This was originally from April 28, 2022. The only epic fail that is going to occur at this moment before I turn 30 is all the excess weight that I have been carrying for years. All attempts at dark humour aside, this “Epic Fail” T-shirt was given to me by my sister during Christmas 2011. I was over 17 stone 7 lbs (245 lbs or 111.13 kg) when I was a 19-year-old in actor’s training in IAFT. This shirt serves as a reminder of how far I have come from being a massive fatty in denial to an 11-stone-7.6-lb (161.6-lb or 73.3-kg) man with a lot of determination to live the slim life I consider myself entitled to. Therefore, the fact that my favourite shirt is getting loose on me signifies that I am proud to have lost the excess weight, but there is still a whole lot more excess weight for me to lose.

I am fully aware that my lightest weight nine months ago was 11 stone 1 lb (155 lbs or 70.5 kg). I do feel really bad for falling off the wagon, but the good news is I am actually 12.57 lbs lighter than I was last year because I used to be 11 stone 13.57 lbs (167.57 lbs or 79 kg). There are some fringe benefits of maintaining my weight. Nevertheless, I do not want to rest on my laurels. My goal is to be between 9 to 10 stone (126 to 140 lbs or 57.1 to 63.5 kg), for this is still within the healthy weight range for a guy like me who stands at 5 feet 6.5 inches (1.69 metres) tall. I am determined to reach this weight and slim down even further. So what if cortisol screws me over. I am never going to give up on the slimmer me that I have been working towards for 2 years and 8 months.

I may have lost a total of 5 stone 10 lbs (80 lbs or 36.3 kg) in those 2 years and 8 months, but my next goal is to lose another 1 stone 6 lbs (20 lbs or 9 kg). This means that I would reach my goal of losing a total of 7 stone 2 lbs (100 lbs or 45.4 kg). Reaching that legendary 100-lb weight loss mark would make me the happiest and healthiest person I should be. Anything more than a total of 100 lbs yet less than a total 115.75 lbs is great with me, as this would let me live the life of the slim gent I want to be.

With that said, I have this to say to my excess weight. Fat off and don’t mess with my 30s. Cheers.

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