In this episode, TheHappySpaceman looks at ten music superstars who, surprisingly enough, technically count as one-hit wonders.

Arlo Guthrie – “The City of New Orleans” (1972)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer – “From the Beginning” (1972)
Lou Reed – “Walk on the Wild Side” (1973)
Devo – “Whip It” (1980)
Iggy Pop – “Candy” (1990)
The Offspring – “Come Out and Play” (1994)
Butthole Surfers – “Pepper” (1996)
Cake – “The Distance” (1996)
Weezer – “Beverly Hills” (2005)
Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.” (2005)

Original airdate: 2014/05/13

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Surprising One-Hit Wonders – TheHappySpaceman Reviews

    1. Yup. Hell, from the most technical definition, even Radiohead were considered one-hit wonders over here for nearly two decades; no other single of theirs charted as high as “Creep,” and their only other top 40 hit was the low-charting “Nude,” at #37. Of course, their album sales and critical acclaim makes them far from one-hit wonders, but it just goes to show how arbitrary chart success is as a measurement of hits.

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