This screenshot demotivational poster is highly, utterly, indubitably, and absolutely Anti-Shippou. Sit back, relax, and revel in the unbridled yet deserved rage I have for this pathetic pinhead.

Before any of you Shippou fans, defenders, devotees, and admirers go all out and proclaim that I am heartlessly bashing a little kid for no reason, please hear me out before you get all riled up and upset. Shippou’s behavior throughout the course of the Inuyasha series was never excusable. I am aware that he was a child who lost his father, but the fact that he lacked any gratitude to Inuyasha for avenging his father’s death from Hiten and Manten aka The Thunder Brothers just shows me that this little turd is not worthy of my respect or compassion. He is more worthy of my rage and disapproval because of how loathsomely horrid he has been towards Inuyasha and thinks he is above him just because he is a Kitsune or full fox demon. Aside from his tricks which fail on more than one occasion, he is not really a strong fighter and has to rely on Inuyasha’s strength to save him. Even when Inuyasha saves him and his loser “companions” nearly every single time, Shippou still shows ingratitude and vindictiveness towards him. Therefore, I am not sorry when I say that this pathetic turd should be chopped into pieces.

Back then when I was in my young teenage years of 13 to 14 years old in middle school about to make it to high school, I really did try to like Shippou as a character. He seemed crafty and fun-loving, and he had moments where he can develop his skills as a fighter, as evidenced in his scrap with Gon, Bun, and Ken in Episode 88. However, as I watched him more critically, I learned to accept that Shippou was nothing more than a pathetic, self-absorbed, loathsome, and putrid ingrate. I am aware that Inuyasha is rough on him on multiple occasions, but that is because Shippou cannot keep his big mouth shut when it comes to Inuyasha’s weaknesses, troubles, and issues he has had growing up. Furthermore, Shippou was not careful of the arena he found himself in when it came to Inuyasha’s difficult and tragic past with Kikyou, which he was not over with and still haunts him. What is worse is that Shippou chooses to side with Kagome and her pathetic feelings, instead of understanding where Inuyasha came from. But no. Shippou was just nothing more than a cowardly loser lacking in empathy and understanding.

Speaking of Shippou’s big mouth, that is another issue I had with this dastardly turd hole. He can talk the talk all he wants, but he barely walks the walk when it comes to using his powers let alone developing them. All his fox magic is good for is overpowering weaker enemies and not helping out his allies in the grander scheme of things. Once again, the excuse of him being just a child is completely null and void with me. Compare Shippou to other kid characters who can fight well such as Chibiusa from the Sailor Moon franchise, Amy from the Soul Calibur franchise, Ed from Cowboy Bebop, and Cody from The Rescuers Down Under and you will realize just how much Shippou fails. Shippou may seem resourceful and clever, but he abuses that cleverness at Inuyasha’s expense and his own gratification. There were even occasions where he lets out his big mouth at inopportune moments and is a risk to Inuyasha’s well-being whenever he finds himself in battle, specifically when it came to his battle with Kagura. If I were Shippou, I would have just known when to keep my big mouth shut for good and for all.

Shippou’s horrible attitude just makes me want to scream at him in all of my wraths because of how maltreats Inuyasha and thinks he is above everybody when he is nothing more than a pathetic loser. For somebody like him who has the potential to improve his fox magic and tricks in battle, this turdy excuse of a Kitsune is ultimately pathetic and has all of my pity. His vindictiveness towards Inuyasha has always been grating, and he has done nothing but annoyance and condescension towards him, thus making me want to impale Shippou with a spear on his back and chop him with a cleaver. When it comes to Inuyasha’s tragic past with Kikyou, Shippou does not empathize with him, for he himself dealt with loss, and only sides with Kagome because her pathetic feelings seem to be more important than what Inuyasha endured. Worst of all, Shippou is barely reliable in battle, as his big mouth compensates for what little strength and skill he has with his poor excuse of fox magic. If ever I can brand somebody as the biggest loser bastard of all time, it has to be Shippou. Bar none.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and never be as loathsome as Shippou, everybody.

The Lousy, Badmouthing, and Horrid Jackass from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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