A Man:
Terribly sorry, but I must leave while I have my winnings. (Cut to a beautiful woman played by Julia Alexa Miller as she takes a drink.)

The Beautiful Woman:
A shame, I won’t be able to reclaim what I lost from you, Mister…. (Cut to James Faraci dressed as James Bond)

The Name’s Faraci…(James drinks the drink in one gulp) James Faraci The Last Of The Americans (James slams the glass on the table as it cuts to a James Bond-esque opening at the 0:35-2:42 mark of “The Name Is Bond…James Bond”. Cut to James as he morphs into The Last Of The Americans and heads to his office as “The Name is Bond…James Bond” finishes.)

I’m James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans, and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours, the fact that the James Bond movies have been around for 60 years has surprised me! (Cut to various James Bond movies as James does a voiceover.)

But the fact he has endured so much, including being re-casted five times since Sean Connery was cast by Albert “Cubby” Broccoli’s ION Productions, and that’s not counting all the different other actors in the likes of Audio Dramas and Other Media, this character has become a group of characters that everyone on the planet knows about. His movies through the decades have been hit and miss and that seems to be a weird thing for a Spy with a license to kill to have. But today, I am celebrating him by counting down 10 of my favorite movies featuring OO7. (Cut to James physically)

Now Spoilers will be at a minimum, I will not be going in chronological order and all of these are my choices. So enjoy your favorite drink, Shaken Not Stirred. These are my Top Ten favorite James Bond Movies.

Grab your medium dry Vodka Martini, and make sure it’s shaken and not stirred for my Ten Favorite James Bond films.

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