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It was the Monster Mash! And it’s a graveyard FLOP! TheHappySpaceman looks at this forgotten Halloween special.

Original airdate: 2014/10/29

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  1. It’s amazing that the Monster Mash song has inspired so many different movies, and yet none of them can really be considered good (the Rankin-Bass one is okay in a campy way). The premise of the movie is interesting; creatures from lore and fantasy who are seen as “out of touch” and must fight to prove their relevance against modern creations. But clearly the writers didn’t put a lot of care into it. This really is a painful watch.

    1. Indeed. As I actually discovered, there was ANOTHER Monster Mash movie released five years before this, this time live action and actually featuring Bobby “Boris” Pickett himself, but even that wasn’t any good. “Monster Mash” is probably the most iconic Halloween song and yet all its movie adaptations are so bogus. And yeah, “classic horror monsters vs. ’80s-’90s horror monsters” would actually be a good premise, but it’s bogged down heavily by its execution. Thanks for commenting!

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