What If The Inurangers Met The Power Rangers

This “What if Crossover Meeting” Meme originally belongs to MagicalKeyPizzaDan and is dedicated to all of my friends, fellow artists, fans, and brethren who are admirers of Jason Lee Scott, Trini Kwan, Billy Cranston, Kimberly Ann Hart, Zack Taylor, Tom Oliver, Tommy Oliver both during his tenures as the Green and White Rangers, Inuyasha, Ayame, Ginta, Shunran, Hakkaku, Shuran, Sesshoumaru, and of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and of Inuyasha in general, with a hint of Tommy x Kimberly, Inuyasha x Ayame, and Ginta x Shunran. Sit back, relax, and revel in how a long-lasting friendship between the Inurangers and the Power Rangers can transcend from just being allies to something a lot more genuinely profound.

The Inurangers and the Power Rangers may be equal in strength, stamina, and stealth, especially since the former group consists of young yokai warriors ranging from 13 to 19 years old in the year 2000 while the latter consists of super-powered human teenagers ranging from 16 to 18 years old in the year 1993, but their greatest collaborative strength would be joining forces to form friendships based on trust, genuineness, and loyalty. Despite the occasions where they attempt to prove each others’ strengths, they would never turn their backs on each other when the chips are down.

Sesshoumaru and Tommy, especially during his White Ranger tenure, would have a friendship that does start off as a rivalry where the two warriors attempt to one off each other in martial arts, such as karate, kendo, battojutsu, and iaido. Although both of them are also capable swordsmen, considering that Tommy wields Saba and Sesshoumaru wields Tenseiga, Tokijin, and Bakusaiga, they would opt to use bokken for practice’s sakes so that they would not harm each other and only use their swords whenever urgent situations arise. Each bout they find themselves in would result in both Sesshoumaru and Tommy being evenly matched, even though Sesshoumaru would tend to receive the upper hand. All swashbuckling and stealth aside, Sesshoumaru and Tommy would have a profound sense of respect and allegiance for each other teeming with honour, integrity, and reverence, given how keenly they observe the codes of martial arts in Tommy’s case and being a nobleman in Sesshoumaru’s case. They would also have shared experiences with how they deal with their younger brothers by taking the occasional potshots on them, despite the fact that Tommy has a biological older brother yet his relationship with Jason marks how brotherly they can be, with Tommy being the stern and determined older brother figure to Jason’s fiery and impassioned younger brother. Furthermore, Sesshoumaru and Tommy would even influence each other in ways that are nothing short of life-changing. Tommy would inspire Sesshoumaru to be a lot more sanguine, sociable, and open with people while keeping a sense of humility, thus reminding him that he can do away with the aloof pomp every once in a while. In return, Sesshoumaru would always remind Tommy that his life is not for anybody’s taking, and he must do everything he can to cut his own path as a warrior and as an individual. Whether in their combat bouts or just hanging out with each other, Sesshoumaru’s and Tommy’s friendship is rife with profound respect and fierce loyalty that can help them grow in times of trial and triumph.

Shuran and Tom aka Tommy’s distaff counterpart during his Green Ranger tenure might have a relationship that begins as full of visceral competitiveness, physical beatings, and a cacophony of snarls, growls, and roars towards each other that could make even lions, tigers, leopards, bears, and gorillas blush. They would even be so brazen as to hurl insults at each other, with Shuran calling Tom a snivelling little punk and Tom calling Shuran a loudmouthed ogre, thus not getting to a great start with being acquainted with each other. However, as time goes on, Shuran and Tom would cool down from their insults, after they both realise how out of fashion it has become for them, and start to get to become better acquainted with each other. What would serve as the catalyst for their growing friendship is their shared passion for combat, although Shuran is more of a weightlifter/wrestler and Tom is a fully fledged karateka, given how frequently they spar with each other and help each other grow as fighters. Aside from their physical bouts, they would even realise that their attitudes tend to make people want to run away from them because of how they tend to give off a vibe that spells certain doom. Nevertheless, they would both understand what it is like to feel misunderstood, judged, and not always listened to by other people. Through burying the hatchet, Shuran could see in Tom a strong man who nonetheless has self-doubts and insecurities and reminds him that he does not always need to hide behind a punk veneer to appear tough all the time. Meanwhile, Tom reminds Shuran that it is all right to his guard down every once in a while and he should not always bottle up his own emotions just because he is supposed to also appear big, strong, and formidable. Therefore, Shuran and Tom would confide in each other, build each other up in ways they cannot even begin to imagine, and use trust as a means to strengthen their self-esteem.

Hakkaku and Zack would click in an instant by virtue of their shared love of martial arts, sports, music, and hanging out with their friends, thus having a friendship that is deeply rooted unconditional brotherhood, trust, and camaraderie to the point where they address each other as homeboy. These two friends would have a grand old time sparring in various martial arts, practicing various forms of modern dance ranging from hip hop to R&B, and exposing each other to various forms of music. Given Zack’s hip hop background, he would introduce Hakkaku to the likes of Tupac and Biggie Smalls. As for Hakkaku, he would introduce Zack to Enka and tribal music from his clan. Their shared tastes in combat, music, and dance are not the only attributes that would bring them together in harmony, but also their strong sense of loyalty. Nothing can ever break the bond that Hakkaku and Zack have formed as brothers from other mothers.

Shunran and Kimberly have a sisterhood transcending from mere friendship, given how enthusiastically they would greet each other with hugs and smiles all around. These young women would partake in activities relating to fashion, shopping, gymnastics, horticulture, music, dancing, and singing, thus radiating with vibrance, creativity, and youthful euphoria to the point where they become style sisters. Overlooking Shunran’s and Kimberly’s collective stint as style sisters, their sisterhood would show profundity when they confide in each other, especially when it comes to their respective love interests Ginta and Tommy as well as the issues they have growing up from girlhood to womanhood. Taking away the glitz and the glamour of how they usually present themselves, both Shunran and Kimberly are young women who acknowledge each others’ strength, courage, cunning, and optimism in the face of adversity who help each other grow exponentially and face the world with open arms.

Ginta and Billy would have a friendship that might come off as tutor-student on the outset, with Billy presenting himself as the intellectual tutor to Ginta’s jovial student, especially when it comes to helping Ginta out in the STEM subjects. However, their friendship transcends from just being tutor and student to being young men who encourage each other in extremely powerful ways. Ginta’s tendency to be high-strung and Billy’s penchant for using technical jargon to express himself are quirks that define their individual charm and even pose challenges of what it is like to be truly confident. According to Ginta and Billy, confidence does not come from machismo but from knowing what one is truly capable of, using the skills they have to encourage positivity and inspiration, and never giving up. They would definitely give each other room to grow and thrive, thus enriching each others’ lives rife with courage and resilience.

Ayame and Trini are expert martial artists who demonstrate strength, grace, a strict code of honour, and heaps of integrity. Every sparring match and every bout they have is rife with respect and encouraging each other to be the best versions of themselves. They will never settle for anything less and will always keep true to their word. In fact, that is what Ayame’s and Trini’s friendship, let alone sisterhood, is defined by in terms of truthfulness, genuineness, and eschewing any falsities that would have otherwise blinded both of their better judgments. They would also demonstrate kindness and compassion towards each other and would never leave each others’ sides in times of battle and in times of joy.

Inuyasha and Jason would definitely have a super strong brotherhood rife with fierce loyalty, unconditional fraternal love, and copious amounts of perseverance as Olympic athletes, super strong warriors, and leaders full of courage, charisma, and determination. Whenever they compete with each other, they would do so in a way that would make them avoid all forms of complacency, for they consider it to be the kiss of death. Overlooking their competitiveness, their deep bond would also extend with how they perceive family, especially when Jason is relatively envious of Inuyasha for having an older brother, although he does consider Tommy to be akin to his older brother, while Inuyasha does tend to shrug it off by saying that Sesshoumaru is one of the biggest jerks he has ever met. Nevertheless, Jason would even remind Inuyasha that he should never take family for granted even when he and Sesshoumaru disagree. To further hammer this home, both Tommy and Jason would even remind both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha that they are brothers first, thus ensuring both the dog yokai brothers that they can be there for each other and not rip each others’ throats apart. Despite the fact that Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha would tend to get vehemently competitive with each other, at least this would motivate Tommy and Jason to help Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha to channel their energy into using their competitiveness to build each other up. As for Jason and Inuyasha, their brotherhood is guaranteed to last for all eternity and will defend each other from anybody who oppresses them.

Finally, there is how Tommy and Kimberly would root for both Inuyasha and Ayame as well as Ginta and Shunran as couples. Tommy and Kimberly would bless both couples with all their hearts because they can see that they are loyal souls who will always unconditionally love each other and show genuine fidelity towards each other in sickness and in health.

The Inurangers’ and the Power Rangers’ friendship is more than just them being allies against evil, but they would always demonstrate fierce loyalty, unconditional love, and interpersonal strength in every situation they find themselves in.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and have a morphenomenal evening, everybody.

Inuyasha, Ayame, Ginta, Shunran, Hakkaku, Shuran, and Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Jason Lee Scott, Trini Kwan, Billy Cranston, Kimberly Ann Hart, Zack Taylor, Tommy as the Green Ranger/Tom Oliver, and Tommy Oliver as the White Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers belongs to Saban and Toei.

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