TLOTA: Yeah, I just got the mail Rowdy. Oh, you heard about her through the Reviewerverse chatter; I will give it a watch and see if she’ll like it. (A voice out of frame says, “Who is she?” as James turns and sees Chad Narducci.)

TLOTA: Oh, it’s you. (Phone makes talking noises) I was talking briefly to the son of a bitch that has tanked my reputation! No, Chad Narducci! Yep, that’s him, same guy. Yeah, he made the internet daytime talk show, made that pilot that you sat at, and mentioned that you’d rather watch that show from across the pond again about you know who. Uh-huh, uh-huh, see you in October. Stay Rowdy, dude. Chad, do me a favor and come up with the idea that would say, “Oh, those who were wronged by the “AWESOME” were butt hurt and completely unprofessional and deserves hatred while the “AWESOME” were so innocent!”. Seriously, why are you out to end my career? (Cut to Chad Narducci)

Chad Narducci: Okay, I admit my ideas aren’t panning out, but eventually, I’ll come up with a great idea to get us going. (Cut to James as he sorts out the mail and gives Chad his mail)

TLOTA: Here’s your mail, and I’m betting a lot of it is rejected ideas that I have to foot the bill to get done. And with most of my budget going to bail you out of your messes, I can only pay for two of the team members at a time, and I told you why I couldn’t do Patreon or any of these crowdfunding things without a partnership. (Chad blows James off by going, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”) Alex, your residuals from your photo tutorials, along with bills. Eric, here’s your latest editor’s guide, and Olivia, your packages. Oh, and here it is, Baby Kinsleigh’s present from Rowdy.

What has Rowdy given the newest member of my family? And will it lead me to remember something I forgot 25 years ago? Find out here

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