It’s up! Today is the premiere of 80s month! All April we will be interviewing people from 80s movies and TV shows or 80s themed movies and TV shows! To open 80s month we interview the one and only comedy legend, Tommy Chong! And, of all movies to interview him about, we interview him about Martin Scorsese’s After Hours!
We not only talk about his experience making the movie but how it relates to the overall vibe of New York, especially its nightlife, how Cheech and Chong got started in New York, the inner workings of Cheech and Chong, and Tommy imparts life advice that, in a way, relates to not only the movie but you as well listeners.
Clips taken from:
So May We Start
Sung by The Sparks Brothers, Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard, and Simon Helberg
Sung by Bowling for Soup
After Hours
Score by Howard Shore

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