How to Charm Your Dragon

This is my entry for DragHeti’s Contest where my OC meets his OC and for DeviantArt’s rose tutorial. Sit back, relax, and enjoy how the lovely Princess Alana of Freiasburg can befriend anybody, even huge, mighty dragons such as Reo the Water Dragon.

On a fair spring day, Princess Alana was gathering roses to make a rose garland for the annual spring ball. Every fairy, magical creature, and woodland animal was invited to partake in the ball which would be filled with dancing, singing, and general merriment. So far, every red rose she has gathered was fragrant, but she knew that the most fragrant ones were in a grotto guarded by Reo the mighty dragon who tended to obliterate anybody who was brazen to steal his beloved roses. Princess Alana was initially frightened to enter the grotto due to the many tried and tested times many a brave soul attempted to retrieve those roses but paid the ultimate price. Thinking quickly, she flew inside the cave, being a fairy princess and all. Reo’s cave blossomed with blood-red roses, thus perfuming his grotto with the most fragrant scent akin to the finest perfumes of Arabia. Reo was swimming in the grotto’s pool when he spotted Princess Alana. He hurriedly got out of the pool and interrogated the fairy princess. Princess Alana responded by curtseying and performing a magic trick when she let a rose materialise from her hand as a means to convey the message that she would like to have some roses for a special even she was planning. Reo was intrigued at Princess Alana’s charming magic trick to the point where she asked him if he could come to the spring ball. Reo responded with a resounding yes, and the two friends collected the grotto roses they needed for the ball. By the time they were done, Reo and Princess Alana departed from the grotto, decorated the castle, and all the magical creatures, fairies, and woodland animals found themselves dancing merrily at Princess Alana’s ball. She even expressed her gratitude to Reo by offering him to dance with her, which he happily obliged. He could not have been any happier to have made a new friend in Princess Alana.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and remember to be a good friend, everybody.

Princess Alana belongs to me.

Reo belongs to DragHeti.

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