Spider-Man fans can be weird in that they can claim they love a character but seem to hate everything that surrounds the character or any piece of media surrounding them.  I noticed that with this particular cartoon, which is a literal preschool cartoon but yet some Spidey fans are upset that this isn’t like Spider-Man: The Animated Series or Specultalr.  While those cartoons are indeed great, that is not what something like this is going for. Because it’s a cartoon for young kids that can be used to introduce the youngest Spidey fans to the world of Marvel while also imparting valuable life lessons.  In a lot of ways,  this show reminds me of the Muppet Babies trend that seems to be making a comeback in reimaging popular characters as young kids.



As that very much seems to be what this show is going for and you know what if the young kids like it, that’s great.  This episode I’ve chosen to look at is perhaps a good one in that regard as it teaches kids that you shouldn’t always rush in and it’s okay to rely on the help of others.

So,  in that regard it’s a simple little show.  As you can see from the title, this is a Mother’s Day episode and well the Spidey team have to stop Doc Ock from ruining the Mother’s Day picnic.  Now, that’s one interesting change regarding the character of Gwen in the comics and most other media, she only has a dad whereas in this show she only has a mom.


Really, the episode deals with Gwen trying to get her card back for her mom while trying to stop Doc Ock with the Spidey team.  This is another interesting change that was clearly influenced by Spider-Verse but the Doc Ock in this show is a woman.



So, that’s cool and nice to see that style being used a bit more.  And as one would expect with a show for young kids, everything works out in the end and Gwen is able to remember what she wrote for her mom and read it off that way even though her card got ruined while fighting Doc Ock.



Something I’ve noticed with this take on Gwen and the next version I’ll be looking at is the inclusion of pink streaks in her hair.  This is something that has become more common overtime with Gwen and it’s cute and it’s another way for he to stick out.


My Final Thoughts

This is a fun little show that once again is another great show for little ones to see Spidey and learn about the other heroes.  Join me next time as we I look at…


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