redressing and straightening my priorities as best as I can. Nevertheless, I am still overjoyed that I am continuing my endeavor on YouTube aside from my real-life academic endeavors, thus making me expound my boundaries as an overall content creator as well as growing in objectivity.
Aside from all of you wonderful 1,801 subscribers, I want to especially thank my family, my friends, my colleagues from school to university, my teachers, my fellow content creators, my fellow artists, my fellow actors, my fellow writers, my fellow voice actors, and my fellow aficionados of opera, musicals, instrumental music, Super Sentai, Metal Heroes, anime, cartoons, movies, and television shows. Thank you all for being inspiring and for pushing me to be the content creator I continue to be not only on YouTube but also on DeviantArt. I also want to thank everybody at Team Night Saturn and Manic Expression for being incredible people and for also pushing me to be the best version of myself as a content creator and as a person.
Once again, thank you all so much for supporting my content, and I hope to release more for you all. As for my plans, as much as I would have loved to review Rued Langgard’s Antikrist today, I might have to save my viewing of the opera hopefully on Sunday because of real-life personal and academic endeavors. So, I may have a go tomorrow at Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte starring Hye-Young Moon as the Queen of the Night and Sua Jo as Pamina. Have an awesome day, everybody, and please do not forget to show your support by subscribing to me on YouTube right now. Thanks so much again.

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