Hey guys! Gerawallstar, here. And I am here to review Walt Disney’s 23rd animated feature called The Rescuers, which was released in 1977. This film came out during the dark ages of Disney, back when they were releasing films that were failures, and the dark ages occured because of Walt Disney’s death, and the studio having no direction or creative control. However, The Rescuers was something different. This film was one of the critically and financially successful Disney’s films of the dark ages. In my honest opinion, this film is just okay. I get that this film was very successful, but it is just an underwhelming Disney movie by itself. It is a little better than the previous dark age films like The Aristocats,


The story is about two Mice named Bernard and Miss Bianca rescuing a little girl who is in danger of getting kidnapped by the evil Madame Medusa. If there is one thing that I will say about the story is that it’s boring. What I mean by boring is that the film’s pacing is too slow at times, and the film that’s supposedly have some action sequences, barely has any. All of this makes the film’s plotline very uninteresting. As a matter of fact: the story actually feels like a plot that you would see in a typical Saturday morning cartoon. It kinda feels derivative from a 1970’s Hanna Barbara Cartoon like Scooby Doo. However, that doesn’t mean that there are some good scenes in the story. There are some interesting moments in the story. I liked the darker elements that this film has. The tone of this film feels a lot darker compared to the previous kid friendlier Disney movies from the darker era. The scene where Penny had to get the diamond from Medusa was dark. The scene where Penny was crying after Medusa told her that she wasn’t ever going to get adopted was emotional. The final battle between the animals and Medusa was okay. Unfortunately, there are some scenes that do drag like the scene where the two alligators were trying to eat Bernard and Miss Bianca, and the scene where Madame Medusa was trying to kill both the mice as well. See what I mean about this being derivative from a Hanna-Barbara cartoon?  Despite some good dark, and emotional elements, the films slow pacing, unnecessary filler, and not having any action makes the story feel bland. I give the story five stars.


As much as I don’t like the story for this film, the animation is surprisingly good. Its far from the best, but it is still decent. The xerography feels a lot smoother this time around. The backgrounds look grim, and colorful at the same time. The animation designs from the human characters are also good. Unfortunately, the one downside I have with the animation is that the designs of the mice are VERY mediocre. Almost all of the mice in this film uses beady eyes! Now characters with beady eyes in a cartoon show like a Hanna Barbara cartoon for example, can get away with it, because they are using limited animation. But for Disney, they have no excuse for using beady eyes in a film like this, especially for a theatrical film! Not only that, the animation is still kind of sketchy. I give the animation seven stars.


The characters in this movie are very dull. I do not enjoy the characters at all. The only characters that stand out the most are Bernard and Miss Bianca. They are both very loveable, and fun to watch. They also have the best chemistry in a Disney film, which makes me love them even more. As for the rest of the characters though, they are lackluster. Let’s start with Penny. I find her very annoying at times, with her “cutesy” voice. Although I did feel bad for her when she was mentally abused by madame Medusa, and I was very happy when she got adopted in the end. Speaking of Medusa, she really isn’t a good villain. Yes, she can be mentally abusive to Penny, and also kidnapping her, but what I dislike with her the most is her stupid motive of getting a diamond. She feels like a rehash of Cruella Deville.  Mr. Snoops wasn’t a good character either. Orville the bird is meh. And the rest of the characters are forgettable. Basically, the characters in this movie are poor. I give the characters four stars.


The songs in this film are a mixed bag. The songs that I liked in this film are the emotional opening song “The Journey”, and “Someone’s waiting for you.” They are both tear-jerking, and well-written. “Tomorrow is another day” is fine, but it feels very dated. “Rescue Aid Society” introduction song despite being catchy is kind of bad, and pointless. It feels like an opening of a TV show. The songs are average. I give the songs six stars.


I’m sorry to you all who loves this film, but I think The Rescuers is an average Disney movie that while it has decent animation, suffers from a mediocre story, and bad characters. It is one of the successful dark age Disney films, but as a movie alone, its just okay. I get that Disney was in a dark age at the time, with all of those issues that this movie has, and that they had to cut costs on a lot of things. However, there is a sequel that was released 13 years after this movie came out, and it is a whole lot better than this one. I give this movie 6 stars out of 10.


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