Greetings, Splendid Seven devotees, martial arts aficionados, and fighting video game fans. Antoni here with another written entry focusing on Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran specialising in the martial arts they do. Today, I will be delving into the three pairings I hold with such high regard in martial arts sparring forms revolving around Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran. One is my most precious BroTP rich with abundant bromance, the second is my most eternally beloved OTP teeming with unconditionally loving intimacy, and the third is my most comforting OT3 bursting with sweet adorability.
It is commonplace for martial arts to be rich with building healthy, meaningful, and cooperative relationships between two to three individuals give or take whether platonic or romantic. After all, it takes two, three, and/or at least seven people to unite in self-defence and solidarity against their enemies. If this group of martial artists is The Splendid Seven consisting of Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran, they would just that and more. What better way to defend themselves than by uniting in different pairing groups, with one platonic fraternal relationship, one unconditionally loving romantic relationship, and one adorably sweet three-way romantic relationship. With that said, let us arm ourselves with my three most favourite pairings in seven martial arts sparring forms. Osu. Hajime.
Sesshoumaru and Shuran (BroTP): Maximum Potency and Raw Power in Twos
When Sesshoumaru’s lethal stealth and precise focus are combined with Shuran’s brute force and raw super strength, the whole arena they are in would be completely dominated by these two fierce warriors. As Sesshoumaru and Shuran are The Splendid Seven’s fiercest fighters, their brotherhood demonstrates how advantageously Sesshoumaru’s precise counterattacks can work with Shuran’s strangulating submission holds to strike terror on their opponents. This is clear with Sesshoumaru’s lethal ridge-hand strikes, knife-hand strikes, and ox-jaw strikes joining forces with Shuran’s bone-crushing bearhugs, piledrivers, and sharpshooters.
  1. Shotokan Karate vs Professional Wrestling
  2. Kyokushin Karate vs Combat Sambo
  3. Nippon Kenpo vs Malla-yuddha
  4. Shorinji Kenpo vs Pehlwani
  5. Kajukenbo vs Sumo Wrestling
  6. Jujutsu vs Turkish Oil Wrestling
  7. Judo vs Greco-Roman Wrestling
Inuyasha and Ayame (OTP): A Bloodily Fierce and Unconditionally Loving Couple
Bones will disintegrate, blood will flow, joints will break, and teeth will drop once Inuyasha’s magnificent muscles and muscular manliness collaborate with Ayame’s furious fists and fleet feet. Inuyasha and Ayame live the life of a powerful warrior couple who beat their opponents to a bloody pulp from dawn until dusk, shown with Inuyasha’s devastating chokeholds and Ayame’s eviscerating punches, then make intimate love to each other every evening. Their strength is made especially clear on how Inuyasha’s ferocious Superman punches, double axe handles, and ground-and-pounds merge with Ayame’s vicious uppercuts, jabs, and hooks.
  1. Pankration vs Bokator
  2. Vale Tudo vs Koppojutsu
  3. Mixed Martial Arts vs Hapkido
  4. Shootfighting vs Yongmudo
  5. Kapu Kuialua vs Taekkyeon
  6. Brazilian Jujitsu vs Taekwondo
  7. Luta Livre vs Boxing
Hakkaku, Ginta, and Shunran (OT3): A Cutely Cuddly yet Cunningly Courageous Throuple
Two may be company, but three is a whole lot of fun once limbs start to fly like eagles, especially where Hakkaku’s tough resilience, Ginta’s fierce charisma, and Shunran’s crafty grace take centre stage. Together, these three can combine Hakkaku’s voracious headbutts, Ginta’s overpowering clinches, and Shunran’s annihilating strikes to seriously damage their opponents while being playful with them. Greatly exemplified is how Hakkaku’s smashing elbow slashes, headbutts, and knee strikes plus Ginta’s crashing shin kicks, elbow strikes, and clinches can be incorporated with Shunran’s finger strikes, nerve strikes, and palm strikes.
  1. Muay Boran vs Lethwei vs Shaolin Kung Fu
  2. Muay Lerdrit vs Pencak Silat vs Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu
  3. Muay Chaiya vs Sanda vs Baguazhang
  4. Muay Thai vs Jeet Kune Do vs Wing Chun
  5. Pradal Serey vs Bando vs Eagle Claw Kung Fu
  6. Panantukan vs Naban vs Savate
  7. Yaw-Yan vs Pongyi Thaing vs Kickboxing
There you have it, ladies, gentlemen, and martial arts aficionados of all ages. My beloved BroTP (Sesshoumaru and Shuran), OTP (Inuyasha x Ayame), and OT3 (Hakkaku x Shunran x Ginta) in the forms of seven martial arts sparring matches. After all, platonic love between two fierce bros, romantic love between a strong man and a mighty woman, and romantic love between two courageous men and a clever woman reign supreme in the martial arts world. Stay tuned for the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and stay strong for your significant others, everybody.

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