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  1. There’s a whole lot of lines in popular music that get censored for weird reasons, or for reasons we can only speculate on, with lots of altered lyrics that make no sense. And yes, it’s way too easy to make fun of Kidz Bop, but it seems like they don’t get the message: Maybe if they didn’t cover songs they shouldn’t be covering in the first place and making ridiculous changes to make them more kid-friendly, maybe people wouldn’t be making fun of them for it.
    I can’t believe Megadeth did a cover of “These Boots are Made for Walking”. But yes, the backlash was a bit on the ridiculous side.

  2. I remember this video, but I forgot just how dumb those Kidz Bopz edits were. How the hell did that franchise run for so long when it butchered so many great songs?

    One particularly dumb censor job I remember was when I heard a version of Break Even that got rid of the line “just praying to a God that I don’t believe in” and switches it for another use of “no wise words gonna stop the bleeding.” Like, what was that for? Were they afraid of offending religious people or atheists?

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