This screenshot demotivational poster is highly, utterly, indubitably, and absolutely Anti-Kagome. Sit back, relax, and traverse back into familiar territory with this pathetic loser of a “heroine” and why I would never dream hero-worshipping someone like her even if my life depended on it.

So, Kagome Higurashi. We meet again. She will be continuously adored by her fans, but I am not one to patronise her. I used to try to like her when I watched Inuyasha a lot more earnestly as a 14-year-old eighth grader, but I always found myself rooting more for Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha than for this abusive, bossy, controlling, demanding, domineering, excruciating, and incompetent floozy. Watching Inuyasha more critically and in his eyes made me realise just how loathsome and horrible this creature was. Thus, she will always end up being dragged by yours truly because, after repeated viewings of Inuyasha, she may have had potential to grow, but she still ended up being the same petulant dumbass-in-distress that I love roasting and grilling to medium rare perfection.

Kagome’s misuse of the Beads of Subjugation may have been intended for self-defence, especially since Kaede the incompetent hag and useless excuse of a shriveled shrine maiden placed them on Inuyasha, but it has been used to assert her dominance because she is a big bully who barely gets called out for her rubbish. The fact that she uses the Beads of Subjugation for petulant reasons rather than solely for self-defence makes her a truly despicable harridan. I know there are some people who think I am just being mean to her and should stop saying hateful things about her because she is “awesome”. I have this to ask you, gentlefolk. If you were in Inuyasha’s place and you lived a hard enough life of your own, would you enjoy it when a floozy like Kagome uses the sit command on you in such a petulant manner? No, because it would be excruciating as Hell! If the guy were to do same thing Kagome did to Inuyasha, would you find him heroic for putting up with his “female life partner”? No, because that would make him a villain. So, why is Kagome any different than those abusive scumbags? Just because she is a heroine? Please, she is nothing more than a product of double standards and abuse inflicted towards the jerk with a heart of gold sells. Therefore, she deserves all of my boundless rage for the abuse she has been inflicting on Inuyasha.

Speaking of her fans, yes, I can already sense some butthurt Kagome fans calling me a petulant whiner too, but I do not care. I can even sense some butthurt fans thinking that I hate Kagome because I want Inuyasha all for myself so that I can “have sex with him”. Well, that was happened to me on Twitter of all places because some hellions believed that I was being a huge beta male overreacting to the multiple sits Kagome gave to Inuyasha from Episode 109, and my retaliation would have been that she should have suffered more physical pain such as having joint locks, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks, and finger strikes thrown at her. Several people found that scene hilarious, but I and maybe other people with a brain bloody hated it because it just illustrated how much of a spoiled, pathetic, mopey brat this woman-child really is. She was not much better in Episode 158 where after Inuyasha was still encountering Kikyou, she sat him repeatedly again! The people in Sunrise may be to blame for adding in those extra sits to make Kagome look better, add more fuel to the love triangle fire, and make Inuyasha out to be constantly in the wrong. However, what it has done is make Kagome look more petulant, bratty, spoiled, and self-centred to the point where she thinks that everything should revolve around her, and those disagree, mostly Inuyasha, will end up being browbeaten. Even after more than one hundred plus episodes, this pathetic excuse of a heroine still saw it fit to sit Inuyasha, despite how brutally honest he was about his opinions. Yes, Inuyasha was not particularly innocent himself, but the fact that he had to be battered by this shrew even for the tiniest of mistakes and missteps is crossing the line, and her constant abuse of Inuyasha has done nothing for me to root for her as a heroine. Even in Yashahime, she still uses the Beads of Subjugation on Inuyasha, despite the fact that they were married and have a kid of their own in the form of Moroha. As if this thing ever was a heroine, which she is not.

This is where the hero worship directed towards Kagome is also an issue for me. The hero worship Kagome receives is a joke that I find myself laughing at ironically because her fighting skills are subpar. I am aware that she did act all determined and in-charge when helping the villagers escape to safety after she, Miroku, Sango, and Shippou were captured by the Panther Devas, but she, Miroku, Sango, Kouga, Hakkaku, and Ginta could have also been just as useful in taking down the Panther King alongside Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha in order to revive Shuran, Karan, and Shunran after a devastated Toran saw what happened. Skill-wise, Kagome may have had promise as an archer, and it is more gruelling than people specialising in this weapon-based martial art can give it credit for, but what does she do? She bitches and moans about her school, upcoming tests, and wanting to get into some high school, which would have been severely impossible for her due to her frequent absences and late hours, instead of polishing her skills as an archer, as she is also Kikyou’s descendant. Most of all, she ends up constantly kidnapped, held for ransom, and has to rely on Inuyasha to freaking save her which makes her even lamer and puts her neatly in the category of dumbass-in-distress. She may have fired some lucky shots with her bow and arrow, and she may sense the Shikon Jewel shards that she bloody destroyed with her own shot of the bow and arrow, but she should have taken more accountability of her talents rather than leaving it to pure luck or once everybody else is down. She could have even asked Miroku to help her with honing her spiritual powers and Sango for improving her self-defence. But no. She just uses those two as nothing more than her posse of losers who constantly have to grovel at her puny feet. Kagome wasted her talents as an archer let alone as a fighter and has proven herself to be more of a liability than asset, especially in later seasons.

Her “good nature and compassion” are just as much of a farce, given how ill-tempered, mopey, self-centred, and immature she is towards Inuyasha and his painful past. Even from the beginning when Inuyasha transformed into a human during the new moon, and after Kagome saved him from certain doom, she tried to read him the riot act about his lack of trust in her, Shippou, and Myoga of his secret of turning human in the new moon. Mind you, this is the Inuyasha who grew up losing his mother when he was a child, being constantly hunted down by demons and humans, was pinned by Sesshoumaru as his source of petty hatred and had to fend for himself during his young formative years. Kagome, on the other hand, has a single mother, a younger brother, and a grandfather with good school friends and a relatively better life with so much to look forward to. Some people may interpret the scene between Inuyasha and Kagome as Kagome wanting Inuyasha to trust her more, but she should have instead directed her attention on Inuyasha’s painful life growing up rather than just make it all about her and cry like the little bitch that she is. She even had the audacity to call him a dough-head because of his rash actions, when his actions were justifiable given his painful past of mistrust and discrimination. Shippou was no help in understanding Inuyasha’s pain and gave the side-eye to Kagome’s and Inuyasha’s bickering, what a surprise. Speaking of trust, the third movie’s epilogue still grinds my gears because of how Kagome repaired the broken Beads of Subjugation to place around Inuyasha’s neck one more time. She says she trusts him, but she does not want to take those god-awful beads off. This proves that Kagome is nothing more than a sociopathic narcissist who thinks that the whole universe revolves around her.

Finally, there is Kagome’s asinine jealousy over Kikyou and the potshots she took to Inuyasha because of her. The fact that she even joked to Inuyasha saying that he had a thing for dead girls is just plain horrible, and it just shows how immature Kagome really is when it comes to her blatant lack of compassion and understanding of his torrid relationship with Kikyou, as he needed closure with her due to how both he and she were manipulated into betraying each other by Naraku. Yes, Kikyou’s resentful spirit wanted to drag Inuyasha down to the next life with her, but that was because she was unfairly resurrected by Urasue and did not ask to be resurrected in the slightest iota. All that guilt that Inuyasha felt over fifty years ago is still fresh within him as well as Miroku and Sango who lost their families too due to Naraku’s insidious machinations. However, Miroku and Sango, despite enduring similar fates of losing loved ones like Inuyasha did, never took into account how Inuyasha was still troubled with Kikyou coming back to life as well as having some unresolved trauma and baggage that needed to be healed. Kagome, in her pathetic pettiness, perceives all this as Inuyasha constantly running to see Kikyou and not attending to her. Worse is that Miroku, Sango, and Shippou, who I will eviscerate in their separate demotivational posters, are nothing more than Kagome satellites, brainless army of skanks to their queen bee bitch, and pathetic yes-people who treat Kagome like some goddess because she is the reincarnation of a shrine maiden, although they constantly badmouth Kikyou who is her freaking ancestor who, once again, never asked to be resurrected and wanted to move on to the next darn world.

Once again, you people wonder why I hate this obnoxious bitch so much and refuse to patronise her. In the words of Mean Girls’ Janis Ian, “[Kagome] is a scum-sucking road whore [who] ruined [Inuyasha’s] life”. Not only his life but also his pride, self-esteem, independence, strength, willpower, and raw power just to cowtow to her every freaking whim. She is more of a liability than an actual fighter who is also a big bully towards Inuyasha, and she barely receives any comeuppance. She is also an untrusting, immature, abusive, low-down witch of a person who has nothing sympathetic about her. Sure, she can sense the jewel shards, bring snacks from her era, bring medicinal supplies, and use the bow and arrow mostly in dire occasions, but she is still a pathetic loser, an inept fighter who gets kidnapped and has to rely on Inuyasha to save her, an abusive harridan who thinks she has to batter Inuyasha to serve her petty needs, and a spoiled brat who thinks that the whole world revolves around her. At the end of the day, Kagome is a horrible excuse of a heroine I am proud to eviscerate to death.

I hope you all enjoyed my evisceration of Kagome because I will never stop roasting this sad excuse of a heroine. See you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and never be a petulant abuser like Kagome, everybody.

The Infantile, Cruel, and Self-Centred Abuser from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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