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It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about this site, wow. I don’t know if you guys remember me, but I was pretty active here a while back, from 2018-2020, when the site got taken down. I was Expressionist of the Month in October 2019, and I was even looking into helping out with the Manic Expression movie on the music side! But then the site went down, and real life got in the way, to the point where I was barely able to upload two videos in 2021. Wild stuff.

However, things have calmed down somewhat on my end. I took a lengthy internship; I finally graduated from college, which is a pretty big milestone; I started recording original music again after having not done so since 2016; and I’ve had time to sit down and take a good look at the new site. I’m happy that things have somewhat recovered since the site’s removal! Unfortunately, this would require re-uploading my backlog to the site, so starting tomorrow and continuing for the next few weeks, that’s probably what I will be doing. Hopefully you guys understand—my reviewing style has change significantly since I started in 2014, so my early stuff is a little iffy, but I hope you guys enjoy my stuff regardless!

So stay safe and I will see you with more content soon!


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    1. Thanks for commenting! I’m happy to be more active here in the weeks to come. (Fair warning: A lot of my earlier stuff is… rough, but that’s because it took me a while to find my thing. It’ll be worth it once I start getting into my videos from 2016 onward IMO.)

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