My main mottos in life are talk the talk and walk the walk, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and never take anybody you hold close for granted. They have shaped me to be the proud Yokai warrior I am today because I define myself with truth, integrity, and justice. Nothing is ever going to corrupt me or my brothers or my sisters-in-law because I know that we will always have each other. I may serve as the messenger for The Splendid Seven as well as both The Western Lands and The Northern Yoro Tribe, but I have also been hailed as one of the finest Muay Thai, jujitsu, judo, and Tae Kwon Do fighters in all of Japan. I always enjoy the fact that I can keep challenging myself as a fighter and as a person because I never want to settle for anything less. This is also something I pass down to my seven daughters Hitomi, Moegi, Satsuki, Mizuki, Kanna, Koume, and Ai because I have seen them grow from sweet little girls to beautiful, self-sacrificing, and compassionate women, and I am one proud dad to have raised such beautiful daughters who have also become married with their own children. I do have my grandpa-in-law, my adoptive dad, and my adoptive moms to thank for shaping me to be the Yokai Warrior man I am today. But aside from my mentors and parents, I am really fortunate to surround myself with really great people: Shunran my best sister-in-law for life, Ginta and Shuran my best brothers for life, Ayame my greatest encourager, Inuyasha my greatest role model, and Sesshoumaru my greatest mentor. Without my family by my side, I would certainly be history and be lost. There is no way I am ever going to abandon them.
I have always admired Shunran for how naturally kind, charitable, cheery, and friendly she is. Sure, she can pull a prank or two, but she is one of the most genuine souls I have ever had the pleasure of calling my sister-in-law. She is also an absolutely beautiful girl who radiates with charm and charisma inside and out. Back when we were kids, she used to have such a hard time choosing between me, Ginta, and Shuran because she liked all of us and we all liked her. I even had some play dates with her, but she realised that her heart truly belonged to Ginta. In fact, I am really happy she chose Ginta because they treat each other so well, and she has always been a staunch member of our family. But I always had to watch my back because she can pull off some really elaborate pranks. Nonetheless, it’s part of her infectious charm. Great personality and charming beauty aside, Shunran is also one of the most amazing fighters I have ever seen. I used to think that she is just a master of illusions, but she is also an accomplished gymnast and Shaolin Kung Fu fighter. I never realised just how truly strong she is. As I said, I am really happy to have her in my life not only as part of The Splendid Seven family but also as a sister-in-law I truly admire body and soul.
If there are two men I consider to be the greatest friends I have ever had as well as my closest brothers of all time, they have to be Ginta and Shuran. We three have always stuck together as tightly as possible, and we have made a solemn vow to stay true to each other no matter what happens to us. I cherish them with all of my heart, and I consider our brotherhood to be so precious. Ginta and I are almost like twin brothers, despite him being three months younger than me, because we share similar interests and we are the closest. We also enjoy sparring with Shuran, Inuyasha, and Sesshoumaru in wrestling, jujitsu, boxing, and kickboxing because they help us not only become physically stronger but have made us better people. Besides becoming a whole lot stronger than we think we are, we have grown to learn the value of protecting others from harm and perseverance amidst all obstacles, which we are forever grateful for. When it comes to love life, I cannot help but be really happy for Ginta for being the loving, appreciative, and kind-hearted husband he is to Shunran, as I always saw how considerate they have always been to each other and how much they genuinely care for each other body and soul. I will always root for them as a very beautiful couple, and I wish them well in everything they do together. Shuran is the big brother I aspire to be because of how super strong, super fierce, and how amazing he has always been because of his powers. Every time he prepares to squeeze his enemies to smithereens and shocks them with his lightning powers, I cannot help but be utterly amazed at his sheer power. He is always able to wipe out all our enemies in one fell swoop. Sometimes he does tend to go over the top with his training. I could still remember how he went overboard with his lightning powers and shocked me and Sesshoumaru during our training, but he was super quick to apologise to us. Sure, I totally forgave him because he knew he didn’t mean for that to happen, but it took Sesshoumaru time to forgive him. I have seen both sides of Shuran. I have seen the brutish, fierce, super strong fighter who scares his enemies with his sheer strength, and I have seen the protective, loving, caring soul who is almost like the cuddliest panda bear you will ever encounter. Despite all of his impulsiveness, Ginta and I are really happy to have Shuran as our brother. He’ll always be the one to protect us when we’re hurt, and he’ll always stay strong for us every single time. By the way, he also has the strongest hugs in the world, and we always anticipate them, especially when he is very happy. So, Shuran at heart is a true gentle giant, and I, Ginta, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Ayame, and Shunran are really happy that he is in our lives. When all is said and done, I can never take the brotherhood I have with Ginta and Shuran for granted. We have stood by each others’ sides as children, and we will always stand by each others’ sides to this very day.
Whenever I am down or unsure of what the next plan of action is gonna be, I can always count on Ayame to get me back on my feet because she is both physically and mentally strong and one of the most courageous fighters I have ever had the pleasure to call my sister-in-law. Words can never describe how much I fully admire Ayame’s leadership and bravery, helped by the fact that she has been married to Inuyasha for many years now. As a fellow Wolf Yokai warrior, she certainly gives us a great name thanks to her strength, courage, and determination. Every time I see Ayame and Inuyasha fight by each others’ sides using their fists, feet, and super strength, I would be full of awe and wonder because of how wonderfully they work together. She is also one of the most compassionate and unconditionally loving souls I have ever met. Even though Ginta and I are two years older than Ayame, she pretty much functions as the Team Mom of our group, given how mature and insightful she is. Inuyasha is surely lucky to have a wife as awesome as Ayame is. Speaking of Inuyasha.
If there is one Yokai warrior I aspire to be in terms of strength, determination, and bravery, Inuyasha is my main source of inspiration. It’s no wonder why Ayame married Inuyasha, and it’s all because he gives more than a hundred ten percent in what he does as a Yokai warrior, the leader of the The Splendid Seven and of the Northern Yoro Tribe, a great friend to me, Ginta, Shuran, and Shunran, a wonderful husband to Ayame, and an awesome brother to Sesshoumaru. There is really no other Yokai warrior as strong as Inuyasha, maybe except Sesshoumaru, but I will get to him later. Inuyasha is the type of big brother mentor and Team Dad who always pushes me to be at my very best as a Yokai warrior and as a person. I should know because Ginta and I enjoy sparring with him in Muay Thai, jujitsu, wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing. In fact, he is the Northern Yoro Tribe’s strongest fighter in all of these martial arts, and his brute strength also serves him well as a weightlifter. Did I also mention that Inuyasha’s muscles are to die for? I also wanted to be just as muscular as he is, and he definitely helped me and Ginta reach our full potential when it came to being our personal trainer. Muscles and power as one of the strongest fighters aside, Inuyasha is also really loyal to all of us. He would never dare abandon us in battle, cares for all of us, is always true to his word, wants what is best for us, and is always the first one to sacrifice his life to save us all from certain doom. Sometimes he does tend to be hard on himself whenever he feels like he has failed in something or accidentally, but I as well as the rest of us do our best to remind him that he is not any less of a leader let alone a friend and comrade if a slip-up happens. Each time I see him talk the talk and walk the walk as a leader, as a fighter, and as a warrior, I would definitely do my best to emulate, and he does his best to make sure that I never go astray in my goals. Not a day goes by that I will always be grateful to Inuyasha for being the best big brother I have ever had, and I will always remember everything he has inspired me to do. He is a great friend to all of us, the best husband to Ayame, and someone whose true strength is in how he inspires perseverance and dedication in each and every one of us. He is truly a beacon of hope, inspiration, and light, and I will always admire and salute him for that.
If I wanted precision, clarity, and focus in my attacks as a Yokai warrior as well as focus in every single task I do, I would consult Sesshoumaru for his pearls of wisdom and guidance. Given that he is an experienced martial artist, he has pretty much become my and Shuran’s main sensei, and he would do his best to make sure that how we our skills as combatants are never rusty. Discipline, determination, dedication, focus, clarity, stamina, and endurance are the cornerstones of Sesshoumaru’s life as one of the finest martial artists in not only all of Japan but I would argue the whole world. It’s intimidating being under his wing because he is that amazing in judo, Tae Kwon Do, jujitsu, and Pankration. One glance was enough for me to shut up and listen to what he has to impose on me and Shuran. There were also a lot of takeaways that I managed to get every time Shuran and I train under Sesshoumaru, with the most important ones being to never surrender to the enemy that easily, to never provoke unnecessary fights, and, most importantly, to cut my own path in life. This last principle has always been important for me because I learned that being a mere follower is never going to cut it in my life as a fellow Yokai warrior. Where martial arts technique is concerned, he has always helped me with stances, blocks, punches, and kicks to the point where I had to keep doing my best to be as accurate and as meticulous as possible because sloppiness, at least in Sesshoumaru’s eyes, meant certain death. Where Shuran learned to control his mighty powers, I learned to be more focused with my plans of attack and in everything I do as a person. Not only is Sesshoumaru a meticulous mentor who has shaped me to be the warrior I am today, but he is also a courageous soul who never backs from a fight. Whenever huge obstacles start coming our way, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha would be the first ones to transform into their full Yokai forms. It may be scary seeing both Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s glowing a bloody red and the stripes on their cheeks becoming more jagged, but they know how to motivate us to give it our all and be just as strong as they are. Overlooking Sesshoumaru’s martial arts expertise, he is also an attentive friend and a cool brother. There is a reason why Shuran and I look up to him so much. It is not only because of his skills as one of the strongest martial artists in the world and his title of Lord of the Western Lands, but it is also his strong sense of brotherhood that makes him all the more worthy of aspiration. He would never allow cowardice to stain any of us as Yokai warriors let alone as individuals and is fiercely true to his word. I feel great knowing that Sesshoumaru has helped me and Shuran reach our full potential as Yokai warriors, and he has helped us live the code by never giving up and placing brotherhood first.
I speak the truth when I say that I am so fortunate to be surrounded by not only so much strength but a lot of love. Shunran’s kindness and genuineness make me feel great about myself. My brotherhood with Ginta and Shuran is truly unbreakable, and I am so happy that they are in my life. Ayame’s frequent encouragement makes me more motivated than ever to never give up. Inuyasha’s strength has encouraged me to never be complacent and to always reach the higher ground. Sesshoumaru’s skills as one of the finest martial artists in the world have helped me gain a sense of confidence, focus, and an iron will that will never fade any time soon. I want to keep passing these principles to my daughters and my grandchildren because everything I have learned from my family would help them grow to be the best people they want to be. I will also do my best to keep spreading truth, honour, and unity as messenger of The Splendid Seven.

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