Greetings, Splendid Seven devotees, martial arts aficionados, and fighting video game fans. Antoni here with another written entry focusing on Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran specializing in the martial arts they do. As per tradition, I shall be talking about the number one main martial art each of these seven Yokai warriors specialize in the most based on their skills and personalities as well as what moves opponents need to look out for. This is also based on the surveys I have been conducting to see what my watchers and people who answered them thought were the most appropriate but also the most brutal in terms of inflicting as much damage to their opponents. So, let’s gear up and step into battle with the Splendid Seven’s main signature martial arts.
Sesshoumaru: Mixed Martial Arts
The Octagon is always welcome to have Sesshoumaru in to give every opponent who dares to challenge him in one bloodily brutal beatdown. Being the honorable martial artist he is, Sesshoumaru neither seeks fame nor fortune from the public, the critics, and/or promoters such as UFC and Pride. He demonstrates disciplined dedication by never having an ego and training his body, mind, and spirit to prevail against stronger opponents. His uppercuts, liver punches, ground-and-pounds, sprawl-and-brawls, double-leg takedowns, armbars, and Kimuras are guaranteed to make his opponents bleed like oceans and writhe in pain.
Shuran: Professional Wrestling
Anybody who has access to a television or enough money to purchase tickets to a Pro Wrestling match whether it is WWE and/or TNA in the USA or Lucha Libre in Mexico would raise their voice in excited jubilation when Shuran enters the ring in his large-and-in-charge bravado and glory. He emits the showmanship and the fighting spirit necessary to make Pro Wrestling a sight to behold and not a joke. The moves his opponents need to be wary of are his piledrivers, bearhugs, sharpshooters, torture racks, full Nelsons, German suplexes, and suplex power slams, which are known to crush bones and tear ligaments to tiny shreds.
Inuyasha: Pankration
Zeus, Ares, Heracles, and Theseus have blessed Inuyasha with magnificent muscles, super strength, ferocious fists, and radical wrestling moves when he steps into the arena to give the spectators a great battle against opponents while his oiled, muscular body gleans in the sunlight. Therefore, he gives glory to the Olympian gods for the battles he has with more powerful opponents. Inuyasha loves devastating his opponents with his Superman punches, jabs, double axe handles, hooks, hammer fists, tracheal grip chokes, and rear naked chokes because he can smash joints, tear ligaments, and deliver fatally bloody blows to their bodies.
Hakkaku: Muay Boran
The kings of Thailand would never stop singing their praises to Hakkaku because he is velocity, high energy, persistence, and strength personified. Hakkaku demonstrates that strength alone does not make a great fighter, but combining strength, speed, and timing can make a truly complete fighter. There is nothing that can bring him down even when the opponents he faces are much stronger and tougher than him. Hakkaku can overcome his opponents with his elbow slashes, elbow strikes, spinning elbow strikes, upward headbutts, overhand punches, flying knee strikes, and knee bombs to make them bloodied and bruised.
Ginta: Lethwei
Crowds of Burmese royals would be more than elated to cheer Ginta on when he steps up to do battle with more powerful and speedy opponents because he maintains a positive attitude and incorporates perseverance in every move he makes. Ginta may have a charmingly lovable face with adorable dimples, but he is not to be underestimated because he can unleash quick and powerful attacks that can make his opponents bloodied and bruised to numbness and pain. He accomplishes this with his thrusting headbutts, side headbutts, spinning backfists, cross punches, flying elbow strikes, jumping knee strikes, and push kicks.
Ayame: Taekwondo
Quick as lightning, strong as titanium, fierce as a lioness, and agile as a gazelle are what perfectly describes Ayame as a combatant whose strikes can make opponents bigger and stronger than her fall like trees being cut down by lumberjacks. She is a clear example of a beauty who fights like a beast thanks to her speed, strength, balance, and timing. Laying a hand on Ayame would be a terrible idea because she possesses excruciating strikes to bring her opponents down. Her strikes include reverse punches, knife-hand strikes, ridge-hand strikes, spear-hand strikes, roundhouse kicks, spinning back kicks, and spinning axe kicks.
Shunran: Shaolin Kung Fu
There has never been an instant where grace and might could not merge together, for Shunran is a combatant who can do just that and more thanks to her cleverness, craftiness, and conscientiousness of the human anatomy in terms of pressure points. She leaves no opponents unturned, as they end up walking into her trap and become prisoners to her vicious strikes. Shunran’s moves can be best described as soaring like a crane, trapping like a praying mantis, and slashing like a tiger. Her specific attacks include her leopard blows, finger strikes, palm strikes, nerve strikes, tornado kicks, double flying kicks, and split kicks.
I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and train hard and well, everybody.

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