Greetings, Splendid Seven devotees and martial arts aficionados. Antoni here with another written entry revolving around Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran as The Splendid Seven. I have this to ask. Would you want to see these seven Yokai warriors in various combat tournaments competing against opponents much stronger and bigger than they are? Would you want to know what martial arts Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Ayame, Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, and Shunran specialise in which suit them perfectly? If your answer is yes, I got you covered because these seven Yokai warriors are always ready to kick loads of butt and be the formidably skilled combatants that they are. Even better is when they bring their martial arts skills together in order to demonstrate to their enemies and their opponents that they are not the type of combatants to ever surrender by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, they are prizefighting champions who always aim for the higher ground.
Growing up playing Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters, and many other fighting games that involve various hand-to-hand martial arts as well as reigniting my own interest in researching about various martial arts that would suit Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran well made me come to this conclusion. The ideas I acquired from my favourite hand-to-hand fighting games, martial arts anime, and underground and public tournament competitions portrayed in various media could be very applicable for another Splendid Seven AU headcanon where our favourite seven Yokai warriors specialise and compete in various martial arts of their choice but were trained in similar ones when they were younger. The models I am particularly inspired by when it comes to making Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran partake in various martial arts are Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie as well as video games including Tekken, Street Fighter, and King of Fighters. This is significant to me because this would enable all seven Yokai warriors to use their bodies, especially their hands and feet, as the most formidable weapons ever.
Where the martial arts all seven Yokai warriors have practiced when they were younger is concerned, all of them have practiced Shotokan and Kyokushin Karate, Japanese and Brazilian Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Nippon Kempo, Boxing, and Kickboxing in terms of forming the basis of their punches, kicks, and grapples. Sure, they have trained really hard in various martial arts. However, their purpose is to not always use their bodies as weapons to beat others up, but to demonstrate teamwork, dedication, brotherhood and sisterhood, perseverance, confidence, humility, and discipline. Their love of martial arts is what brought them together as a family, and it is what has always defined them as a team of potently powerful and super strong Yokai warriors. Who better to instruct them in martial arts than their own parents and grandparents, specifically Toga the Dog General for Shotokan and Kyokushin Karate, InuKimi for Aikido, Izayoi for Shaolin Kung Fu, and The Wolf Elder for various grappling forms of combat. From that moment on, The Wolf Elder, Toga, InuKimi, and Izayoi have aided Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran in becoming the strong and determined fighters that they are.
Sparring is a great way for all seven Yokai warriors to bond, especially where match-ups are concerned. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha would always spar in Kyokushin Karate, Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Mixed Martial Arts, Ancient Greek Boxing, Pankration, and Ancient Greek Wrestling to the point where every intense combat culminates in a warm hug between the two brothers and even call each other the greatest sparring partners ever. As brothers who love to spar and shower each other with punches, kicks, clinches, and grapples, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha would have a strong fraternal relationship akin to Ryu and Ken as well as Terry Bogard and Andy Bogard, given how much they would always inspire each other to grow as strong warriors. Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta would always spar in Brazilian Jujitsu, Japanese Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Lethwei, Ssireum, and Mongolian Wrestling, for their collective love of grappling and clinches make them forces to be reckoned with as well as give the likes of Akuma, E Honda, Zangief, and Sagat a run for their money all while being a merry trio of brothers. Ayame and Shunran would always spar in Nippon Kempo, Judo, Kickboxing, Boxing, Shaolin Kung Fu, Wushu, and Sambo, considering how Ayame as the older sister would instil a sense of competition in Shunran as her younger sister as well as having combats that could put Nina Williams, Anna Williams, Chun-Li, Cammy White, and Sakura Kusagano to shame as combatants. One favourite activity all seven Yokai warriors would do is called switch fighting in which they use various fighting styles when sparring and have to adapt to each of them. For instance, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha start sparring with each other in Mixed Martial Arts and Pankration, then Shuran enters to combat either or both of them in wrestling which they have to adapt, Hakkaku and Ginta enter with their Muay Thai and Lethwei skills, Ayame enters with her Kickboxing moves, and Shunran enters with Capoeira to the point where all of them would end up dog-piling each other, but it is all in great fun and laughter, and it is a great way for all seven of them to release tension after such a long and hectic day of strife.
As each of the seven Yokai warriors grow into maturity, they would end up specialising in their own sets of martial arts. Sesshoumaru would reign supreme in Mixed Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, and Brazilian Jujitsu. Shuran would dominate in Mongolian Wrestling, Ssireum, and Sumo Wrestling. Inuyasha would wipe the floor with his opponents’ heads in Pankration, Ancient Greek Wrestling, and Ancient Greek Boxing. Hakkaku would rule the ring in Muay Thai, Pradal Serey, and Kajukenbo. Ginta would be victorious in Lethwei, Pencak Silat, and Sanda. Ayame would be a master specialist in Kickboxing, Judo, and Nippon Kempo. Shunran would be triumphant in Capoeira, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Wing Chun. Each of them would train really hard in their respective martial arts and would, therefore, turn their bodies into the most lethal weapons anybody has ever encountered. Whether they practice with punching bags or stuffed dummies, they always take their training in their respective martial arts very seriously and are filled with burning determination. Separately as well as together, they could easily rip their enemies’ heads wide open if the threat is more powerful than they are. Putting all of them in a tournament, a cage match or an arena would make audiences see that Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran are never to be underestimated with as powerful combatants whose punches, kicks, clinches, and grapples can puncture all of their opponents.
Sesshoumaru’s abilities as a well-rounded striker and grappler would make him own Mixed Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jujitsu, and even Japanese Jujitsu, Vale Tudo, Marine Corps Martial Arts, and Shootfighting. As a striker, his punches and kicks could easily incapacitate his opponents with deadly precision. As a grappler, especially when he and his opponents are brought to the ground, his chokeholds could be compared to a vice or an anaconda wrapping its coils and squeezing its prey to death. Either way, his enemies would usually end up all bloodied, bruised, and broken. His favourite moves are his signature uppercuts that have seen his opponents land to the ground with a huge thud and his Anaconda Chokehold which have seen his opponents gasping for air. Being a champion MMA fighter and an exceptionally well-rounded martial artist, Sesshoumaru is a fabulous combination of muscle power, super strength, stunning stamina, and fierce formidability. He has even done everything he can to treat his body like a regal temple, given all the weightlifting, deadlifts, and bench presses he has been doing to build his muscles well. Physical strength aside, Sesshoumaru is also a focused and disciplined warrior who never attacks unless provoked and would never resort to mere mugging when it comes to how highly he respects the code of the martial arts. Although Sesshoumaru is an MMA specialist, he and his brother Inuyasha have never forgotten about their roots in Kyokushin and Shotokan Karate, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do because they have bonded so well together through these martial arts and have become the formidable brothers that they are proud to be. Sesshoumaru clearly demonstrates that martial arts, regardless of which one he specialises in, is a way of life, and it is what he cares about the most.
Shuran’s huge size as the tallest, biggest member, and most physically formidable of The Splendid Seven would make him a mighty grappler in Mongolian Wrestling, Ssireum, and Sumo Wrestling as well as Tegumi, Turkish Oil Wrestling, Kurash, and Shuai Jiao. Opponents would be terrified of Shuran not only due to his towering height and great body mass but also his beastly might and scarily high amounts of determination. His physical power allows him to be a champion competitor in Mongolian Wrestling, Sumo Wrestling, and Ssireum and even strong enough to give Zangief from Street Fighter a run for his money and his property. Shuran is never the type of wrestler who uses his super strength to bully those smaller than him. He uses his super strength to defend those who are in need of aid as well as hone his skills as a fighter and as a protector of the ones who need it the most. What makes Shuran strong as a fighter is not just the size of his frame but also how resilient and determined he is. Every time his opponents knock him down hard, Shuran bounces back with a vengeance, especially with his monster bearhugs, chokeholds, and suplexes that have seen his enemies suffer from ballistic head traumas just because they were foolish enough to cross swords with him. He is also additionally terrifying as a striker, for his punches have also seen his opponents crashing through walls. Shuran definitely illustrates that his craft as a wrestler is not for mere show but a way of life he is more than happy to live and grow as a complete person.
Inuyasha’s unparalleled abilities as a formidable striker and a mighty grappler would make him an outstandingly superlative candidate for Pankration, Ancient Greek Boxing, Ancient Greek Wrestling, and even Kapu Kuialua, Bokator, Pehlwani, and Malla-yuddha. Inuyasha may be equally great as a striker and as a grappler just like his favourite big bro in the world Sesshoumaru, but, where Sesshoumaru’s fighting style tends to lean towards being a striker, Inuyasha is predominantly a grappler. His muscular frame, super strength, and sheer muscle power mean that his rock-hard body is not just made for show but also built like a well-furnished and well-oiled tank prepared to go to war. Furthermore, Inuyasha’s beautifully built muscles are also the result of his intense sessions in bench pressing and deadlifts. Combined with Inuyasha’s muscles and super strength is his fierceness and complete readiness to gear up and give his opponents such a major beatdown. Whenever he grins, cracks his fists, rolls his head, neck, and shoulders in circular motion, and flexes his bulging biceps, these are already hints that his enemies are about to experience a world of sheer terror and pain. Inuyasha would never hold back on the uppercuts, jabs, hooks, gut punches, suplexes, bearhugs, back-breakers, and his most favourite move being his Earth-shattering bodyslam that would leave his enemies all broken on the inside and on the outside. Inuyasha’s perennially competitive spirit, everlasting confidence, and boundless persistence coupled with his great muscle power have seen him best his most favourite opponents and enemies as well as pleasuring himself on sparring and tag-teaming with his favourite big brother in the whole world Sesshoumaru, having superb chemistry as a formidable power couple with his wife Ayame, and being a great source of inspiration for his best friends for life Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, and Shunran. Inuyasha lives and breathes the life of a relentless fighter, and it shows in not only the matches he has won as a Pankratiast, boxer, and wrestler, but also as a complete martial artist who finds strength in the love of his family and friends.
Hakkaku’s quick reflexes and relentlessness plus his great skills as a striker and as a grappler would make him indubitably superb in Muay Thai, Pradal Serey, and Kajukenbo plus Panantukan, Moraingy, Dambe, and Taekkyeon. His lean yet muscular frame also demonstrates how much strength he has in his system and physicality as a combatant. Every time he trains in Muay Thai as well as Pradal Serey and Kajukenbo, he would make sure that his shins and fists are well-conditioned to give his opponents a beating they would never forget. According to Hakkaku, strength is never enough to take opponents down, for quick reflexes and concentration are necessary to ensure a great victory. Hakkaku’s shin kicks and knee kicks are actually strong enough to make his enemies go down with a ballistic head trauma. Moreover, every opportunity he has for clinches, he would not make his enemies escape and would even make their noses bleed with his rock-hard punches. Opponents better show caution when Hakkaku prepares himself with his Muay Thai stance, for his clinches, shin kicks, and punches can leave them bleeding profusely. Aside from Hakkaku’s physical skills as a Muay Thai practitioner as well as a practitioner in Pradal Serey and Kajukenbo, he also embodies the importance of respect for one’s self and for his opponents. Therefore, he makes it his duty to never be a sore loser let alone a bad winner, thus making him revel in the spirit of good competition and a strong fighting spirit.
Ginta’s fleet feet, iron shins, rock-hard knees, and fierce fists would make him absolutely astounding in Lethwei, Pencak Silat, and Sanda, while also faring wonderfully in Systema, Hapkido, Eagle Claw Kung Fu, and Tang Soo Do. Just like Ginta’s dear brother, Hakkaku, he is just as much of a striker and grappler, given how he puts his skills as a Lethwei and Silat practitioner to great use. On top of that, Ginta’s lean yet muscular frame also mean that he is an opponent who should never be underestimated, for his physicality makes him just as formidable. Considering how effectively Ginta clinches at his enemies and opponents, while showering them with iron kicks and steel punches, he would never dare hold back at the opportunity to give them the fight of a lifetime. Even his head-butts can crack his foes’ skulls. Opponents should never mistake Ginta’s sweet disposition for his weakness because he always dishes out one huge serving of combat formidability thanks to his peerless physical prowess. No blow is strong enough to get Ginta down, and he makes it his solemn vow to never surrender, for to surrender means shame and humiliation. Every time Ginta prepares himself for a Lethwei fight, he always ensures a fair fight as well as good spirits between him and his opponents. He combines physical strength, unwavering combat prowess, and perseverance with an innocence and gentleness that make him a worthy fighter.
Ayame’s determination, dedication, steeliness, and ambition would make her an upstanding combatant in Kickboxing, Nippon Kempo, and Judo as well as Boxing, Krav Maga, Full Contact Karate, and Sambo. Ayame is a striker through and through, for her furious fists and her fleet feet mean that she can deliver powerful uppercuts, jabs, hooks, backfists, reverse punches, front kicks, roundhouse kicks, side kicks, and spinning back kicks to every opponent she encounters. She is also a wonderful grappler, considering how effectively powerful her clinches and headlocks are, but her strengths are in being a striker through her punches and kicks. Therefore, she is a paradigm of how effective speed, strength, stamina, and skill can be when in the heat of battle as well as demonstrating how she uses her entire as a weapon against those who dare violate her. Every gut punch, uppercut, jab, hook, roundhouse kick, spinning back kick, and side kick Ayame delivers could knock her enemies down as if though they were trees about to be felled. Aside from her amazing skills as a striker, she is also a weightlifter who demonstrates great physical strength and is just as strong as her dear older brother-in-law Sesshoumaru and her beloved husband Inuyasha. In terms of her character, she is determination and dedication incarnate, which is why she is also a champion kickboxer, judoka, and kenpo practitioner. More than anything, she really loves Kickboxing because she can be able to combine her punches and kicks in various ways and is adept at improving her skills as a kickboxer. She is never one to rest on her laurels and is always willing to achieve more than she can ever imagine. To Ayame, running away from a challenge means dying a thousand deaths, but engaging in a challenge makes a warrior strong, resilient, and a better person in the end. Ayame’s physical, mental, and psychological strength clearly shows that she is one formidable opponents warriors would love to fight with wholeheartedly.
Shunran’s craftiness, quick wit, fearlessness, and dedication would make her most laudable in Capoeira, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Wing Chun plus Wushu, Baguazhang, Northern Praying Mantis, and Changquan. Her fighting style illustrates an East meets West concept that is deeply rooted in grace, style, stamina, and stealth. Therefore, combining the dancelike movements of Capoeira with the physical fierceness of Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing Chun makes Shunran a formidable opponent never to be underestimated with. One should never let her graceful movements and dancelike flexibility be signs of weakness because they show how powerful she is as a fighter, especially when she takes down opponents much larger than her. Shunran is predominantly a striker, as her strength is in her roundhouse kicks, spinning back kicks, side kicks, front kicks, flying kicks, scissor kicks, and vertical kicks. She can lay some really great punches, especially her hooks, uppercuts, and jabs, but her fleet feet and agility make her a veritably formidable combatant. Speaking of speed and agility, Shunran also has gymnastics on her side to propel her attacks as well as use her blocks and flips to ensure that her opponents never receive the upper hand. What makes Shunran truly formidable is just how fearless and clever she is, for she never runs away from battle and always faces each challenge with a bright and bold face. Moreover, she is in the belief that complacency and failure are never an option, and would do her very best to keep on improving her skills, thus making her a shining example of dedication and a great attitude.
Whether Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran compete individually in their respective martial arts or together against various opponents so much bigger and stronger than them, they always give their best in everything they do. Be they in a fighting tournament, a cage match, a huge arena or a colosseum, viewers would get to see and hear fists and feet flying, bones crushing, and the resounding battle cries of the combatants. Sesshoumaru’s fierce toughness as an MMA fighter, Shuran’s powerful might as a Mongolian Wrestler, Inuyasha’s super strength as a Pankratiast, Hakkaku’s formidable skill as a Muay Thai practitioner, Ginta’s peerless abilities as a Lethwei practitioner, Ayame’s undeniable tenacity as a Kickboxer, and Shunran’s graceful lethalness as a Capoeira practitioner are all the amazing attributes of how these mighty Yokai warriors are defined by as well as how they live their lives as martial artists, as people, and as a family. It is also their strength and power as martial artists that have paved the way for them to thrive, survive, and win in any and every competition they find themselves in. Nobody and nothing can stop them.
Sesshoumaru the fierce MMA fighter, Shuran the mighty Mongolian Wrestler, Inuyasha the super strong Pankratiast, Hakkaku the formidable Muay Thai practitioner, Ginta the potent Lethwei practitioner, Ayame the tenacious kickboxer, and Shunran the lethally graceful Capoeira practitioner are always willing to kick butt, take names, and come out on top with the gold. You can definitely bet on it.

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