Greetings, Splendid Seven devotees, martial arts aficionados, and fighting video game fans. Antoni here with another written entry focusing on Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran specialising in the martial arts they do. Today, I will be taking a look at the main martial arts that my seven most favourite Splendid Seven platonic pairings of all time. This means, instead of the seven signature martial arts each platonic pairing I have listed, I will focus on the main martial art sparring match per platonic pairing.
Yesterday, I compiled the seven martial arts that each of my seven most favourite Splendid Seven platonic pairings would spar in, and it was absolutely enjoyable. Now, it is time to give each martial arts sparring match the Splendid Seven platonic pairing that fits it the most. The only rule is that the platonic pairings in the form of sparring matches will have one martial art each. With that said, let us get striking and grappling, everybody.
Ayame and Shunran: Kickboxing vs Capoeira
These auburn-haired striker sisters combine agility, leverage, power, speed, accuracy, and quick reflexes to rain blows on their enemies in battle and on each other when they spar. Ayame’s powerful punches and cataclysmic kicks are an outstanding compliment to Shunran’s acrobatic tricking and agile flying kicks, especially when they team up to use their limbs to deliver some really impactful blows. This is also helped by how both Ayame and Shunran find gracefulness in what they do, with Ayame taking advantage of Kickboxing’s quick footwork, and Shunran taking full advantage of Capoeira’s well-timed rhythm.
Hakkaku and Ginta: Pradal Serey vs Sanda
Leave it up to these two wolf brothers to take advantage of the speediness, deadliness, and high impact Pradal Serey from Cambodia and Sanda from China have as martial arts. There is no doubt that Hakkaku and Ginta know how to entrap their enemies by clinching them and delivering a huge rainstorm of blows onto them. Even as they try it on each other, they know fully well to take it up to the next level as a means to never surrender as warriors. In fact, when Hakkaku puts his elbow strikes, Ginta puts his knee strikes, and put their fists and feet to great use, they can prove themselves to be practically potent combatants.
Sesshoumaru and Shuran: Shootfighting vs Sambo
Given Sesshoumaru’s extensive background as a Jujutsuka, Judoka, and Karateka and Shuran’s skills as a wrestler, these two warriors would be more than happy to spar in Shootfighting and Sambo respectively. These two respective martial arts demonstrate that neither Sesshouamru nor Shuran can ever be pigeonholed, although Sesshoumaru leans towards being a striker and Shuran leans towards being a grappler. Nevertheless, the fruits of their labour are found in how effectively they can implement powerful takedowns, mighty blows, and brutal grapples to strengthen each other as martial artists and as individuals.
Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha: Shotokan Karate vs Kyokushin Karate
There is no doubt that Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha have made Karate a way of life from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, for they have always grown in honour, integrity, and brotherhood. This is also thanks to their father who has imprinted onto them that Karate is not just about breaking hard objects and winning 100-man Kumites but also about discipline and dedication. Furthermore, Sesshoumaru’s deadly pinpoint accuracy in Shotokan Karate and Inuyasha’s brutal close-range blows in Kyokushin Karate truly fortify each other as Japan’s and the world’s most efficient Karatekas as well as brothers supporting each other.
Sesshoumaru, Shuran, and Inuyasha: Mixed Martial Arts vs Vale Tudo vs Pankration
Super strength, ballistic brutality, and terrifying takedowns are the names of the game Sesshoumaru, Shuran, and Inuyasha commit to when it comes to giving their opponents a series of brutal beatdowns and strengthening each other as mighty combatants. When combining Sesshoumaru’s lethal use of ground and pound attacks in MMA, Shuran’s vicious throws and hammer fists in Vale Tudo, and Inuyasha’s bloody grapples, punches, and kicks in Pankration, they become a force of nature nobody should dare tamper with. Besides that, these three are rich with perseverance, determination, and dedication to the martial arts.
Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta: Pro Wrestling vs Kajukenbo vs Jeet Kune Do
What happens when you combine Shuran’s macho strength as a Pro Wrestler, Hakkaku’s relentless strikes in Kajukenbo, and Ginta’s durability in Jeet Kune Do? You would attain a formidably dynamic trio who thrive on physical stamina and mental endurance in order to build on each others’ strength and potent desire to achieve a lot more than they can ever dream of. Perhaps one devastating move they would perform together is having Shuran bodyslam the opponent, Hakkaku deliver a series of punches and kicks, and Ginta finally incapacitating the opponent with numbing chi blocks in order to keep them still as a mouse.
Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta: Bokator vs Muay Thai vs Lethwei
K-1 should be prepared to hire Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta because their respective skills in emitting Bokator’s ferociousness, Muay Thai’s lethalness, and Lethwei’s brutality promise effectiveness in their clinching, striking, and penchant for close-range combat. The fury, fortitude, and flash in their punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, headbutts, and clinches demonstrate that they mean serious business and that their opponents should be prepared for blood and carnage. Powerful clinches and lethal strikes aside, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta would show loyalty, cooperation, and brotherhood towards each other.
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the Splendid Seven’s platonic pairings in the form of signature martial arts sparring sessions. Once you overlook how powerful their attacks really are, their true strengths are in solidarity, genuine cooperation, and dedication. If you have a favourite platonic pairing in martial arts sparring session form, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading.

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