As I mention in the video, the Magic Square is a routine I’ve wavered on doing. I finally got the inspiration to give it a shot after seeing Piff the Magic Dragon do a stellar rendition at a recent show on his tour, but still needed to find a good angle. I could never pull it off as well as him, and I didn’t want the piece to just come off as me going “look at how good I am at math” (which, spoilers, I am not.) The answer came in Max Maven’s “Rainbow Matrix”, which cuts out a lot of dead time and gives the participant more to do, making them more active in the final reveal. I was surprised it played out as well as it did.


As for the failed prediction at the end… yeah, that was my own dumb fault. I had two possible methods for that reveal, and I chose the one that’s harder to pull off under dim lighting. I think in the future I’ll just skip the kicker.

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