We, the Splendid Seven, shall make it our duty
To work together as a team of yokai warriors,
To stay as true and as constant to each other as a close family,
And to defend each other from deceit, ill will, and treachery.
I, Sesshoumaru, shall make it my duty
To exude strength, perseverance, and confidence for my family,
To always champion those who have been challenging me as a warrior,
And to never abandon those I show respect, honour, and allegiance towards.
I, Inuyasha, shall make it my duty
To lead my family with courage, honour, strength, and valour,
To inspire and lift up those who have been downtrodden and oppressed,
And to use all my might to protect, serve, and revere those dearest to me.
I, Ayame, shall make it my duty
To stay forever strong, loyal, and true for my family’s sake,
To fight for the disenfranchised, the strayed ones, and the vulnerable,
And to guard those nearest and dearest with all of my life and my being.
I, Shuran, shall make it my duty
To be the bedrock of my family with all of my body, my heart, and my soul,
To always strengthen the home we have all built together with trust and love,
And to always persevere in the face of despair and doubt.
I, Hakkaku, shall make it my duty
To make my family’s main message all about truth, hope, and steadfastness,
To prevent deceit and disloyalty from ever encroaching our abode,
And to rise above the ashes of animosity with joy and with courage.
I, Ginta, shall make it my duty
To always stay respectful, genuine, and unconditionally loving towards my family,
To stop any form of discord, greed, and unjustness from destroying our home,
And to remain grateful for all the wonderful blessings we have as a family.
I, Shunran, shall make it my duty
To safeguard my family against all dissent and cruelty,
To fully enlighten those who are uncertain, lost, dazed, and confused,
And to always put justice, peace, love, and harmony in the forefront of our lives.
We, the Splendid Seven, shall make it our duty
To raise our children to be the best versions of themselves,
To inspire determination and dedication to all of our students,
And to show eternal gratitude to our mentors who have shaped us to be the strongest warriors we can be.

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