Had a little fun with this one – hard to come up with a “call to action” that properly inserts me into the movie every time, but I really enjoy it when I can pull it off.

Also, it seems as we go further into this series.. the best thing we could do is not take it too seriously. Less and less “makes sense” and it’s becoming clear we’re just going for the cool/funny factor.

One more thing.. I got to pull out this shirt for a review! Trying to get more of this style. On an unrelated note, I simply like these kinds of shirts – but they are a bit tough to find. Hawaiian style, but not floral. That’s hard enough, but I like em with dark patterns. That’s even harder. Nice material, nice look, and honestly? T-Shirts make me feel like I’m trying to pretend I’m still 14 years old. (Though at 14, I mostly wore flannels)

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