(Cut to James as he goes to Chad’s office.) I happen to have the test audience reaction notes. Care to take a look, Chad? (Cut to Chad as he grabs them.)

Chad Narducci: As a matter of fact, I would. (Mumbles to himself for a few seconds) “I had more fun sitting and watching a pilot based on the movie “Clerks” which was nothing like the movie” (Mumbles for a few seconds) “Would’ve had more fun watching a sitcom in which Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun lived next to Jewish neighbors?” (Chad tosses the notes to the table) Do you know something? I think I know what the problem is. It’s you; where’s your enthusiasm for trying new things? (Cut to James as Chad continues to tell James that he is not creative or lacks the drive to succeed then it echoes as Chad says how much he made James and how much Chad has done and how much James owes Chad which becomes the straw that breaks James’ back and finally, after everything Chad has put James through, James drops the F-Bomb as it cuts to the First Presbyterian Church in Liberty NY as the clock tower bell rings then it cuts to downtown then to The Yaun house.)

Mr. & Mrs. Yaun (In unison): My word that was the loudest profanity I ever heard!

Brace Yourselves The Punishment is about to begin Click here to find out what happened

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2 thoughts on ““The Punisher” and The Punishment of James Faraci The Last Of The Americans

  1. The excerpt you show here is a bit misleading, as it’s a conversation that’s largely connected to the subplot in the ‘framing story’, and not the movie review itself. As for the Punisher movie, I’ve not actually seen it, as I’ve never been a big Punisher fan, but I’m told the Thomas Jane Punisher movie is more highly regarded than, say, Dolph Lundgren’s.
    As for the Punisher’s skull, it’s been co-opted by a number of people who miss the whole point of the Punisher’s character, such as cops (the Punisher exists because of a FAILURE of the system, and he is an outlaw), and … well, some really nasty extremist groups I’d rather not mention here. Changing the Punisher’s symbol in the comics is how Marvel is dealing with the problem in the short term, at least.
    The whole ‘Game show pilot’ thing: Is that a nod to the ill-conceived ‘Pop Quiz, Hotshot’ game show Channel Awesome tried to do? The one most people didn’t like?

    1. Yeah, I wanted to show The Last Of The Americans coming to his breaking point to show what he is becoming as Chad punishes The Last Of The Americans for things that were out of his control and Chad is enjoying the punishment. Yeah, it was a nod to that game show which quite honestly would’ve worked better if anyone else did it. And I did not know that about The Punisher’s Skull logo redesign.

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