Last Halloween, I did a Muppet Halloween event and I guess you could consider this an extension of that considering Dinosaurs was a production from the same company.  If you’ll recall when I looked at The Beast Within from The Little Mermaid, I mentioned how that episode used elements from The Wolf Man, that is the case as well with this episode.




I don’t know why I thought this but I thought it would have used elements from Michael Jackson’s Thriller.   Again, not sure why I thought that would be the case.



I have to imagine this is because Robbie’s outfit evokes visions of what Michael is wearing at the beginning of that video.

Now as I mentioned,  this episode uses elements from the classic movie such as the fortune teller and having an angry mob but it’s played in a more comedic/satirical way. A perfect example of this is when Earl and Charlene spot the Wereman (Yes, another Wereman)  is that Earl says he’s going to call The Angry Mob and the number is on the fridge.  That’s a funny way of taking this story.  Now as I mentioned this episode also features a fortune teller but they use a rather outdated word for Romani people, which was more common back then but not a word we should be using nowadays.




And it also brings in the idea of using silver saying that Robbie must beat himself with a silver club to get the caveman out of him. So, that’s funny.


Now, this episode is a story being told and this is now the third episode that has featured a story being used.  I did not plan for this to be the case.



How Were They Turned



Again, I think my brain went to Michael Jackson and Thriller considering how it starts with Michael on a date with a girl.  Also looking at the way, Robbie’s date is dressed I again have to wonder if that was an allusion to the famous music video.



I am admittedly getting sidetracked here.  Robbie is bitten by a wereman while walking his date through a graveyard and in his attempt to fight off the wereman, he’s bitten. Oh and shoutout to Bill Barretta aka Pepe The King Prawn playing the caveman that attacks Robbie and Muppets Haunted Mansion director Kirk Thatcher playing The Wereman.


How They Acted When They Were Turned 



I remember another episode of this show where a cave family was treated as wild animals and a similar idea was used here.  It’s such inverse within in this show as humans are on the bottom wrung and viewed in a dangerous and vicious light, much in the same light how we as humans would view animals attacking as dangerous and something to be fearful of.  Unlike the Rescue Rangers episode where I don’t think much was admittedly done with a similar concept,  this episode took advantage of the idea and showed why a society of dinosaurs would be afraid of a creature such as this.



Were They a Threat


While I answered that The Wereman could be viewed as a threat, I’m still iffy on whether or not they truly were as I don’t think we ever saw The Wereman do anything truly threatening. Sure he scared Earl and Charlene. And at one point, Baby Sinclair but that was Robbie’s goal as he wanted to scare his little brother to get back at him for scaring him.  So, it’s a bit hard to say as I do think the idea of The Wereman is threatening but I don’t think The Wereman himself ever acted in a threatening way.



Join me next time as I take a look at something from the cult favorite show, So Weird simply titled…








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  1. Have to admit I don’t remember this episode, but like with Chip and Dale, I enjoy twists on the werewolf formula where it’s an anthropomorphic animal who transforms into a human. Also, might just be me, but having a number for an angry mob sounds like a joke you’d see on the Simpsons (one of the good seasons).

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