A Northern Yoro Tribe warrior such as yourself should know that strength not only comes from the size of your muscles and the ability to overcome your enemies with your bare hands but also courage, instinct, dedication to your word, and, most of all, the importance of having your family fight alongside you. That’s what I’ve been lectured by my grandpa-in-law The Wolf Elder and my army of dads and mentors The Wolf Yokai Warriors of the North, South, East, and West when I was a young boy being raised by them. My dad and my moms even imposed on me and Sesshoumaru that we have great power as well as an even greater responsibility to use it well. Ever since then, their pearls of wisdom have helped me to become a stronger fighter, a more dependable leader, and an overall better person. It’s even thanks to my grandpa-in-law also known as Gramps, my army of foster dads, my dad, and my moms for inspiring me to be the Yokai warrior I am today. Sure, I may be the Northern Yoro Tribe’s champion wrestler, kickboxer, boxer, Pankratist, jujitsu fighter, judoka, and weightlifter; most valuable warrior, and leader of the tribe, which was a position I earned with dignity and reverence, but those titles would not mean a thing to me without my family by my side. I made it clear that my grandpa-in-law, my foster dads, and my parents have helped me grow as the full-fledged Yokai warrior I am proud to be today. But, as the leader of The Splendid Seven and of The Northern Yoro Tribe, I am honoured, blessed, and grateful to have my little sister-in-law Shunran, my adoptive brothers Ginta, Hakkaku, and Shuran, my wife Ayame, and my older brother Sesshoumaru stand and fight by my side. I not only respect and salute them with all of my being, but I also care for my little sister-in-law and my adoptive brothers with all of my might, I love Ayame with all of my heart, and I pledge all of my allegiance to Sesshoumaru for being the co-leader of The Splendid Seven and my main source of inspiration.
Shunran is the little sister I have always wanted to have ever since I was a little boy. Her infectious laugh, unparalleled positivity, and natural kindness always make her radiate like the brightest of stars, and she is the light of our family. She is also one of the smartest and most determined women I have ever met because without her tactfulness our we would have all crumbled. Speaking of determined, Shunran always wanted to better herself as a warrior, be more physical with her attacks, and not just rely on her illusions to get the job done. I should know because she always enjoyed sparring with me in jujitsu, is an amazing gymnast, and is a dedicated practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu. In fact, her skills as a Kung Fu fighter have always been useful in battle and have made her a strong and smart warrior. Aside from her skills as a Kung Fu fighter, a gymnast, and an illusionist, she is also the bearer of the warmest and most comforting hugs ever as well as a compassionate healer who knows a thing or two about medicinal herbs. I am really proud to call Shunran my little sister-in-law, and I hope she continues to rise to new heights.
If ever there are three men I am proud to call my brothers and my best friends, strong members of Sesshoumaru’s and my family, and closest confidants, they have to be Ginta, Hakkaku, and Shuran because we understand each other and would never even dream of abandoning each other. It is almost surreal that we started out as a bunch of young ruffians pulling pranks on Sesshoumaru causing us to be tackled by him and we tackled him back, grew up as strong Yokai warriors, and, here we are, we have families of our own, and we could not have asked for anything better. I also love sparring with them in wrestling, jujitsu, Muay Thai, and kickboxing, and we have grown stronger together in every single bout we engage in. Ginta is definitely my favourite younger brother, for he is a charming, kind, caring, and charismatic soul who has always has my back, and I do my best to defend him from all harm. I am also really proud of Ginta for being the loyal, strong, and attentive husband that he is towards Shunran, for she could not have asked for a more unconditionally loving husband like he is. Hakkaku is another favourite younger brother of mine because he is so full of energy and enthusiasm in everything he does. He and Ginta would be always happy to train with me every single waking morning and to have weightlifting sessions with me too. I am just as happy to see Hakkaku grow just as strong and mighty as Ginta is, and I continue to be happy and grateful to call them my younger brothers. Finally, there is Shuran the greatest friend, older adoptive brother, and Yokai warrior I have ever had because he inspired me to never hold back and kept pushing me to reach higher grounds. To say that he is physically super strong is the understatement of the millennium. His super strength, endurance, and stamina are all god-tier, he has helped me to never surrender no matter how many times I get knocked down, and he kept pushing me to be a lot stronger than he is. For that, I am so grateful and blessed to call Ginta, Hakkaku, and Shuran my best friends for life, my brothers, and my confidants. I also share this honour that I have for them with Sesshoumaru because all five of us have grown to be the proud Yokai warrior men we are today.
Although I swear my life to safeguard Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, and Shunran with all of my being and respectively cherish them as the three greatest brothers, the most wonderful little sister-in-law, and the best friends I have ever had, my life would have no purpose if I did not have my wife Ayame and my older brother Sesshoumaru by my side. As the second-in-command and the co-leader of The Splendid Seven, they have helped me to never give up as a leader, a warrior, and an individual who has cut my own path in life. They have also challenged me to grow much stronger and develop a high sense of tenacity that has never left me. I am really happy that they have championed me in all of my endeavours as a Yokai warrior, the leader of The Splendid Seven, and the leader of The Northern Yoro Tribe as much as I have championed Ayame and Sesshoumaru as the greatest, most steadfast, and most powerful warriors I am most proud to respectively call as my wife and my older brother. It was also Ayame and Sesshoumaru who have also inspired me to be the full-fledged Yokai warrior that I am proud and happy to be, especially when it came to me also being a proud and grateful member of Ayame’s family.
It should be no surprise that Ayame has always been most deserving of my love, loyalty, admiration, respect, allegiance, and passion. Ever since we were children, I made a promise to her that I would be strong for her. From that moment on, I have never held back on my promise nor do I intend to break it any time soon because that would have made me the biggest fool in the world. Just as I grew strong for her, she grew stronger for me not only as the fiercest fighter of both The Splendid Seven and The Northern Yoro Tribe but also as the most unconditionally loving, compassionate, grateful, and selfless soul I have had the pleasure of calling my spouse. There is no shadow of a doubt that she has come such a long way, as I saw her grow from the adorable little girl I saved from The Birds of Paradise to a powerful and beautiful Wolf Yokai warrior queen who is worthy of all admiration, nobility, and reverence. Sure, dog Yokai warriors like me and Sesshoumaru have the muscles, the super strength, and the ability to go full Yokai mode in great distress, but Ayame is just as powerful, fierce, super strong, and determined both as a wolf Yokai warrior and as her own person. I cannot begin to tell you the many times we sparred in jujitsu and boxing and had roaring contests when we were children, for she was, is, and always will be one of the strongest combatants I have ever sparred with all thanks to her iron punches, quick reflexes, stinging clinches, and great kicks. Speaking of roaring contests, every time I let out my loudest roar in full Yokai form, Ayame would unleash one that is ten times louder than mine. Even when Sesshoumaru and I in our full Yokai form roar at her, she would prove herself to be the loudest roarer we have ever heard by giving us one huge one that made us thoroughly aroused with her. She is definitely my type of woman, and I am just as happy to appoint her as The Splendid Seven’s second-in-command because of her strength, determination, and her undying willingness to challenge me to grow as a fighter. She is also very willing to sacrifice her life for me and the rest of our family. Whenever we get beaten down, she is always the first one to jump in, protect, and heal us well. Besides her great physical strength that I admire so much about her, I have always loved the fact that she was a supportive, compassionate, attentive, and kind soul. Being raised by Gramps and the many foster dads I have from different Wolf Yokai tribes made me love Ayame and her family on a much deeper level. I can see where Ayame gets her wisdom, compassion, strength, and courage from, and I honour my grandpa-in-law and my foster dads with all of my being, for they have also done their part in shaping her to be a great warrior. You know why I could never ever afford to take my eyes and my ears away from her. She is that loving, courageous, and wise, but she is by no means perfect, as she tends to worry about the small stuff. But that is also why I continue to love and to cherish her because she shines through her imperfections and radiates with love, courage, and wisdom. That same love, courage, and wisdom is also evident as a mother to our children and even a grandmother to our children’s children because she has done exceedingly well in shaping them to be just as strong as we, their foster granddads, their grandparents, and their great-granddad were. There is no other person in the world I would be with and put all of my trust in other than Ayame. She has proven herself time and time again that she is worthy of my unconditional love, my undying allegiance, and my boundless respect.
Where on earth would I be without my older brother Sesshoumaru? Good question, and I have this to answer with. I’d be absolutely nowhere! I would have had nobody to play pranks on as children, find out what I could say to somebody I really loved like Ayame when I was in my tweens to early teens, and I would not have had somebody to challenge me to be the powerful Yokai warrior I am today. We may be born a year and a half apart, but we have always seen each other as equals when it came to strength, understanding each other on a deeper level, and how our bond as brothers can never be broken. I have always wanted to emulate Dad and Sesshoumaru when it came to being full-fledged dog Yokai warriors. However, the chance of achieving that did not really come from them, but from my grandpa-in-law and my foster dads. In fact, it was Dad and Sesshoumaru who thought it would be a great idea for me to be trained by my grandpa-in-law and my foster dads into achieving full Yokai status the real way. I will admit the training was really tough, and I had days where I would punch, kick, wrestle, and roar non-stop in my full Yokai form, but it was so worth it because I was able to achieve being the full-fledged Yokai warrior I always aspired to be and only transform into my full-fledged Yokai form whenever danger was afoot. It also meant that Sesshoumaru and I continued to grow closer as brothers all thanks to the sparring matches we would have as a daily ritual in wrestling, jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Pankration, boxing, kickboxing, and even weightlifting. There was one moment in our childhood where he was so happy to see me as a full-fledged Yokai warrior complete with the stripes on my cheeks and thought I looked great and strong with my Wolf Yokai warrior outfit. Our brotherly reunion was also made possible with a wrestling match, and I was just as impressed as him when I saw him in more comfortable combat clothing with a sleeveless top. Sure, he did try to overpower me with his signature camel clutch, but I got him good with my bodyslam. Just as I thought he wanted to beat me up for giving him such a devastating bodyslam, he instead extended his hand with a soft smile on his face and we clasped each others’ hands. He remarked how much stronger I have grown and how excited he was to continue having these combat matches with me. Both Sesshoumaru and I grew stronger and more aware of our opponents’ strengths and weaknesses with every bout we had in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, judo, Pankration, and Tae Kwon Do. Heck, I also enjoyed the many weightlifting sessions we had starting when Sesshoumaru was 15 and I was 14 all the way up until now as older adult men. While Sesshoumaru has remarked that my muscles have grown well in size and hardness, I was also pleased to see Sesshoumaru gain just as much muscular definition as I have, given all of our bench pressing and deadlifting sessions together. We even had a go at each other to see whose bulging muscles could lead which tribe to victory, with my grandpa-in-law and our dad telling us that both sides shall unite, our Yokai powers should only be used for protection, and we should both set great examples for our warriors by treating our bodies like the temples they ought to be. Looks like the sage advice we received from Gramps and Dad became ingrained in me and Sesshoumaru every time we transformed into our full-fledged Yokai forms to take down really huge monsters and demons, especially since Sesshoumaru’s kicks and punches are a great combo to my bearhugs and bodyslams and we would roar our lungs out in victory to show that we are truly brothers and we have a great family who will always fight by our side. Overlooking all of the combat matches and that constant want to become stronger, I was also not afraid to see another side to Sesshoumaru other than the powerful warrior. For instance, back when we were a lot younger, I was surprised to know that Ayame had a crush on him and he liked her back because, should a marriage between me and her fail, at least there was the option of having Sesshoumaru’s and Ayame’s marriage being used to unite The Western Lands and The Northern Yoro Tribe. He knew it wouldn’t work because, as much as he did not want to admit it back then, he was concerned that Ayame would be robbed of any agency and just exist as The Lord of the Western Lands’ wife and nothing more. So, he gave me a pep talk saying that I had this chance of having Ayame by my side as my spouse and I should never waste it. He always believed that Ayame and I would do great things together, especially since she could not stop talking about me. He knew I was great for her from the very beginning and that Ayame understood every single aspect about me. He also said that experience taught him a hard lesson on realising that a person’s happiness shouldn’t always be dictated by rules and customs but by genuine connections, and he saw that the romantic connection I had with Ayame could neither be tainted nor replicated. Ever since then, Sesshoumaru has been very supportive of me and Ayame being eternally together, and I am so grateful that he planted those seeds of trust between us. All of my experiences with Sesshoumaru as a warrior and as a person compelled me to appoint him as the co-leader of The Splendid Seven because we have challenged each other to keep growing, we have never looked back, and we will never rest on our laurels.
My grandpa-in-law, my foster dad, my parents, little sister-in-law Shunran, my adoptive brothers Ginta, Hakkaku, and Shuran; my wife Ayame, and my older brother Sesshoumaru are my bedrock and nobody can take them away from me. They have inspired determination, dedication, and diligence to course within my veins, and they have done wonderfully in challenging me to be the strong leader I ought to be. It is through them that I have drawn strength from, and it is through them that I will continue to be strong as a warrior and as a person. I will do everything I can to inspire tenacity in Shunran, confidence in Ginta, determination in Hakkaku, and strength as a means for protection in Shuran because they have given me more than one reason for living. I will also do everything I can to preserve the precious brotherhood I have with Sesshoumaru as well as the unconditional love I have for Ayame, especially where our children and our grandchildren are concerned. As leader of The Splendid Seven and The Northern Yoro Tribe, I will always make it my duty to use my strength to protect those in need and inspire hope even amidst the darkest of clouds. That is a promise I will neither break nor renege. You can count on me on that.

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