This OT3 Meme originally belongs FcoMk513-DA and is dedicated to all of my friends, fellow artists, fans, and brethren who fancy the idea of having Basuli and Tarzan be in a polyamorous relationship with Hercules. Sit back, relax, and revel in this romantically threesome involving two African jungle warrior brothers making sweet love to their favourite Greek demigod.

Take two powerful sons of Chief Keewazi and one mighty son of Zeus and you get a sexy, manly, and gorgeous throuple that would have a beautifully dynamic three-way relationship signifying everlasting loyalty, boundless understanding, and unconditional love. Hercules would be the most fortunate man in the world to have two strong jungle warrior brothers as his husbands because he not only loves them for their strength, but he also loves them for their genuineness and fierce loyalty. Where Basuli and Tarzan are concerned, they would be eternally grateful to Hercules for being a significant part of their lives, as he is a magnanimous soul who will always protect the ones he truly loves. In fact, Zeus and Chief Keewazi would be extremely supportive of their respective sons and can see their family expanding exponentially.

Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan are indubitably powerful warriors with mighty muscles, furious fists, radical wrestling moves, and incomparable combat prowess that would make their rivals tremble in trepidation but also in sheer amazement. Where Hercules is a slightly more measured in his attacks, Basuli and Tarzan would not be afraid to go all feral, thus unleashing their fangs and claws while ending up completely naked to be bathed in their enemies’ and prey’s blood. The best attribute about having Hercules around is that he is sufficiently intrepid to calm Basuli and Tarzan down in a very soothing manner that helps them stop being so agitatedly jittery, especially when they twitch to see which foe needs a good thrashing and slashing courtesy of their fangs and claws. Given Hercules’s experience with the Nemean Lion, he would not throttle Basuli and Tarzan, but stroke them in their heads and backs to make them relaxed and blissful. Basuli and Tarzan would take Hercules’s gesture as unconditionally loving and wrap him up in a warm embrace as well as steamy kisses. This is also tied down to the unparalleled sense of trust they have in each other, for there is nobody else on this planet that Basuli and Tarzan would put their trust in than Hercules and vice-versa.

Unconditional love is the Alpha and Omega in Hercules’s, Basuli’s, and Tarzan’s three-way relationship. Hercules would never leave both Basuli and Tarzan in the dust, as he will fight with all of his strength to protect his husbands. Whenever Hercules is struck down by forces beyond their control, Basuli and Tarzan would muster up the courage to protect their husband from doom and beat any obstacle to submission. Just because Basuli and Tarzan tended to let their feral sides take hold them does not mean that Hercules loves them any less, for he will never flinch, let alone surrender. Furthermore, Hercules may be a demigod, but he still has doubts and insecurities that he has to deal with on a daily basis. Nevertheless, Basuli and Tarzan would always support Hercules in every endeavour he commits himself towards. When all is said and done, Basuli, Hercules, and Tarzan have built a super strong support system that would last from generation to generation.

Hercules’s unconditional love for Basuli and Tarzan takes courage and kindness to make them know that they are truly loved and can be trusted. The unconditional love that Basuli and Tarzan have for Hercules compels them to be fiercely loyal to him and support his every endeavour. Therefore, their dynamic relationship will never be broken.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and please show your love for Basuli x Hercules x Tarzan as a throuple, everybody, because this precious OT3 needs more fan art, fanfics, and fan work in general.

Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan from Hercules and The Legend of Tarzan belong to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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