Hey guys! Gerawallstar here and I am here to do a top 5 best total drama episodes. This was my favorite show to watch as a teenager. It had great writing, stellar characters, and surprisingly good animation. So without further ado, here is my top 5 best total drama island episodes.

5. Up the Creek
This is the episode where we get fantastic buid-ups of the romantic relationships between Geoff/Bridgette and Gwen/Trent. There were a lot of funny moments between the characters especially Izzy. I loved that DJ took a more leadership role in this episode, and the ending was not only sweet but shows off clever foreshadowing. I guess what makes this episode lower on the list is the stupidity of the campers i.e. Trent going a different path, and Lindsay getting stuck in quicksand and being happy about being stuck. But aside from those nitpicks, this is a great episode.
4. Tri-Armed Triathalon
This is the episode where we get the most character development from all six of the campers. The backstories of the characters are really good. I loved the innocent relationship between Geoff and Gwen. The concept of six campers doing three challenges while handcuffed is clever. The ending was sweet as well.
3. Dodgebrawl
Coming from a simple game of dodgeball to the Killer Bass winning a challenge makes this episode entertaining to watch. Theres a lot of great moments like Tyler sucking at Dodgeball, and Lindsay trying to hide her relationship with Tyler from Heather. The elimination that Noah got was well deserved. I have nothing to say except that this is just a favorite episode of mine to watch.
2. Basic Straining
This episode has a great writing and it has funny moments. Chef was a blast hosting the military challenge in the episode. The thriller dancing scene was hilarious. I loved duncan and Courtney’s performance in this episode. Duncan and Courtney relationship development was awesome when they both kissed for the first time. Courtney learns to loosen up, which makes me love her character until the later seasons. The unexpected elimination was also clever. This is a great episode.
1. I triple dog dare you
This episode has a great sudden death elimination challenge. The fact that three campers have to do the dares in order to resist elimination really gives this an almost closure of the show. This episode gives one of the best endings in total drama history: Heather’s Elimination. After so many episodes of Heather getting invincibility, being cruel to everyone, taking advantage of some campers, etc makes the ending of her getting eliminated more satisfying. I also loved that Chris allows the dares of 19 eliminated campers to be given to the three campers left. I recommend watching this episode and that’s why I declare this episode as the best episodes of Total Drama Island of all time

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  1. “Triple Dog Dare” definitely deserves the #1 spot. Seeing Heather get her ultimate comeuppance, and knowing that it was Lindsay responsible for providing her final humiliation, is very cathartic.

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