Inside out is one of my favorite PIXAR films I have ever seen. Most people I heard dont like this film because it tries way too hard to pull out yout heart strings. I dont get why this film is hated. I think its really good. I put it on my top 5 best PIXAR movies.
The story is about a 11 year old girl named Riley who has emotions in her head that controls her emotions. Two of the emotions accidentally leave headquarters, so it’s up for the two emotions to return to headquarters before Riley gets into danger. This is one of the most interesting stories I’ve seen from PIXAR. What makes the story stand out is how the story is told by the emotions in someone’s mind. The best thing I can sum up the plot is that its creative. There are a lot of emotional heavy scenes such as the scene where Joy gets into the abyss of forgotten, Bing-Bongs death, and the scene where Riley returns home feeling upset about moving, and the parents cheering her up. These scenes are so emotional, and they are very effective towards the story. The funniest scene I can think of was during the dinner scene where they show Rileys dad’s emotions watching a football game, and they panic towards Rileys mother. That scene is hilarious. The story is amazing, and really nails it with the emotions. I give the story ten stars.
Just like the story, the animation is also amazing. The colors are breathtaking. The visuals are so good. The animation style of the characters are top notch. I loved the way the colors look during a scene where Joy was playing an accordion. The way Joy, Sadness, and Bing-Bong look in polygon form look very funny. The animation is amazing. PIXAR, as usual did an outstanding job with the animation. I give the animation ten stars.
I have to give credit to how the characters are portrayed in this film. These characters are well-written for a PIXAR film. My favorite character is Joy. Yes, I get it that she can be annoying, and overly perky, but her optimism, and her positive outlook makes her so likeable. Plus, she gets some character development in a scene when she realizes that Riley being sad is normal. Speaking of sad, Sadness is also a great character. Her portrayal as being sad is realistic, and also to the point where I just want to make her happy. Her character is really sympathetic. Phyllis did a good job voicing her. Riley is an interesting character. Shes very creative, and funny. Her emotions coming from the emotions in her head is honestly relatable. Bing-Bong is very creative as well despite it only being Riley’s imagination. The characters arent perfect. The other emotion characters such as Disgust, afraid, and Anger are both very forgettable. Oh, and Anger can be very annoying at times. I give the characters nine stars.
Inside out is an amazing PIXAR film that felt like a breath of fresh air to the company at the time when they had some duds such as Cars 2, and Brave. Although most of the characters are forgettable, it makes up for it with the emotional story, and breathtaking animation. I would definitely recommend this film out there. This is one of my top 5 best PIXAR films. I give this film nine stars out of ten.

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