Today I start the werewolf event proper.  When looking at this event,  it helps to understand there are different types of werewolves.  Traditionally, werewolves are presented as someone that was a bite that causes them to turn.  There also are other examples such as it being genetic and part of your family lineage.  Think movies such as Teen Wolf or an example of something I’ll be looking at later on during this event with how  Once Upon a Time handled its werewolf mythos with the character of Red.


However, as we will see later on in this event, the usage of werewolves can be rather tone-deaf. They are looking at you Zombies 2 using them as an allegory for Native Americans.



That whole franchise is a big mess of yikes and no, it isn’t part of this event thankfully. Suffering through the first film was enough and there are enough Werewolf and Werewolf adjacent episodes to cover.   Today’s entry is unique as I’m technically not looking at a werewolf but rather a were-man.  This episode of Rescue Rangers reverses the idea and asks what would happen if a wolf became a man at night.

These episode reviews will be a bit different as I will be looking at How the person/creature was Turned, How They Acted When Turned, and then Were They a Threat?  I feel that this is the best way to handle this because doing a beat-by-beat plot breakdown would be rather boring.  Now, there’ll be some reviews where this format will not work but for the most part, I wanted to try this format.


How Were They Turned?


Rescue Rangers presents this interesting idea because it is not something I’ve seen that much before but instead of it being a bite,  it’s a scientific invention that presents it as a sort of species swap that Rescue Rangers villain Professor Nimnul uses to get away with stealing priceless jewelry.  The main victim here is a wolf named Harry.  Yeah, I know real original but hey kid’s show.


Now whereas I referred to him as a were-man, the show calls him a Wolf-Were and that’s cute.  Honestly yeah, that works and it’s a fun play on the idea for a kid’s show.  It allows for something different whereas with most werewolves when they turn, we see them become more animalistic and attempt to fight these urges. Whereas Harry is a bit different and that leads me to the next section.


How They Acted When Turned 



Harry in his human form was more a nuisance than anything else.  Part of me believes that comes from the fact that Harry keeps his faculties while in human form. This is a major component of the episode as Nimnul uses his device to place the blame on animals for his robberies and that leads to Harry thinking he’s forgetting doing this.  We soon see that is not the case though.




That is a neat idea as it allows for suspicion to remain on Harry for a while until the truth is slowly revealed. In many ways, the story is less important than what the characters mainly Harry goes through.


Were They A Threat?


Honestly, Harry wasn’t much of a threat in his human form. Rather he was just an annoyance that the Rescue Rangers had to protect from himself. Join me tomorrow as we head under the sea to see what happens when Flounder becomes




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