Every Yokai warrior is capable of using their powers for great good or for great evil. That is what my adoptive dad The Dog General and my grandpa-in-law The Wolf Elder always lectured me, Hakkaku, Ginta, Sesshoumaru, and Inuyasha ever since we were little boys. I consider my super strength, my huge and bulky size, and my lightning powers to be both a blessing and a curse. I am also one of the strongest sumo wrestlers and wrestlers in all of Japan to the point where I have won nearly every competition against various Yokai warriors ten to a hundred times my size. You might think I’m very proud of them and use them to my heart’s content, but there have been occasions where I went overboard with my powers and accidentally hurt the ones I really love and hold dearly to my heart. Sure, when you first see me, you might think I might be this big, scary giant of a Yokai warrior. I get that a lot. Just one look at me and those I meet would already be shivering at their knees at best and run away at worst. It would take time and a lot of trust for them to not get so intimidated by me. Luckily for me, I have Shunran my sweet little sister-in-law, Hakkaku and Ginta my best friends for life and the best brothers I ever had, Ayame my dearest sister-in-law who I pledge all of my respect with all of my heart, Inuyasha my confidant and the strongest sparring partner I ever had, and Sesshoumaru my most beloved brother, best friend, confidant, and role model who I swear to pledge all of my allegiance and loyalty to. As bodyguard of The Splendid Seven as well as both The Western Lands and The Northern Yoro Tribe, there is no way I am ever going to abandon my family because I will always protect them with all of my might and I will cherish them with all of my heart. I also have seven sons of my own named Kohaku, Shintaro, Taichi, Souta, Shion, Bunza, and Kokichi, and they also mean the world to me. I have seen them grow from energetic young boys to the formidable, strong, handsome warrior men they are today, and I am so proud of them. Should anybody be so brazen and so horrible to hurt any one of my family members, let alone all of them, I would not hesitate to use my full lightning powers and maximum super strength to punish the perpetrators. They have been warned because I never want to lose my family. Not now, not ever!
Shunran and I might be both Panther Yokai warriors, but Fate had other plans for us to be with different families, especially since she and Ayame are the closest of sisters, and I’m just as grateful to be a part of Sesshoumaru’s, Inuyasha’s, Hakkaku’s, and Ginta’s family. Nevertheless, we are both united under the same unit as a family, and I will always consider her to be the most endearing and kind-hearted surrogate little sister I have ever had in my life. Her infectious smile, her charming laugh, and her abundant positivity give light to the gloomiest and darkest of days. Sometimes I have to be careful with Shunran because she enjoys pulling pranks either with the help of her illusions or just her craftily elaborate plans. What more can you expect from the youngest member of The Splendid Seven? She’s like the little sister of our group. Anyway, Shunran is not just the lovable, merrymaking, sweet illusionist who can make beautiful cherry blossoms fly out of nowhere. She is also a fabulous gymnast, a formidable capoeira practitioner, and the best Shaolin Kung Fu fighter I have ever encountered. She is also really intelligent when it comes to tactics and knowing what move needs to be done to overcome enemies. Shunran does not always need to rely on super strength to get the job done because she has the brains to observe enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. There is no other fighter who can be as graceful, precise, and fierce like Shunran is. She is in a class of her own, and that is why I am really happy to have her as my sweet little sister-in-law.
Ginta and Hakkaku are the greatest guys I have the utmost privilege of calling my best friends for life and my brothers. I consider our brotherhood to be unbreakably strong and utterly genuine, I want to cherish every single moment we have together as brothers, and I swear upon life to never betray them. We have so much in common because we three look up to our adoptive dad, Sesshoumaru, and Inuyasha as our role models when it comes to being formidable and honourable warriors who use strength as a means of protection. I am also grateful to know that I have two wonderful guys who listen to me with all of their hearts and not just their ears because they acknowledge me as an individual and are never quick to judge. When it comes to girls, we all used to really like Shunran ever since we were little boys. I did everything I could to show my strength for her. Hakkaku was always the one to show how happy he was to see her. Ginta always charmed her to a high degree. Sure, she really liked all of us, but she ultimately settled for Ginta which Hakkaku and I were really cool with. In fact, I am so happy that Ginta and Shunran ended up together as husband and wife because he is really the best guy for her, and the love they have for each other is unconditional and really pure. Ginta is natural charm, undeniable charisma, steadfast kindness, and unparalleled genuineness incarnate, as he is the most naturally magnanimous guy I have ever met. He has no bad bone in his body, and what make him really strong are his steadfastness, sense of protection, and willingness to never give up. I have seen him grow from a cheery little boy to one of the finest jujitsu fighters I have ever sparred with. Seriously, his punches, kicks, and holds have grown with strength and firmness to the point where he could overcome any enemy before they know it. Those same positive thoughts are what I could also describe Hakkaku. He is just as naturally kind, charming, loving, steadfast, and genuine as Ginta. The difference is he can be high-strung, hyperactive, and overly energetic which can be annoying on some occasions, but Hakkaku is a naturally great guy to have around and confide in. He also aspires to be just as super strong as I am which makes me really honoured to help him reach his full potential. I may specialise in sumo wrestling, but Hakkaku is a strong Muay Thai fighter who has heaps of discipline and skill to grow in strength and in focus. I am also glad to see him grow from the hyperactive little boy I used to play around with to really powerful Muay Thai fighter who could give monster clinches and powerful chokeholds like no other. I am the luckiest guy in the world to have Ginta and Hakkaku in my life as my brothers, best friends, confidants, comrades, and allies because we truly make a great team when we are together. Our bond as brothers will never be broken, and this is something even Shunran fancies and enjoys, which is seeing us three work together in harmony and be the closest of brothers. Hakkaku and I are always going to be supportive of Ginta’s and Shunran’s happy marriage, and we four will always stick by each others’ side as well as show our unconditional love to Ayame, Inuyasha, and Sesshoumaru.
Ayame is one of the most ambitious, determined, dedicated, and consistently persistent Yokai warriors I respect so deeply because her character and how willing she is to grow as a fighter are worthy of admiration. I, as a fellow Panther Yokai warrior, speak for Shunran when I say that she is a great older sister and has helped her become the strong, fierce, and conscientious fighter she is today. I can see how much stronger Shunran has grown as a Yokai warrior and as an individual, and I certainly have Ayame to thank with all of my heart. She doesn’t only talk the talk when it comes to being a warrior, but she also walks the walk and fights the good fight. I should know because I have been sparring partner in kickboxing and boxing for many years, and her punches, kicks, speed, and strength can leave every one of her opponents writhing in pain. She even has a powerful grip as a grappler, thus making her a complete fighter who combines super strength, stamina, and stealth into one amazing package. Aside from her skills as a fighter, she is also fiercely determined, dutiful, and persistent soul who has helped keep The Splendid Seven strong and well for many years, which is why I also respect her as the second-in-command and, most of all, the queen of the Northern Yoro Tribe. Power and strength aside, she is also a nurturing soul who is fiercely protective of all of us and is an equally compassionate soul who genuinely cares for those who are downtrodden and oppressed. Ayame is not one who would leave anybody abandoned because she uses her strength and her courage to protect, serve, and heal which she does exceedingly well, and I cherish everything she represents as one of the most valiant Yokai warriors ever.
Inuyasha has come such a long way from being the rambunctious hanyou kid I used to noogie a lot to the most physically powerful and handsomely muscular Yokai warrior I would salute with great reverence. It’s no wonder why Ayame is so happy to have him as her husband and her main champion. He never gives up on his goals and is always willing to reach higher ground in everything he does as a Yokai warrior, the leader of The Splendid Seven and of The Northern Yoro Tribe, and a champion in wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, judo, jujitsu, Pankration, and weightlifting. The fact he could break larger enemies’ necks with his bare hands and unleash huge punches and kicks as strong as any lion and tiger combined just makes him worthy of my respect, admiration, and awe. I have sparred with him since childhood, and I can say with confidence that he is excellent in his technique, his persistence, and his overall physical strength. Even when I try to pin him down, he just keeps bouncing back to deliver some serious blows. His muscular physique is even worth emulating because I did my best to work hard on my muscle definition, which both Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru have helped me with. Overlooking Inuyasha’s physical super strength as a Yokai warrior, he is also an attentively loyal adoptive brother. He would never give up on me, let alone all of us, and he would never back down on his word to protect us from harm. Inuyasha is also an equally strong encourager who helps us to never back down when things get really bad. He also listens to me so attentively to the point where he has inspired me to never let my weaknesses get me down but to turn them all into strengths. Therefore, Inuyasha is a leader worthy of emulation, admiration, and allegiance.
Sesshoumaru may seem aloof and coolly collected, but he is a fierce fighter and another great role model I have always looked up to ever since I was a lot younger. He has always been consistent with his mastery of several martial arts including Tae Kwon Do, judo, jujitsu, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, karate, and aikido, and I always wanted to be just as well rounded as he is. Sesshoumaru also has an equally strong and muscular body, although Inuyasha’s is bulkier in comparison, and I can see just how well he treats it like his temple. Keeping in great physical shape aside, Sesshoumaru is also a strong believer in the code of the martial arts, given how focused, determined, and calm he is in the heat of battle. In fact, Hakkaku and I have found ourselves being under Sesshoumaru’s wing on an almost ritualistic basis. His tough love definitely inspired me to be less brutish in my attacks because I would have risked hurting anybody if I went out of control. I remembered one time when I was sparring with Sesshoumaru and Hakkaku when my lightning powers hit them so badly that Sesshoumaru did not talk to me for days. At least Hakkaku was more forgiving and said that Sesshoumaru might come to eventually. In Sesshoumaru’s case, I felt really terrible about myself and just as terrible for him that I could not help but cry because I knew that I would have lost somebody if I continued to go to out of control. By the time I approached Sesshoumaru and apologised profusely to him with tears in my eyes, he welcomed me back with a clasp on my hand, an embrace, and the utterance “I forgive you, Shuran, but do your best to not try to shock me again or you will experience more than just me punishing you with my silent treatment.” All he wanted to do was teach me a harsh lesson on controlling my lightning powers and my super strength because the consequence of not doing so is mistrust at best and death at worst. Through Sesshoumaru, I made it my solemn vow to only use my lightning powers and super strength only for dire situations and never to show off, let alone to beat up random people and/or random Yokai warriors. I am always going to stay loyal to Sesshoumaru and give him all of my respect and allegiance because he has helped me cut my own path as a warrior and even helped me find balance as an overall martial artist. I am going to make sure that I keep Sesshoumaru’s words planted in my mind and in my heart because they are words to live by. Sesshoumaru is an older brother I have always looked up to and one I will never abandon.
I am the most grateful Panther Yokai warrior in the world to have Shunran, Ginta, Hakkaku, Ayame, Inuyasha, and Sesshoumaru by my side as my family. Shunran’s lovability, Ginta’s kindness, Hakkaku’s enthusiasm, Ayame’s determination, Inuyasha’s courage, and Sesshoumaru’s discipline have helped me become the Yokai warrior I am today, and I have them to thank for making me see that my life is more than just beating up demons and monsters with my super strength and lightning abilities. Through them, I have learned a great deal about never giving up, controlling my powers, and using my powers to protect those who are down. In return, I will also do my part in protecting my family with all of my being because they are my life and my strength in everything I do.

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