TLOTA: I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours. I know I have talked about magicians in the past, but there’s a duo who uses magic to expose the BS in our lives, and that duo is known as Penn Jillette and his often silent partner, Teller! (Cut to clips of the duo in various shows, including their own.)

TLOTA (V.O.): And to be honest, these two have had quite a career as a duo. Starting in 1975, these two mix magic, logic, comedy, and fantasy violence in a uniquely entertaining brew. While their relationship on stage may look like Penn is always out to have one trick go south to see Teller buy the farm. The two have mutual respect for each other professionally, and while having a few interests outside of magic, they’re good enough friends to have Teller considered a part of Penn’s Family. While they sometimes disagree, they lead to better material from the two. (Cut to James physically)

TLOTA: So when it comes to the two making a movie, even though they’ve got good chemistry, is their act powerful enough to succeed, or will they wind up conjuring a Dark Comedy Cult Classic?

Find out how or if Penn & Teller’s magic can make a movie work.

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