This piece of Robin x Raven or RobRae and Zuko x Katara or Zutara fan art, which is my first submission for Aryaveandyou’s and BeardedLuckDragon’s Summer 2022 contest, is dedicated to Latis2454, madlittleme123, eeveerose340, VishKeks, Crackshipper1047, cartoonmaniack:, MikuChanFan39, nandomendonssa, Rinnii, roemesquita, Pokejedservo, nakuuro, Quaylove3, CyrizScarlet, SinraiPaleodemon1, KATEtheDeath1, maggieacquaro, Allyszarts, SeraphEnigma23, darkwolfbey, TMProjection-com, GiorgiaPizzu, xue–xue, mason382, Managodess, DankMemebirb360, foxtale96, BlueShiranui, RTNightmare, Tinymoon101, Sasza-Ola, MartinaHermioneGrang, SweetBPrincessGaming, kasia-greger, AdibMusicHQ, Pinkycandypie, rayn44, Zero-Kiba, LucioParrillo, ikuVici, Pastel—Star, Evangeline40003, PaintedPlum27, powerpup97, ShadenkaiLove, Zyephens-Insanity, Weedpie337, AwkwardAcronym, Stardust-Kiiro, Shanks-kun, Nicii1, SeviYummy, craycrayevie, Arkhangelia, HapaAve, ilovetoeatfood4444, pynnl, PockyBloo, Sloartist-Raven, RedipsTheColorHuman, MagmaAquariusWolf, Neo-Castilian35, InuIrusa-chan, Phantomstrider, LillyAnakonda, GreenManeHeart, cosmicdolphin05, Television2, GiLawTheSparky, XfangheartX, Aria-Pari, and lukesChillArt666 who celebrated their birthdays ranging from several weeks ago to today. So, I hope you all had wonderful birthdays, and I wish you a lot of love, joy, and fortitude in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to all of the wonderful RobRae and Zutara shippers of the world. Sit back, relax, and soak in that RobRae gorgeousness and that Zutara elegance.

I take you all back to the summer of 2021 in Laguna Beach, California. We have 34-year-old Robin, his 32-year-old wife Raven, 30-year-old Katara, and her 32-year-old husband Zuko being the lovingly intimate and endearing couples that they are. The weather is fair for a swim in the ocean and for these two beautiful couples to soak in the sun’s warmth while ensuring that they put on sunscreen with a good SPF.

Going to Laguna Beach has always been Robin’s, Raven’s, Zuko’s, and Katara’s summer tradition, considering that they have been friends since their adolescent years. Back in 2005, when 18-year-old Robin was about to approach college, 16-year-old Zuko was about to enter the 11th grade, 16-year-old Raven was about to approach the 10th grade, and 14-year-old Katara was about to approach the 9th grade, they would all go to this beach to do summer activities from swimming to meditation to playing volleyball to practicing gymnastics and martial arts. After all of those physical activities, the adolescent couples would consummate their feelings. This was even the place where Raven was pregnant with her triplet sons Russell, Rockwell, and Rowan, gave birth to them at Laguna Beach Hospital, and both Robin and Raven appointed Zuko and Katara to be their first borns’ godparents. One year later, Katara would follow suit, being pregnant with her triplet sons, Seiji, Sanji, and Souji, giving birth to them also at Laguna Beach Hospital, and Zuko and Katara appointing Robin and Raven to be their children’s godparents.

Many years have moved on, and Robin’s, Raven’s, Zuko’s, and Katara’s tradition of visiting Laguna Beach has remained alive and well, even with Robin’s career as a martial arts instructor and law enforcer, Raven’s career as an accredited nurse and yoga instructor, Zuko as a prominent firebending instructor and renowned politician, and Katara as a prominent waterbending instructor and just as much of a prominent politician as Zuko. Robin and Raven have even brought their children 16-year-old triplet sons Russell, Rockwell, and Rowan; 15-year-old triplet sons Reginald, Ryan, and Robert; 14-year-old twin daughters Regina and Regan, 13-year-old twin daughters Rosamund and Roxanne, and 12-year-old twin daughters Rebecca and Ruth to partake in fun beach activities with Zuko’s and Katara’s children 15-year-old triplet sons Seiji, Sanji, and Souji; 14-year-old triple Haku, Isoka, and Jiro; 13-year-old twin daughters Izumi and Ikuni; 12-year-old twin daughters Sara and Mara; and 11-year-old twin daughters Kya and Kana. While their children have a lot of fun with practicing martial arts, playing volleyball, swimming, and building sandcastles, Robin and Raven as well as Zuko and Katara would have their intimate moments at the shallow part of the ocean, reminisce at the wonderful times they had in Laguna Beach, and make sweet love to each other.

Robin and Raven as well as Zuko and Katara will always have fond memories of their time in Laguna Beach. Not only would they preserve these wonderful moments, but their children would also make their own great moments to last for generations.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and always show your love for RobRae and Zutara, everybody.

Robin and Raven from Teen Titans belong to Glen Murakami, David Slack, DC Comics, Warner Brothers Animation, and Cartoon Network.

Zuko and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender belong to Bryan Konietzko, Michael DiMartino, and Nickelodeon.

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